Chris, a birthday and the USA

As we were in Disneyworld in October and it was Chris’s birthday while we were there we could do something different, it is never warm in the UK for his birthday and it is always what we call ‘fair weather’.  This is not weather that is ok it is weather which comes every year to Hull when the Hull Fair comes.  It’s the biggest travelling fair in Europe I think.  It is going to be great to go out with Chris in the warm weather for a change.  I went to the hotel concierge services to see if they could help me with my plan, i wanted them to get me some balloons and a cake.

After some negotiation with a not very helpful lady, I managed to arrange for the room to be dressed while we were out.  Next i needed to get Chris out of the room at the right time so we did not bump into the concierge on the day, we usually went back to the room during the day to rest and freshen up.  Last i had to find somewhere to go for birthday celebrations, we were in Florida, how hard could it be.  We stayed at the Coronado Springs resort and had talked about going for a wander down International Drive while we were there so this was a perfect opportunity to visit some of our favourite places down there.

Great, all sorted I had  plan. Chris’s birthday arrived and i had sneaked some of the family birthday cards into my suitcase before we left.  I woke Chris up with a cup of coffee and his cards, surprise number one, complete. IMG_0364

Next get him out of the hotel at the correct time, so I said its your birthday no need to rush let’s have a relaxing day.  Take your time getting ready and we decided to get the  bus to International Drive, we got showered and dressed and off we went to the bus stop at the resort.  The sun was shining, it was warm and my darling had the biggest smile on his face i had seen on his birthday.  After all,  don’t forget he never, ever had a birthday in the sun.  He was so happy.  We got on the bus which would take us to the main bus area.  This is where we could get the bus out of the Disney Resort.

The bus to International Drive arrived, the first of two we needed to get to go to the part of International Drive we wanted to go.  The first bus takes you to Seaworld and Aquatica but the stop we wanted was further down.  Anyway the full bus ride took us about an hour, we arrived on International Drive.  We finally got off the bus and started walking, we decided to have Chris’s birthday celebrations at our favourite place, Bahama Breeze.  If you have not been here you have to go.

It is a Caribbean style eatery and it serves the best food and the most amazing cocktails which has a singer playing the steel drums while you eat.  It really is something special, you will see when you visit.  We arrived around 2-ish and it was time for birthday drink.  It’s up to you darling, you are the birthday boy after all.  We had a look at the cocktail menu and found the perfect drink, I say drink, it was a sample tray of all of the different margarita’s but there was also a sample tray of all of the rum cocktails.IMG_0366  Ooh which one to choose?  We asked if they could mix the tray d send us half and half, this is Bahama Breeze and it your birthday of course they will accommodate you.  We ended up with a tray of flavoured margarita’s and rum cocktail samples,  when I say samples, this is what they are advertised as but when the come they are all half pint glasses, they do have quite a lot of ice so prob actually a quarter pint of cocktail in each but there was eight glasses so that was  lot of cocktails.  IMG_0368We ordered a sharing tray of food as neither of us could decide what we wanted to eat and it was only 2:30.  We usually have a big breakfast and dinner and just snack during the day as we were usually riding roller coasters all day. We sat for a while with  glass of water while the food and drink came, when it did, WOW, it was amazing.  We shared all of the drinks, giving our opinions of each of them as we went.  Chris and I have different tastes in drinks which is weird as we like most other things the same as each other, music, travel even favourite colour and numbers.

The drinks were amazing and the ones Chris liked i did not and vice versa so that worked out well we shared the nearly 50/50. The sharing plate just filled the hole in my tummy ready for cake. Part 2 of my plan complete.  We had been down International Drive for a few hours and i knew it was safe to return to the room for his final surprise, his cake.

Shall we go back to the hotel and get ready for tonight,  we were going to go to the outside bar at the hotel for a few drinks after dinner, I did not think roller coasters after birthday cake and drinks would be a good choice.  We arrived back at the resort around 5 and headed back to our room, i had my fingers crossed they had been and brought the cake and balloon etc.  I had no way of checking so i relied on the concierge to carry out my wishes.  I got Chris to open the door, pretending i was adjusting my shoe lol!  His face was a picture when he realised what i had done.

Disney World concierge got 10/10 for helping.  They had been in the room, cleaned and dressed our room, well dresser, with this………


Thanks very much Disney, you helped me make my husband’s birthday very special.  So after he got over the shock that I had arranged such a great day we ate some birthday cake got changed and went straight back out for dinner and drinks, we had quite a late night that day for a change then back to the room ready for another day in the life of thegotogirlsblog…….

Happy Birthday Darling.IMG_0401

So this was another day from our holidays at Disney World Resort Florida

Come back for another day from this amazing trip…..

Thanks for reading

Lots of Love thegotogirlsblog xxx


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