Hells Bells…… Tenerife Style

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Beautiful views.

It was one of those days when you start thinking of holidays, to be honest, there are not many days I am not thinking about our next holiday. Again comes the predicament…… Where? We did not have much time to book or pay as we had left it really late this time to book. We decided somewhere cheap and cheerful. The day before we had seen an advert from Teletext about cheap all-inclusive holidays to Tenerife. If you read my blog regularly you will know we had a great time last time we went. Although we always say we never want to go to the same place twice, sometimes you have to break your own rules. We looked into the deal they were offering and before we could say Tenerife here we come, we had booked it!. LOL!

We usually book holidays well in advance so we have longer to pay and this then allows us to spend that little bit more on a better holiday. This time was going to be different in more ways than we thought!?!? We flew from Doncaster on Ryanair. We had not flown with this company before but we got what we paid for a basic budget plane. This made me uneasy as I am scared of flying and heights and I find some comfort in traveling on the nicer airlines. I am not sure if this I based on the fact that you pay more you are flying on a safer plane or not. ( I should research that.)

Anyway, the plane was very basic and quite cramped, this meant Chris was going to be uncomfortable all the way and there was nothing to take your mind off the plane journey. It was lucky we always take some form of gadgets with us, laptop or Nintendo DS. This kept us busy for the four hours it took to get there.

We finally landed and thought how happy we were to be off that plane. We got transferred to the resort arriving around 10 ish and as you get a quick change and then out for something to eat. This is where the reality of this holiday started kicking in. We walked to the reception for directions and were shown where to go by a lovely receptionist and off we went. Happily walking along the streets with the directions we were given and Chris turned and said its a bit quiet for 10. When we go on holiday usually at 10, the nightlife is just starting.

We kept walking thinking we must be in a quiet part of the resort and would soon stumble upon the ‘wild’ life. No, we walked and walked and walked and still nothing. Then we arrived at the water’s edge, this is where the receptionist had told us to go. We thought she .just of made a mistake so stopped a local and asked where we in the right place. Oh yes, he said but everything closes around here at 8. Why? Was all that came out when I tried to reply. They just do. Was his reply we don’t get many tourists this time of year. Great, then we realised the irony of where we were the ‘ Costa Silencio’ or the Silent Coast. Was the clue in the title!?!?!?

We should really pay more attention sometimes when we book things. So there we were on the silent coast with no where open, what do you do?  All we could do was go back to the hotel and go to bed!  Great start to the holiday? Yes we thought the same!

It surely must get better than this?  But did it? Read on to find out!

We woke up bright and early the next morning, so all refreshed and extremely hungry we headed down for breakfast.  This was going to be the best breakfast ever as we remembered we had gone all-inclusive.  From previous experience of all inclusive we were in for a treat.  We almost ran into the dining room and then almost ran back out in shock!  The all inclusive we were promised was a basic continental breakfast.

Not that we don’t like a continental breakfast but when all it consists of is tea, coffee, croissants, toast and a small selection of fruit, we don’t call his a continental breakfast!!  We ate it anyway as we were starving by this point and then headed out to find something more substantial to eat.  We brought back to the room a stock of food and drink and this turned out to be the saviour of our holiday as the standard of food at this hotel was not good and was not getting better as our stay progressed.

Oh well, the foods not great let’s go and explore the hotel.  It did not get better.  I have never seen such a small beach in my life, our garden at home was wider!  I am not kidding it can’t of been more than 9 metres across.  If you happen not to believe us comment and I will give you the name of the hotel and you can go and see for yourselves.  Go on really I dare you!!  I would say we laid on the beach but we never, this was the first time i have not sun bathed at any hotel abroad i have stayed at.

We finally gave in went to lay around the pool. the height of our day was lying around the pool reading a book.  We stayed at the hotel for dinner and then drinks on the night, at least we could dull the boredom of the holidays with a few cocktails.  Yes you guessed it, no we could not?  Why? you ask, the all-inclusive consisted of, a wine tap, a beer tap and vodka! They are still drinks why are we complaining.

We were used to being spoilt on all inclusive holidays and never have had such a dreadful time as this.  I know we are spoilt but if you pay for the nice holidays you expect them all the time.  Then we remembered this was a cheap and cheerful holiday and that is what we got.  But shouldn’t all holidays have a certain standard?  No, apparently! Much to our dismay.  This was only day one of seven.  We vowed to not carry on staying at this hotel but we could not get moved, even when we were going to pay for another hotel.  We did find a way out of this dilemma though.

The bus to Los Christianos and Las Americas! and we caught it every day for the rest of the holiday sometimes twice going out day and night just to stay away from the Hells Bells Hotel (this was the comedy hotel of horrors in Carry on Abroad) Our hotel had a similar name weirdly enough.  So the rest of the holiday was the usual beach during the day and the bars and clubs of Tenerife all night.  Then and only then back to the hotel from hell.  We still had a great time (after the first day) The scenery around this area is after all spectacular.

That will be the end of this partly drastic tale of our second trip to Tenerife that did however turned out fine.

Thanks for reading my latest tale of our travels.

Please come back for more tales of love, life, family and travels from thegotogirlsblog.

As always loving being me

Love thegotogirlsblog xxxxx


8 thoughts on “Hells Bells…… Tenerife Style

  1. jasonlikestotravel

    8pm is so early, particularly for somewhere in Spain, some of them eat later than that! I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves in the end though. It looks a beautiful place but maybe I’ll skip visiting the silent coast 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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