The Go To Girls Blog Visits…… Seaworld.

My beautiful picture
Nice View

It was during our first visit to America we decided to visit Seaworld.  Why? I am not sure, maybe because it’s what you do when you visit Orlando or was it because we live in a port and we love the sea and all things ‘fishy’.  Who knows? Well anyway, off we went.  Seaworld is a mixture of animals and rollercoasters so a perfect combination for me and Chris.  You know he loves rollercoasters and at this point it was before i became brave and started riding rollercoasters like a crazy person.

When we went to America the first time I would not ride any rollercoasters as i was a total chicken poop. LOL!  On with the trip, i have not seen so many aquatic creatures i could not name as i did in this park. I did not even know turtles could grow to this size, it must have been at least 2 or 3 feet long

We went to the usual rays and penguins and sea lions, the list goes on but then we came to this tank and I can tell you i literally did not have a clue what i was looking at.  It was well, all i can describe it as was wow! what is that?  These are my exact words.  It was a big sort of grey flesh balloon, with a small sort of snout and a back flipper.  I had to read the information on the side of the tank (embarrassing i know) to discover what on earth i was looking at.  Turns out it was a Manatee.

I had never seen an animal up close so serene and so beautiful.  It was just bobbing around on the water, a bit like I do when  i am on my lilo.  Onwards we went, to the polar bear, i had no idea they were so big.  It really made me think about how little i knew about animals.  I know about dogs, cats, horses, you know the usual pet type animals we have back home.  Even though i love animals i realise now how little i actually know about animals in general.  It’s like we live in an animal-less  bubble.  So i promised myself i would learn as much as i could while we were there.

Yes you are right how much could i learn in a day but you would be surprised how well-informed the staff are in some of the animal parks you visit.  We tried to ask as many questions as we could and read all of the fact sheets we could find and by the time we left we had learned a lot.  We learned about the Narwhal, the unicorn whale, the hooded seal and the killer whale (we were told by another member of the audience this particular whale had recently killed its trainer, this is obviously unconfirmed)

We went to a fresh fish stall to buy fish for the seals, we were allowed to feed the seals. I asked Chris to pose for a picture whilst throwing a fish, within a second of holding up a fish a heron swooped in and nabbed it right out of his hand.  I happened quicker than I could snap the photo.  We laughed so hard and nearly lost the rest of the fish. If you look carefully at the picture above you can see the bird responsible and the gutted look on the seals face!!! LOL!!

After we had looked around the animals it was time for Chris to unleash his inner child and go and ride some rollercoasters on his own.  I did feel bad leaving him to ride them on his own but not as bad as I would have felt if i had ridden them with him.  Have a look at Chris’s face before the ride.  Would you say he looked a bit nervous?  I did but he denied it! Obviously he would he is a man after all.

Check out his face when he finishes riding them.  My beautiful pictureSo funny! Just like the big kid he is.

As usual we had a great day and telling our stories brings back some amazing memories.

As usual thanks for reading another tale from thegotogirlsblog of life, love, family and travel.

Please come back soon for our next tale.

Loving being me……

Love thegotogirlsblog xxxxxx


8 thoughts on “The Go To Girls Blog Visits…… Seaworld.

  1. It is so different to seeing animals close and personal, compared to TV, so you can be forgiven to wonder what some are and not recognise.
    I remember when I went round a Sea Life place, that it took some time for me to realise I was looking at a Stingray. And I was shocked at the size of the turtles too and also how fast they can move.

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