The Go To Girls Blog visits…… The Dominican Republic.

The thought of our next holiday is always in our heads as you will probably know if you read my blog regularly and we have the same dilemma every time. Where? The rule we have about only visiting a place once seems to go out the window when you find one of those places that really captures you and the memories are so good you have to go again. This is true of Bavaro, Punta Cana in The Dominican Republic.

dom 2016 (11)The first time we went we had an amazing time and visited some really beautiful places. So much so we had to go again if the opportunity presented itself. Finally, it did! We were in the travel agents looking for somewhere and the same hotel came up The Caribe Club Princess. This hotel had the best of it all. The beach was white and the sea was turquoise. It was one of those places that could actually take your breath away.

img_32841733463818251927575.jpgThe beach was lined with palm trees as far as the eye can see and you can literally walk for miles without a thought to how far you had actually gone as the views were so beautiful. Before you knew it you walked two or three miles down the beach. Oops, time to walk back. img_31955129900144032569439.jpgAnyway, we have not even left the UK yet lol!  The day came to go, we had packed and done our last checks.  You know the typical ‘did we pack the shampoo, the suntan cream, enough pants for the trip’ lol!  Yes was the answer as we had packed about two weeks ago and double checked the suitcase several times before this day came.  We were flying from Manchester and had booked a Premier Inn near the airport (Runger Lane South) for the night prior to our flight, we do this so we don’t have to get up at a ridiculous time in the morning.

Manchester is about two hours from Hull so it makes sense, plus Chris drives for a living so as soon as we leave the car the holiday starts for him too.  We arrived at the hotel around lunch which makes a change for us, we are usually flying around like crazy people, driving straight from work on the night but we had booked extra time off for a change.  The hotel was the usual short stay hotel, you know the same room you stayed in  every chain hotel you have ever been in.

It has a bed, a tv, bathroom and tea/coffee maker and my favourite part of chain hotels it was clean! This is all we ask.  Clean bed, clean bathroom and we are happy.  Are we too easily pleased?  We went across to the sister hotel as we were told our hotel did not have anywhere to  get a drink as the restaurant was not open yet but the sister hotel had a Costa.  I asked the lady at the counter for an iced mint tea and a cappuccino for Chris.  We waited and waited and i finally, after 15 minutes went back to the counter and asked how long our drinks would be. IMG_1909

They will be ready soon. We waited another five or so minutes and the lady called us for our drinks.  She gave me a cappuccino for Chris and a hot mint tea?  I asked for an iced mint tea!  Oh sorry, she said and away she went.  Ten more minutes went passed and she came over and gave me a mint chocolate frostino!!!! I was getting a bit annoyed by this time, I asked for an iced mint tea.  Oh sorry, she said again we don’t have any of them!????   You know when you get those moments when you watch cartoons and the characters head explodes and steam comes out of the top!!!

If my life were a cartoon, this would be me right now!  I will just have the mint chocolate frostino! I had to take the drink and walk away before I told her how i felt.  She would not of liked my madness.

Off we went back to the hotel to have a relaxing bath and prepare ourselves for the trip ahead.  The flight to the Dominican Republic was at 11:25 am the next morning and would take 8-9 hours so we wanted to get some rest as we don’t usually sleep on the flight and the flight was during the day so it is even harder to sleep.  We settled down for a couple of hours before we went for dinner.  We booked a table for about 8:00pm.  We ate and retired for the night quite early, like I said we wanted to be fresh for the trip and i love to take a long soak in the bath before we go anywhere.

Finally the morning of the flight to the Dominican Republic came……….

Come back soon for more on this adventure and the reason I ended up like this………

dom 2016 (7)1489104889688111715..jpg

Thanks for reading my latest tale from thegotogirlsblog……

As always loving being me…….

Love thegotogirlsblog xxx


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