The Go To Girls Blog…… on the plane home.

I realise I have not written a blog all week and there is no excuse for this, so firstly I am truly sorry to my regular readers. Why you ask after six months of regular blogging.

I have been on holiday and am actually writing this from the plane on my way home from Amsterdam with my husband Chris. My intention was to at least write one while I was there but we just had so much fun while we were there I thought I would give us both a break, we have been working very hard on building the blog and we don’t want to undo any of our good work but everyone deserves a holiday Right?….. I know you will all agree with me. Thanks for that lol! Anyway, so we left Schiphol Airport about 25 minutes ago and should be back in Doncaster in about half an hour.

Wow I know, I don’t think we have ever been on such a short flight before. We are usually on 10-hour flights across the globe. From Doncaster we have an hours drive, well I say we, Chris does, bless him. Then what?

An early night I think as after four days and nights in Amsterdam we are well and truly cream crackered ( politely tired). Then we are both back at work on Saturday morning, just for a few hours then home for a few than to our friend’s wedding party. No rest for the wicked I know.

On Sunday I will be writing the first blog in the Amsterdam series, it needs to be a series as we have so much to tell you about so I will put off finishing the Dominican Republic and how I ended up on crutches for now and will return to it when I have shared all of our exploits in Amsterdam.

I have a few things you may learn from our trip and a few must do’s. We did a total of nine tours in the four days, we still cannot believe we got so much in. I can’t wait to tell you all about each of them. We were very happy with the travel agent who booked our trip as they got us a great hotel on an easy route in and out of Amsterdam center.

We will be landing soon so I will not write much more as I cannot write and land on a plane as I am actually terrified of flying and heights as you will know you’re a regular reader. I will be holding Chris’s hand so tight to the point of pain for him, he usually asks me to let go after a certain amount of time.

Just an update we have landed safely. We are now in sight of our favorite place in the world Hull!

Thanks for reading

Really loving being me

Love thegotogirlsblog xxx


8 Comments on “The Go To Girls Blog…… on the plane home.

  1. I’m looking forward to reading your posts about Amsterdam! We were there in Jan., but it wasn’t enough time, so we’re going there again next June, to spend 4 days. Your experience may help us! One question I have: did you go to any of the other towns nearby and if so, which one?

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    • Thanks for reaching out we had an amazing time and did so much in four days our heads were spinning we did not go to any other towns but like you plan to return to see more we just focused on Amsterdam as there was so much to do please keep following my blogs as I still have three more days of Amsterdam trips to tell everyone about xx


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