Walking in the footsteps of our child/adulthood TV hero’s

When we were small Chris and I weirdly both liked a lot of the same things, growing up this did not change much.  We liked the same music, the same television programs.  We loved comedies, the old UK ones like Bless this House and George and Mildred. We knew the same people even though we had never met until 12 years ago.

One of the things we both love to do is going to the places where our favourite tv programmes were filmed or if they were true stories like The Krays (as you may of read in one of my other blogs) go and have a rummage around where all the drama took place.  Again we were planning what we could do in our next trip to London, i mean it’s not like you can ever run out of things to do in London.

Although it seems sometimes everything happens in London and i do wish more things would happen closer to home.  (Spoiler Alert Victoria the series is being filmed in Hull at the moment)  We were watching some of the oldies but goodies (old comedy programmes) over the last few months as it had been really bad and cold winter, remember the Beast from the East or as i like to call it the Breath Of Death.

We had watched all of the of the Carry on films and the entire set of George & Mildred.  If you have not heard of the then please go and buy them and watch if you like comedy you will split your sides laughing.  Back to the story we started looking for another series to watch and the Man about the House movie came on the tv.  We had forgotten about this little gem of English tv.  It is a sitcom about man and wife living in London.

IMG_1785The poor man  is a down trodden nagged to death by his overbearing wife downstairs from an unlikely trio of flatmates, two girls and an oversexed man but the results are so funny, check it out it is really tv gold, so we went out and bought the series. Several nights later after binge watching the entire set Chris said this is where we can go, what is? i asked Lets go and find where they filmed Man about the House!! Yes that’s a great idea, we both loved them as kids and we are actually going walk in the footsteps of TV giants.

They were very big stars in the UK or maybe even the world i am not sure as we were only kids when they were at the height of their fame.  Off we went.  We had researched obviously as we would not of known where they were filmed.  We started off on Garden Road in North West London towards Alma Square which is where the House is where the filming took place.  When we arrived at Alma Square we went to Hamilton Gardens to the row of houses and general area the sitcom was filmed.

We were beyond excited when we arrived as we could not believe this area was even still here let alone we had a chance to come here.  When we were researching some of the places we wanted to go they had either been filmed in studios or the locations had long since been demolished.  This is really upsetting as some of our childhood film and programmes were gone and we could never visit them.  Its like when you love an actor or a singer and you find out the have passed away. IMG_1796

I asked Chris to take me to see Luther Vandross only to be told he had passed away, i was devastated i always wanted to see him he was one of my all time heroes.  We walked around the area and spoke to a few people asking for directions and if they could help us with any details of the area.  One man did not even know he lived on the same street where Man About the House was filmed, we were surprised by this as if we lived in London we would probably find out the history of the area as so much has been filmed around London over the years.

IMG_1903As we were in London and we had found the area quite easily we still had quite a bit of time left so decided we would go and see Borough Market for something to eat and to kill two birds with one stone pop and see another film location of another famous film we both love, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.  IMG_1905The main street where the main characters lived next to the taxi rank in the film was set just around the corner.

IMG_1915 We have seen this film so many times i cant tell you how many but to go and stand on the street where it was filmed Woooooooooo Hoooooooooo this is one-off our bucket list.  I know what type of bucket list has film locations on it? well ours does!  It’s not all of it an there are a lot on it but we are getting through the list but that’s another blog lol! So we went to Borough Market and had something to eat from memory i thing i had Chinese food but then i have Chinese food everywhere i go as i love Chinese food.  IMG_1916Sorry i have gone off on so many tangents in this blog but writing sets my mind off thinking of a million different things and a million different places.  Try living with me LOL! It’s a lot of fun!  Back to Borough, so we had something to eat and then walked the short way down Park St to those famous green doors (just in case you ever go this is also a site which appears on another one of our favourite shows Not Going Out, another sitcom.)  We took some photos of us posing in front of the taxi rank and the flat, what surprised us most was on the film it was a dead-end street but in real life it was not as it had a train bridge at the end of it so was not a dead-end.  IMG_1909

So there we were walking in the footsteps of our hero’s on another adventure in the life, loves, family and travels of thegotogirlsblog

thanks for reading

please come back for more tales from thegotogirls life

As always loving being me

Love thegotogirlsblog xxxx


6 Comments on “Walking in the footsteps of our child/adulthood TV hero’s

  1. Shamefully I don’t know any of these tv shows haha. I might have to brush up on some old classics! I’m glad you had the chance to explore these places though.

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  2. Thanks for checking out CB. I Usually stick with film/music but stretch out once in a while. ‘Lock, Stock’ is a great flick. I was told ‘Carter’ was filmed in Newcastle’. great location. Later.

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