Disney Twice…….

So as I promised earlier here is another installment of our second trip to Disneyworld, we had been to Hollywood Studios, the day before so thought we should go to Epcot and have a trip around the world.  For those of you who have not been to Disneyworld yet Epcot is one of the parks here and it has some great rides and you can visit several countries of the world, as you walk around the park.  You can visit various countries and sample the local cuisine, drinks and even culture. The shops sell all sorts of nik naks from the various countries.  Off we went, if you are a Disney officianado please bare with me as my blog is not going to be in the correct order as the map but as per my memory and photos. LOL!IMG_0334

This is my favorite ride in Epcot and the first place we head when we get there, it is a kind of virtual reality ride.  You are seated in rows and lifted into the air where you are taken around the world from the Great Wall of China to the Eiffel Tower.  It is amazing seeing the world as if you are flying above it all, especially as I am scared of heights.

Next China, we love Chinese food so this was a real treat to have an authentic Chinese experience.  Followed by a bit of shopping in the local shop, I saw this replica warrior like the great tomb which i had to have i love and watch all of the programmes on the excavation of the 1000’s of warriors found, amazing!

They had small ones in the gift shop I had to have one as i could not bring one of the full size ones home. (No matter how much i really wanted too)  If you get a feel for my husband and i you will know from my previous blogs we love to mess around and don’t take life very seriously.  We did that in our previous lives (before we met) so we are not going to now.  So off we went for a little fun, hence the next section of photos, don’t laugh….. no laugh as hard as you can we surely did……

Do we look pretty in these or should we just keep our fruit in them!!!

Or what about these.  Are they like our twins or what?

Chris calls me his princess so I had to try on a crown

Do you think it suits me?


Next on to Italy


Chris loves pizza so we had to stop here so he could have a look around. We did not have pizza that day as we had just had Chinese.  The thing is there is so much to see you have two choices. You either skim around all of the countries or you spend some time in a few of them and then see if you have time to return later and visit more countries.

The architecture in Italy (well the fake Epcot one) is beautiful I hope if and when i get to go to Italy for real it is as beautiful, see what you think.

Nice, Yes it was ….

We stopped for mid afternoon drinks and a well deserved rest, my feet were killing as they did most days, we walked a lot…… As it happened it was the food and wine festival on at Epcot the weeks we were in Disneyworld, they were good days, drink, eat, sun, what more can you ask for, life is good, life is soooooooo good.  We are so blessed to live the life we live although we work hard too.

Prosecco for me please and an Italian beer for the husband.

Just after we had these drinks we realised time had really got away from us and had to race off as we forgot we had booked to go to watch Orlando City that afternoon and if we did not leave then we would miss the coach pick up.  We were on our toes again.

We made it back for the coach just in time, off we went again.  We certainly made the most of all of the attractions on this holiday we don’t like to miss anything and Chris is a massive football fan. So we booked this as a treat for him as it was his birthday while we were away.  He was obviously very happy, as you can tell from the picture below.  I know it’s not a full smiling face but its a I have got beer at the soccer face.  (I would say football but i have been told many, many times in the USA it is called soccer as football means American Football which is something totally different, as you can tell i am not that mad on sports) IMG_0710

Another thing about watching soccer in USA they let you drink beer while you are watching the game, this never happens in the UK.  It is a shame but I am sure they have their reasons.IMG_0707

I had my usual, cocktail.  A margarita please!

Chris loved the soccer so I am glad we went its a totally different atmosphere watching sport in the sun.

This was another great day in the good ole USA (I am really starting to see why Americans say that) We really love America and yes i know we haven’t seen much of it but we plan on seeing a lot more of the USA and the world

Again it is getting late and I must tell you more about this trip another day, sorry to cut this short again but i have to limit my writing to 3 hours a day as i am at work 9 hours and then i have other things i need to do.  I wish i could write longer but for now i can’t so for now…..

Come back for another day at Disneyworld, next blog we will be in Animal Kingdom…

I hope you can pop back to read it…

As Always loving being me

Love thegotogirl xxxxxx


10 thoughts on “Disney Twice…….

  1. jasonlikestotravel

    Great read. The architecture in Italy (the real one) is stunning so I hope you get to visit someday. Unfortunately English football is still paying the price for hooliganism in the 70’s and 80’s which is why you can’t drink in your seat – hopefully they’ll relax the rules on it someday. Definitely a treat when I watch football in other countries 🙂

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  2. You are so well traveled! I really enjoy reading your posts . My husband and I have also traveled extensively where we met the most wonderful people, as I’m sure you do too! Now I live vicariously through other people’s posts until we can hit the road again. 🙂 I am so grateful you discovered and are following my blog – I look forward to getting to know you better! Thanks so much,

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love Epcot! Great read! Fun pictures too! I am doing two trips to Disney World this year. The first one we did not go to Epcot but when we go back later this year we are spending a couple days at each park so Epcot will definitely be enjoyed. I love the feeling of traveling the world but you don’t have to break the bank to go to all the actual countries 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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