Fabrique Belgique

We had already been on holiday to the Dominican Republic earlier in the year but thought we could do with a little ‘city break’, just a few days off to relax and unwind.  Again we had no idea where.  Why would we, we always ‘fly by the seats of our pants’.  We see something, then we do it.  We hear about a place from friends, family or well, basically anyone.  So where was it going to be this time? Well we live in a port! so why not catch a boat? but where to?

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Then it came to us like a bolt of lightning! North Sea Ferries are across the city and will take us to Holland or Belgium.  So which country, at the toss of a coin it was decided It would be Belgium!  We did not know anything about Belgium so we did a little research.  There was a lot of cultural things to do visiting galleries and museums etc on one website and then there was other more relaxing and fun things.  We could not choose so we thought we would do the usual and ‘fly by the seat of our pants’ and see where the trip took us.

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We booked two nights and a day trip, this was one night on the ferry, all day in Bruges and then catch the ferry back that night.  We boarded the ferry around 5 on the Friday and set sail around seven.  We were not keen on the ferry journey as apart from a game of bingo and a really bad cabaret  act there was not much to do. To make matters worse we were given a room, when I say a room it was like a broom cupboard.  I know it was cheap but i expected more from North Sea Ferries.  I hear they have updated and upgraded their ships now so we might try them again.

We arrived in the port about eight on the Saturday and got the coach to Bruges.We went straight towards the canals as we had heard some good things to do on the coach trip.  We found a canal cruise pretty easy and for a few euros we were off down the canals.  I have no idea where they took us on the cruise, we should really pay more attention on these trips and ask more questions about where we are and were we are going.  We saw some of the most beautiful architecture of the city while coasting down the back street canals. You can see in some of the photos we took while we were there.

After we finished on the canal boat we went for a walk around the cobbled streets, it reminded me of home as back in Hull, around the old town there are lots of cobbled streets.  We followed one of the cobbled streets for what seemed like an age until we came across the most amazing plaza, the buildings around were so beautiful.  Then I spotted it, the horse and cart ride.  i love horses, when i was small i would ride any horse i could find then i grew up and bought one.

There are lots of horses where i live so it was again reminding me of home.  We got aboard the cart and then asked the driver how much usually we would ask first then board but in this case i wanted to go for a ride and we did not care how much it cost.  The boat trip was cheap so it was ok if it was a bit more expensive.  The driver took us around the city showing off his knowledge of the local area.  It was worth the money we had been on a trip of he back streets and the canal, now we were on the main streets on a horse and cart.

The horse was so well-behaved and was really well looked after too.  We had a horse break in the middle of the ride so the horse could relax for a while.  That was nice of the driver.  We like animal lovers and those who take care of them.  The day was running away from us and we only had a few hours left so we had to decided on one last stop, well i say we decided, Chris did and yes you guessed it a visit to the Leffe Brewery and it even had a bee tasting at the end of the tour.  We went into the brewery and were shown around were they brew the beer followed by a sort of museum of beer tour.  There were all sorts of memorabilia,

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beer making paraphernalia

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and a lot of old beer cans, lots and lots of old beer cans.

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Then my worst fear, totally unexpectedly the tour guide took us to see the views of the city, from the roof!  Yes, you heard me right a beer tour guide took us on the roof, a very, very, high roof top to see the view.

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I was terrified.  But!!!!! I had Chris with me and i held his hand very tight, the same tightness as i hold it when the plane takes off or the rollercoasters are too scary for me.  He always takes really good care of me and is always there to hold my hand when i am scared. I love him for that.    Its a good job we went beer tasting after that hair raising experience.

That was the end of that trip we had to get back to meet the ferry by five and it was around four, so we had to leave and quick to get the coach.

We did not want to miss the ferry back home.  Again we got on the ferry and to our shock they actually put us in a smaller room then the one we came in!  We were astonished they could find a smaller room but this was the size of a toilet.  We were so glad when the ferry docked the following morning, we headed back home to our lovely big bedroom.

Well that’s another tale from thegotogirlsblog, thank you for reading, I hope you liked it.

Come back next time for another tale of love, life, family and travel…

Still loving being me….

Love thegotogirlsblog xxx


12 Comments on “Fabrique Belgique

  1. What an amazing day you had. My fear as well heights! I would have drunk all the beer after that. A room the size of a toilet? Omgoodness sometimes you wonder why they do that? We had a room in a hostel once that was the old telephone exchange room. NO windows, well a “hole” in the wall, no glass, no fly screens, it had a double bunk bed…double bed on top and bottom. I sat on the bottom bunk and cried. Thats all it had and room for my legs….where were we to put our bags. On the top bunk!…We didn’t stay there…we left and got a room elsewhere. It was the Gold Coast Queensland…so no glass no heating/cooling and no fly screens the room was awful and it was the middle of summer.

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  2. I love Bruges, great little city. I’m glad you got a chance to explore. Plenty more to see in Belgium too so hopefully you’ll go back some day 🙂

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