Another Weekend in London……

We fancied a couple of days away and as you know (if you are a regular reader) we love London.   We wanted to pre-book a couple of things to do as usually we wing it and usually end up going for a wander and never know where we are going to end up.  This works out fine but we wanted to do something special for a change so a quick visit online and we came up with a few ideas.  London has a lot of good scenery, attractions, hotels and restaurants etc. so it can be a good idea to pre-book sometimes.  We found out there is a cable car going across the Thames.  It is called the Emirates Air Line IMG_1885This sounded like something different and as you will already have heard I am terrified of heights, so again i go and face them.  We booked it.  I think i started worrying about it as soon as i booked it.  Then we came across this hotel having Tapas nights we did not really know what this entailed so we booked this aswell.   IMG_1868We have not been for a while and have also been working really hard so we booked it, packed and off we went.  We stayed at the Premier Inn, in Burnt Oak, Edgeware Road, North London.  We find this is quite easy to navigate our way to the tube station and then into central London from here.  We got down into North London from Hull  around 12 which was plenty of time to get changed and head off to The Docklands, Greenwich and the Emirates Air Line.

I was increasingly nervous about going on it but Chris assured me it was all encased by glass so I could not fall even if i could see through all sides of the cable car.

As it happens he was not lying (not that I thought he would but how did he know what the cars looked like?) Can you see how high these things go.  i am already screaming in terror!!!!!!!!!!!          AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I got on it! am i crazy! Erm yes! look how small those cars looked from the ground and i am actually already on one of them.

I closed my eyes for the take off ( I say that like i am on a plane, i am dramatic lol!)

Anyway t was not as bad as I thought and Chris convinced me to open my eyes, when i did i have to say it was amazing as where the views although i still could not look down.


So it took about ten minutes to cross the River Thames which seemed like a life time

By the time we got to he other side I had seemingly faced my fears again just as i did on the rollercoasters in Disneyworld and Universal.  All i need to do now is look down, maybe next time……

We finished on the Emirates Air Line and headed back to the hotel to change ready for the Tapas night and what we had not read in the small print but it also included a cocktail in a rooftop bar at the hotel before the meal. That was small print I liked.

We got showered and changed and set off again this time for H10 in Waterloo, Central London

We were directed to the rooftop bar as we arrived it was amazing as you can see the views from rooftop were as far as the eye can see (I never got that phrase, is it possible to see farther than the eye can see?) Weird! Anyway back to the rooftop. The views….


We had cocktails at the rooftop bar, how beautiful is that skyline…….

You can see the London Eye in the distance.  After cocktails it was time for Tapas, we were shown downstairs to the restaurantIMG_1869

The food was served in waves and it just kept on coming.  Chris and I had never had Tapas served in a restaurant so were not really sure what to expect but from experience it was several courses,

served one after the other, of delicious small food, cold meats and breads, olives, etc. including a lovely wine, don’t ask I don’t know what wine we had.  I really should (and do now) take more notice of what i eat and drink.

We tried everything, i am not really sure what all of it was but i do know i love Carpaccio, this was the most beautiful tasting beef i have ever had.  The meal was delicious and we would recommend this to anyone who loves Tapas.  This was another one of those days which you have to put up there on the list of some of the best days ever.

So I come to the end of another great day and another (hopefully) great blog.

Thanks for reading….

Come back again for more tales of love, life, family and adventures with thegotogirl

Loving being me more and more

Love thegotogirlsblog xxxx




14 thoughts on “Another Weekend in London……

  1. Thanks it was I had a look at the video of the rollercoaster I don’t think I could ride that one its very open also you are so lucky it looks amazing were you live you can see the ocean from the rollercoaster at least I thought it was the ocean x


  2. jasonlikestotravel

    Love the views from the rooftop! I might have to add that to my list of places in London to visit, it sounds like the good was great too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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