Beverley (K)Nights…….

Winter had finally gone, Spring flew past and finally SUMMER IS HERE IN THE UK!!!! It has been so long since the last time I had been out with Chris and our friends.  All of a sudden our calendar was booked up and we were even having to ask people to rearrange so we could fit them all in.  We had been asked out by our friends to go to Beverley.  This is a historic market town about twenty minutes out of Hull. img_20180630_212211136550814110289336.jpg

It’s a quaint little place with little nooks and crannies all over the place.  There is a market place and a race course and the loveliest wooded area called Beverley Westwood.  Here the cows roam free and the kids play on rope swings and hopefully don’t fall in the cow clap! (Cow poo) LOL! There is an old ruin of a Windmill on the top of the hill.  People walk here a lot with families and dogs, kids ride their bikes, it’s a very relaxing place.

Anyway as usual I go off topic, we got to Beverley around 7:45 pm and went to a pub called The Cornerhouse on the corner (i know weird) of one of the main streets through Beverley.  It was a nice little pub with a nice beer garden at the back.  Ooh and they sold Mojito’s so i loved it and as my friend Jill calls me i am ‘Cocktail Girl’ as you can guess from the name i love cocktails.  This was brought about by our travel tales and the fact most of the places we visit have cocktail bars. img_20180630_2312483549407876775594383.jpg

I like to try different things were ever we go, drinks or food.  We had been to meet Chris’s old friend Tim’s, new partner Jane, who was lovely by the way. We found all of the tables in the garden were taken, however, one of the tables only had two people on it.  We asked if they would mind sharing?  A very lovely lady and her mother said of course and during a conversation with them we found it was the ladies mother’s birthday.  Aaaw how lovely.  We had our drinks and as you do move on the next pub!! I wonder what cocktails they will sell in the next pub! img_20180630_2053058697314536970609916.jpg

So off to the Cross Keys.  I always feel like I am taking part in the Simon Pegg Movie The World’s End (12 drinks in 12 pubs)

I always ask for a cocktail menu when we go out as I don’t drink lager and i can’t drink wine when i go out as i get drunk really quickly on wine, plus as i said i love cocktails.  Most staff in public houses have knowledge of cocktail making and what cocktails they bar they work in.  Not in The Cross Keys!  Sorry Owner of Cross Keys but you need better training for your staff.  I went to the bar and asked if they served cocktails.  Yes, we sell all sorts of cocktails, said the young barman.  Ok Great, i will have a Long Island Iced Tea please.

This is one of my favourite cocktails and I was really looking forward to it.  No sorry, he said we don’t sell those.  Ok, no problem i thought, i will have a Margarita, everywhere can whip up a Margarita, can’t they?  No sorry, we don’t serve Margarita! Ok third time lucky, can i have a Mojito then, er no sorry we don’t serve Mojito.  By this time i was getting a bit fed up, i thought you said you served all sorts of cocktails?  Why don’t you tell me what you do sell and i will choose from those.

We sell Purple Rain and…….  I stopped him there I will take a Purple Rain.  I could not stand any more to-ing and fro-ing or this guessing game of cocktails it was boiling, i was boiling and i just wanted to get out into the beer garden, into the cool breeze!  We paid for our drinks and made our way to join our friends outside.  We were chatting about what we had all been up to over the last few months as it had been a while since i had seen Jill and Keith.  I was telling them how well the blog was going and how surprised i was by this.

Two lovely young women were sat on the next table to us and joined in our conversation, thanks Amore and Nina for the interest in my blog. By the way loved the outfits! (don’t forget to follow thegotogirlsblog) I told you I would include you in my blog LOL!

We moved on to The Green Dragon, and a bottle of Blue WKD  just to keep my alcohol level down a bit.  The beer garden in here was quaint with a wall completely made up of fake greenery (an idea I might use in my own garden it looked so good.

Then to The Grapes

Pizza anyone! (just because it was there) and to a young lady with initiative.  She had just started making cocktails but…. had a sheet with all of the various cocktail recipes on it.  Although it took a while I got my cocktail and an apology off the young lady who served me for the time it took.  Obviously i said it was fine as she at least used her initiative, so thanks to the Staff of The Grapes.   I finally got my Long Island Iced Tea and a free Woo Woo.  (Buy one get one free) I did not have both, Thanks Jill for helping me out with that!

A bit disappointed they did not have a beer garden as it was still hot outside but what can you do.  Onto the Kings Head.  This was full to bursting and I had enough cocktails by this point so just a vodka and lemonade was the drink for me, poor Chris he was drinking J2O all night as he was driving.  img_20180630_2238561710106491225935521.jpg Not a bad pub, very lively and busy so it must be doing something right.  Again no beer garden but I needed a sit down by this time as my feet were beginning to hurt as i don’t usually wear heels but thought I should make the effort as i had not been out for ages.

So a dress and high heels for tonight’s attire.  It was getting close to closing so last orders of the day were to be at……. drum roll please….. only kidding.  LOL!

Back to the Green Dragon and the lovely beer garden.  Amazingly it was still warm out, this may be normal where you live but here in Hull it is not normally hot.  The final drink of the night and then a walk back to the car, as I said Chris was not drinking as he drove.  We did not want to get train and taxi to Beverley and Taxi can be costly.

I woke up this morning luckily without a hang over and I even slept in until 9.30.  I never sleep in. EVER! Chris was up late too even though he did not drink.  This never happens either.

All in all a great night and my thanks to mine and Chris’s friends Jill, Keith, Tim and Jane.  See you all again soon xxxx

Anyway thanks for reading my story…..

Loving being me

Love thegotogirlsblog xxx


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