A Day in Camden Town…….

If you are a regular reader of thegotogirlsblog you will already have an idea of what I like and the things which interest my family and i.  One of those things is visiting London…

There is so much you can do in the capital it would take you a long time to see all the sights and visit all of the fantastic things you have available, I would recommend you do your research before you even book your trip. This will ensure you will not waste your time thinking about what you will do each day, it can be overwhelming trying to decide on the spot.chris phone 850 043

So this time we decided to visit Camden…..

My husband Chris, worked in London for a while but always said he never really got chance to take a look around and see the sights so I thought i would help him change this.  Off we went.

chris 910 210We stayed at the usual Wheatsheaf public house in Tooting Bec, as I said previously it is opposite the tube and easily accessible for all the different tube lines.  We set off early to avoid the mad work time rush you get on all of the tube lines, not that they are really ever empty to ride.

We arrived at the tube station and head off to the main high street as Chris wanted to show me a pub he used to go to which was opposite the Camden Market.  I was quite excited as I had not been to Camden before and heard lots of great things happen down there. First stop shopping….. The shops around here are all bespoke, individual types selling varying types of merchandise.  Shoe and clothes shops, souvenirs, novelty.  Then there are the markets i counted 3 (just on the main high street) the last time we went, i thought there was only one.

All of the markets are similar, my favourite one is he one near the Camden Lock, it has this great little noodle stall.  Believe me when I say these noodles are amazing, you must try them.

The kind of boutique shops I love are all around here, we found this little gem of a shop selling string lights i am not sure what they are made of but the best way to describe them would be a skeleton of a leaf, almost like a mesh made into roses and stringed together to make a row  of lights.  they look amazing in my bedroom.

So we had done a bit of shopping and had something to eat, what to do next….

Go for a drink……. Why not……

Chris told me about the Dublin Castle the first time we went to London, so we kind of make it part of every visit to London.  It was were Madness used to play and Chris is the biggest Madness fan ever, i mean i love them, but he is Madness Bonkers.  It’s quite cute really.

As always visiting London is tiring so a few drinks later and we were ready for home…….

Until we see you next for another tale from the gotogirlsblog…

Loving being me……. See you all soon and thanks for reading my blog


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