The Go To Girls Blog Arriving in The Dominican Republic.

The day of the flight is here and as usual we are up at the crack of dawn and drive to the long stay car park to drop off the car off. We parked up got the cases and record the parking space number, don’t want to get back and think oh no where did we park the car?

We had to be at the airport the usual 2-3 hours before the flight so off we went to get breakfast in the Frankie and Benny’s at Manchester Airport.  Eggs Benedict and Mimosa for me and Egg and bacon on toast  and Mimosa for Chris yummy!  that’s breakfast taken care of.  What next WHSmith for our in-flight reading OK magazine for me and the daily newspaper for Chris and as always a bag of Haribo’s.  dom 2016.JPG Our flight was at 11.25am and we arrived in The Dominican Republic around 3pm.  The transfer is around half and hour and we were in our room by around 430pm.  First things first, drop the bags off at the room and head straight to the beach just to check it was still the same beautiful white sand and turquoise sea.  dom20168417937888335429382.jpgYes it was that was a relief.  You know what its like when you have the memory of a great holiday and it is never the same when you go back.  Luckily this place was everything we remembered.  Next stop, to get something to eat and luckily by now it was time for dinner and we were really hungry.  SDC11261 - Copy (2).JPG

We love the dining hall here as it has so much food to choose from and the staff are amazing.  You literally cannot ask anything more from them.  We went and helped ourselves to whatever we liked, usually for me it was one of the Caribbean delights they had on offer like jambalaya or chicken and peas. Mmmmn I can still taste it!  For Chris, however he is not as adventurous as i am so he sticks to what he knows, chips, burgers, chicken off the bone.  SDC11532.JPGWe got seated and within minutes one of the staff came over asking if we would care for drinks.  Yes please, a Margarita and a fruit punch if we could.  They were very attentive while we were there and you usually get the same staff member each different meal which we liked as we got to know them and they got to know us.  By the time we left we felt like friends.   img_09666536265460465676646.jpg

After dinner we went for a wander around the complex, it is so beautiful you really should visit this place if you get a chance to.

By the time we had walked around and had a couple of drinks it was getting late and we had a long day so we went back to the room for a rest.  Before we know it we had fell asleep.  We were still on UK time and after seven-ish hours sleep we woke up, it was about 4.30 am and we were wide awake.  What do you do when you wake up at that time in the Dominican Republic.  We went to the beach bar, no not for another cocktail.  We went for a cup of tea! LOL!  Well back in the UK it would have been around 9.30am so we had actually had a really good lay in.  We never lay in when we are at home and we really needed to get ourselves around to the US time as quick as we could. img_09578166893705361347750.jpg

We did not want to be up at this time everyday so we made a plan to stay up as late as we could each night until we changed our body clocks to US time.  We got our cup of tea and went back to the room for a couple of hours until breakfast opened.  We were first in the dining room that day, I think it was around 6.30am.  Our favourite breakfast dish was the freshly made omelette.  Ooh i can smell them too! LOL!!  I love reminiscing about the food it makes my mouth water.  Can i have mushroom, onion and cheese please and Chris wanted mushroom, ham and onion.  A couple of fruit juices and  a couple of coffees and we were all set.

Next to the beach……

OMG the beach, it is so beautiful.  You can walk for miles here.  We spent all day here, reading, swimming, playing beach volleyball, you name it we did it.

It was to become our usual routine to leave the beach around 3 in the afternoon each day and go and have a couple of drinks and something to eat around the pool.  There was usually something going on around the pool, games and contests.  You would sometimes get one of the reps asking you to join in the games but Chris and I would prefer to watch rather than join in (most of the time LOL!)

Until we found out there was a foam party in the pool, we had to join in.  Well who wouldn’t LOL!

Pop back soon for the next installment of this trip, its only the first day and its been a busy one.

As always loving being me…..

Love thegotogirlsblog xxx


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