Knaresborough & Mother Shipton’s Cave

What to do on a long lazy day of summer, go to the seaside about half an hour from home or go to the country side for the day which is about half an hour the other way.  If you venture a little bit further afield you can find all manner of little nooks and crannies out in Yorkshire.  Knaresborough is about 70 miles from Hull so just over an hours drive.  It is a great day out for families, you can visit the River Nidd and hire boats, visit Mother Shipton’s Cave or go for a walk up to the castle.

We go up here sometimes when the world is getting you down or you need to get out of the rat race for a bit of peace and quiet.  This is the perfect place to go.  When you arrive the first thing you need is parking and this is the easiest thing to find when you arrive.  Just opposite the entrance to Mother Shipton’s Cave is a reasonably large carpark perfect for going to see all the main attractions Knaresborough has to offer.

To begin we go for a walk down the side of the River Nidd, there is a road/path all the way from railway viaduct to the Castle, which has café’s and little shops strewn along the path.  Great if you fancy lunch or a drink, even an ice-cream.  You can find it all along this little path.  Also keep your eye out for all of the cute little houses on your way down the path.  It is such a quaint little place.

As you walk further down you will see signs directing you to the castle and the steps leading up to the castle.  There are a lot of steps, you may find yourself carrying children a lot up these steps lol!


It is totally worth it when you finally reach the top, the view from up there is truly breath-taking.


Don’t forget to take your camera with you and then lock each other in the little turret, just for the pictures below.


On our way back down we had to stop for a breather and a nice glass of cold lemonade from the riverside café, we sat for a while just watching the world go by.  It was so peaceful, we could of sat there all day but we had tickets to Mother Shipton’s Cave.  So after about half an hour we set off, its only a short walk round from the café to the cave.  Mother Shipton’s Cave has been open since the year 1630.


You go in through the front gate  and follow the path meandering through the woods surrounding the cave.


The scenery is beautiful and if you are lucky you might even pass when the horses are grazing near to the fences


If not you can always have a go on the swings


on your way to the cave….



and the petrifying well…..


This well actually turns items hung here to stone… Weird…

Don’t forget to watch out for Mother Shipton, she is scary….


Read up about her she is truly fascinating.

As usual pop back soon for our next instalment of travels to see were we went next….

Always love being me… just a bit sadder as you know from my recent post (losing our dog Stanley) but hopefully this too will pass and we will begin healing.






12 Comments on “Knaresborough & Mother Shipton’s Cave

  1. Am expecting another post and funny pictures like this I just read.  You really make my day reading and viewing this one.
    Thanks. Again. You can check me up on my blog also
    Peace and Love

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  2. Thanks Mrs   for accepting and following my blog.
    I’m available to read your post at my convenient time.
    You have such an interesting topic I will love to read in
    your blog.
    I still remain  the simple blogger…..
    Peace and Love

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      • Thanks for replying  back to me.
        I guess you find my replies to your comment interesting.
        Am totally happy I made you smile  ☺ OK…
        I really enjoyed such post from you.
        Keep the vibes on Mrs Helen
        Peace ✌and Love ❤


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