Tenerife, Fun in the Sun.

It was that time of year again and we were ready for a holiday.  You know when you have been working non stop for months, if you don’t have a holiday soon your going to lose the plot.  So where were we going to go this time? We did not want to go on a long flight so somewhere local-ish and Tenerife seemed like a good choice.  We chose to go to one of the more popular resorts as we just wanted to relax and have a bit of fun.  Sunbathing and drinking were the orders of the day for this holiday.  Not our usual type of holiday but that’s what we said we needed, something we don’t usually do.

We booked Oro Blanco in Playa De Las Americas, turns out it was pretty central to almost everything.  We booked in around 8pm, dropped off out suitcases got a quick change and went out to explore.  We were kind of sandwiched between all of the bars.  If you walked out of the hotel and walked left you follow the road and down to all the bars and the black beach, this is because it is a volcanic beach.  028 (2)When you turned right out of the hotel you walk for a while, first right turn and left at the bottom of the street, then you find all of the other bars and if you walk far enough down the road you reach the white beach.  The views off  the hotel balcony were amazing, you can see the volcanic mountains in the distance, however the best view was walking back up the small hill to the hotel and the view in the distance was breath-taking.

We found a small bar just around the corner from the hotel which served the best frozen mojito’s, they also sold them by the jug.  We ordered a jug and settled in for the next couple of hours as we had just arrived we did not want to go far and this seemed like a perfect little spot.  After a jug (or two) of mojitos we checked the time and boy had the time flown while we were having fun, it was eleven o’clock.  We had been up early that day for the trip to the airport and the flight so decided to make our way back to the hotel and then we could head out fresh for the beach in the morning.

We went out early for breakfast all packed up ready for the laziest day on the beach we could manage.  We were in the resort of Las Americas but when we go to the beach here it was black and we just did not like it.  It looked beautiful but we were spoilt and were used to white sandy beaches so it was not what we were used to so we moved on further up the beach.  We settled on the next beach up which was Los Christianos.  Now this was more our kind of beach.

Beautiful golden sands with a promenade which stretched as far as the eye could see.  It was surrounded by shops and restaurants and those little holiday trinket shops, overflowing with shell and pebbles formed into little keep-sakes.  We paid for the beds for the day and got the towels laid out on them.  Then headed to the nearest cafe for breakfast and a mimosa.  Well we are on holiday and it does have fresh orange in it. LOL!  I like to try the local cuisine when and where we can but sometimes there just is not the option of something I like.  I can usually find something but for some reason the only option was the good old English breakfast.

This is for those of you who have never had one, bacon, sausage, egg, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes. The list can go on and on in lots of variations all or some of the above can be included.  Anyway after a good breakfast, we headed back to our beds on the beach, via the nearest bar for a frozen mojito to take with us.  Surprisingly they were really cheap, about three euro’s I think.  Onto the beach for a very lazy day and i actually got to read a book.  My book of choice was  Ultimate Hard B********d’s  by Kate Kray.  A fascinating look into the infamous and the famous.  I actually got to read all of this book during the week we were in Tenerife.  I never get to just sit and read, our lives are so busy.  It was so nice.  Around three o’clock that day we packed up and headed back to the hotel as we were all sunned out.  Plus it was so hot we did not want to get sunstroke.  We headed back and this is where we actually first saw the amazing view up the hill towards our hotel and this view served us well during our trip as we did get lost  a few time while we were walking around. 086 The way we navigated around was with this view.  If we got lost we would walk down the road we knew and when we saw roads heading up if it had this view we knew we were at the right street. LOL!  We arrived back at our hotel and I had my usual afternoon siesta! Chris does not have them, it amazes me after all the sun how he keeps his eyes open.  A couple of hours and a shower later i was back up ready for the night out.  I said to Chris if he wants to stay out late we would have to go out later as i am a lightweight when it comes to drinking, a couple of cocktails and i am quite tipsy. LOL!  So we went out around ten and for a change we went left out of the hotel.  We found this was the more lively night out going this way there was bar next to bar next to bar.

Lineker’s, China Whites, Veronica’s more I cannot think of the names but all of them offering something for nothing.  Come in here, free shots, free fishbowls, two for one, buy one get one half price, free, free, free.  This is all we heard all night.  You name it they used it to get you into the bars.  To be honest if we had not had a drink we would have got fed up of all of them bugging us all night but after a few cocktails we really just went with the flow after all you only live once.  So just do it all we thought.  We are going to live our lives and this holiday is going to be out of our comfort zone but so what!

We don’t even know what time we rolled in that night, but we knew we had a lot to drink that night when we woke up the next morning.  We pretty much repeated this day for the next six days as I said we are only going to live once and if we were going to do this we were going to do it properly!  So there is not really anything more i can tell you about this holiday apart from we have not repeated it to such an extent again, maybe the odd day on other holidays but that’s it so i will leave it there until next time.

Anyway thanks for reading, please come again for another tale of love, life, family and our travel escapades.

For now Loving being me

Love thegotogirlsblog xxx


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  1. Oh for heaven’s sakes, I’m wiping the drool off my face!!! 🙂 – we were going to the Canary Islands as one of our last trips before we headed back to the States. Then something changed (maybe a strike or something on the islands) and we had to make other plans. So sorry we missed visiting this gorgeous place. Guess I must live through your travels, sigh. ❤

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