London….. Football…..Wembley….. a present to my husband?

This blog is a collaboration of my husband Chris and I, as I am unable to write this post on my own as it features a topic i am not very knowledgeable with.  So thank you Chris for your input on this very fun day……IMG_4015

Trying to find a present for Chris has become increasingly difficult over the years as he has everything he wants.  I ask him each year what do you want for Christmas darling? and I get the same answer nothing!  Every year I have to rack my brains and come up with something he will like.  So what can i do this time, what are my options.  What does he like, football, he loves football.  What team does he support, Hull City, obviously.

There is no other team, or is there?? Of course it is so easy England, I will take him to Wembley, even better i will take him on a tour around Wembley. IMG_1730 I booked the tickets as a surprise so the next time we went to London this would be one of the places we could go.  Christmas came and went and the present went down really well.  That was a good sign.  We arranged to go to London later that year and as usual the trip came around sooner than we thought.  Again we found ourselves in London, love that place more every time we go.

The day came for us to go to Wembley, I did not realise it was a guided tour around the stadium but thinking back why would they just let us walk around Wembley on our own?? We had a pre-arranged area at the front of the stadium to meet the guide and get our badges and as always arrived about fifteen minutes early, we don’t like to be late.  First on the agenda was to meet with the guide and he gave us an audio-visual device which would be incorporated in the tour.

We were taken into the seating area for an introduction to the history of Wembley (this is the new Wembley as years before if you did not know there was another stadium which they knocked down in 30th Sept 2002 and rebuilt  it 2003-2007 it reopened 9th March 2007 )  We sat and watched the audio-visual device, this showed us a virtual reality view of an Ed Sheeran concert which had taken place at the stadium in the recent past. What a view from those seats as this stadium holds 90,000 people at capacity.

We followed the guide through a long corridor adorned with photos of sporting legends such as England’s World  Cup Winners and Liverpool when they won the European Cup at Wembley in 1978 From there we went into the press room,

this is where the interviews before and after the games take place, this is why I asked Chris to co-write this with me as i would not know this kind of stuff i would give you a girls view of Wembley. LOL!  Next were the changing rooms, turns out this is split into loads of different rooms which includes changing room for home and away teams,

medical rooms,

shower rooms complete with baths, showers and hairdryers?? IMG_1773We went through the tunnel onto the pitch (we were not actually allowed on the grass, they said it was being maintained?!!

I thought they just did not want loads of fans running around on the pitch skidding on our knees like we did when we were kids, yes some girls did this too, it was fun when you were 8.  Coincidentally our home town rugby league club Hull FC had just won the Challenge Cup 2016 the week before against Warrington Wolves 12-10 woooo hoooooo! This was Hull FC’s first Challenge Cup win at Wembley.  We timed the trip really well and this just added to Chris’s delight of the visit.  After going through the tunnel onto (well beside the pitch) we went up to the Royal box to see were the Royal Family sit if/when they come to watch games. IMG_1805 What a view!!!

Finally we were led up the stairs,IMG_1786 which he players climb to receive their medals and the various trophies played for at Wembley and were all allowed to have pictures taken with FA Cup.  IMG_1986Chris was so happy bless him it was such a treat to see all of the inside workings of such a world-famous stadium.  You can’t imagine just how big it actually is until you are stood on the stands looking across at the thousands of seats.

From here we were shown to a room which was a kind of museum of all Wembley memorabilia here are a few interesting and as usual fun photos.


So that was another amazing day in the life of

Thegotogirlsblog xxx

As always loving being me and thanks for reading

Come back next time for another tales of love, life and family from thegotogirlsblog…

thanks …

Love thegotogirlsblog xxx


4 Comments on “London….. Football…..Wembley….. a present to my husband?

  1. The national football museum in Manchester is good if you need any future ideas. I’m glad you & Chris enjoyed your trip to Wembley / London though.

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    • Thanks i love that you can suggest things for me as i want to surprise him but when it cones to football i am clueless although i did book us to see Orlando city for his last birthday that went down really well 😆. I am a good wife lol only cos he is such an amazing husband x thanks again any more thoughts comment anytime x

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