The Go To Girls Blog goes to…. Amsterdam

We booked this trip really late as we were not going to go abroad this year but then we were celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary so decided to do something special to mark the occasion. We went to our usual travel agent to get some inspiration. One of the things on my unwritten bucket list is to go to the Van Gogh Museum which is in Amsterdam. Lucky coincidence!

So Chris and I decided we would go to Amsterdam, I could see the Van Gogh Museum and Chris could visit the Ajax stadium. All round a good choice for us both. As we live in Hull we had a choice of how to travel, we could get the overnight ferry or we could go to one of the local airports and take a flight which reduced travel time to a couple of hours. This was an easy choice, we would go by plane. This gave us two more days actually in Amsterdam rather than on a ferry.img-20180806-wa00074155012394714194839.jpg

The day of the flight came and off to Doncaster Airport we went. We did not fly until three so we did not have to stay over in a hotel as we would usually on a long flight. We got to Doncaster Airport in plenty of time for the flight and went for lunch in one of the bars, burger, chips and a drink for £15 each. Wow! We should have gone to McDonald’s it was not even really that nice so we wasted £30 before we even boarded the plane. I hate that airports have a monopoly on price for food and drink when you pass those front doors. The plane was on time woo hoo! I hate it when the plane is delayed, it’s just eating into my holiday time.img-20180806-wa00056905159635322751722.jpg

The flight was about an hour and a quarter to Schipol Airport from Doncaster, this was the best/ quickest flight ever and I even managed to grab forty winks on the plane. It’s not very often we can sleep on a plane as there is always someone/something waking us up. We landed and for this trip did not have transfers to the hotel. The lady in the travel agents said transport was so easy we would not need them.  Well she got this right! We got off the plane went through the airport to the train and three stops later we were across the road from our hotel.

We have never had such an easy transfer, especially since we had to find it ourselves.  We arrived at the hotel around six-ish, dropped off the bags, got a quick change and we were off again.  It’s like we have ants in our pants, we don’t sit still for long ever! LOL!  First on the agenda was food, it had passed tea time and our tummies were beginning to rumble.  Just outside our hotel was the tram, like I said this trip was so convenient and everything was just on the hotel doorstep. img-20180806-wa0015897907916485648036.jpg

We caught the number four tram and decided we would as usual fly by the seat of out pants and jump of the tram when we saw somewhere we liked.  We went about fifteen minutes and arrived at a stop called Rembrandplein Square.  It looked busy and had lots of bars and restaurants so we jumped off the tram.  We had a walk around the square trying to decide where to eat.  We found a lovely italian restaurant in the top end of the square called La Madonnina. img-20180806-wa00162590013477583065340.jpg

We ordered calzone pizza for Chris and Lasagna for me.  It was yummy.  I was not in the mood for an alcoholic drink but decided to do something I never do i had a beer.  They did small, medium or large.  I ordered a small, the waiter said you do realise this is a really small glass.  Yes, it is all i want.  Even after the waiters warning i still had to laugh at the glass of beer he brought me.  I think it was a quarter pint, it was perfect for me as i don’t really drink beer but the glass in my hand i looked like a giant. (for the first time ever lol!)img-20180806-wa00175571908890874565538.jpg

After eating we just wandered around for a couple of hours checking out what was to come and it all looked great.  We could not wait to get started out the next day.

Please come back for more of our adventures in Amsterdam.  The next blog will be all about our visit to the Van Gogh Museum plus a few tips on what to do before you go, especially if like me you are a massive Van Gogh fan.  Maybe I can help you plan your trip so you get to see what you want to see when you visit and don’t leave slightly disappointed.

So again it’s getting late and I am shattered from the trip, work and the wedding of our friends at the weekend, (i will maybe tell you about that one at a later date) so i am going to finish writing for tonight.  Thanks for reading and please sign up for my newsletter for more interesting bits from thegotogirlsblog (see the pop up when you go on the site)

Thanks again for reading and please come back for the next installment of Thegotogirlsblog in Amsterdam

Still loving being me….

Love always Thegotogirlsblog xxx


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