The Go To Girls Blog Visits…. The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

img_20180731_1015114270998924502908716.jpgI love Vincent Van Gogh.  In our house we have a large hallway wall along the top of the stairs and I decided to make my own private gallery.  I have my favourite paintings up there with the main one being the Starry Night although my all time favourite Van Gogh painting is View of Arles , Flowering Orchards.  I was over the moon when Chris asked me if I wanted to go to the Van Gogh Museum, he is very thoughtful like that and listens to the things I love.  img_20180731_1014035397145534363788893.jpg

As we arrived at the museum I felt a wave of emotion flowing over me as I said I love Vincent Van Gogh and to have the chance to be in the same room as some of his paintings was quite overwhelming.  We entered the front and gave the man on the door out tickets and made our way down the stairs towards the beginning of our tour.  Next to the stairs was a wall of monitors showing various Van Gogh master pieces.  Chris took loads of pictures of me in front of all of beautiful images.  img_20180731_1015298157941692995262334.jpg

Van Gogh’s self-portrait and the bedroom to name a few.  We were pointed over to the cloakroom to leave our bags.  We were then shown to the escalators and the beginning of the gallery.  It is at this point I started thinking about which pictures I was most looking forward to seeing.  As we made our way around the various floors and rooms looking for the View of Arles and The Starry Night I realised we were running out of museum and I still had not seen any of the paintings I had set my heart on seeing.  img_20180731_1013522260712369038248978.jpg

We  arrived at the top floor (I think) and I had not seen my favourites so we made our way to ask one of the ladies in the shop if she could help us locate one or two of them.  Yes of course, she replied.  Which paintings were you looking for madam?  I would like to see The View of Arles.  Ok, one moment while I will check our database and tell you were this paintings.  I am sorry madam but this painting is not in this museum was her answer.  I am sorry, can you repeat that? The View of Arles is not here, it is in a gallery in Munich.  img_20180731_1013177151916535168639300.jpg

As you can imagine I was so disappointed I could hardly contain how upset I was.  I know it sounds stupid being upset about a painting but I had been waiting for so long to see these paintings to find out we had come to a museum named The Van Gogh Museum I presumed (stupidly it seems) all of (or most of, even) Van Gogh’s paintings would be here.  How wrong I was! I asked about The Starry Night next, oh no madam, that masterpiece is in New York.  It was then, that very moment it finally dawned on me.  I was not going to see the very paintings I had come to see and if I wanted to see them I img_20180731_1013124518960743641268989.jpgwould have to travel to the four corners of the world to see all of Van Gogh’s paintings.

This has now gone to the top of my as yet unwritten bucket list.  It was after getting over the initial shock of this, I decided to write about this as a sort of two-part Van Gogh Museum experience, firstly my disappointment and my advice on what to do before you visit any museum or gallery (especially if its been a life long passion of yours) my one piece of advise is Do your research! and don’t presume anything. Then on my next blog i will take you on the amazing walk around the Van Gogh Museum to see the painting’s that are in the museum.

img_20180731_1015114270998924502908716.jpgAfter all they are still Vincent Van Gogh’s painting’s and even though I did not see the ones I love I learned to love others and did learn a lot more of the life and talent of Vincent Van Gogh.

Thanks for reading my tales, please come back soon for part two of the trip to The Vincent Van Gogh Museum.

As always loving being me


Love always Thegotogirlsblog xxx


14 Comments on “The Go To Girls Blog Visits…. The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

  1. Great photos and I’m so sorry you didn’t get to see all the pictures you wanted to see. As with many museums, a lot of work is out on loan, generally as part of other curated shows travelling around the globe. I really enjoyed my trip to this museum some years back largely because I had previously appreciated the breadth of his work.

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  2. We once planned a trip to Santa Fe with the main point to visit the Georgia O’Keeffe museum. When we arrived, we discovered it was being renovated. Although some of her paintings were on display, none of them were the ones we came there to see. I hope that this year, we can see some of the Monet paintings on a traveling exhibit at our local museum. I wonder how many people will go to the museum that is supposed to have Monet’s paintings only to discover that they are on loan….

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  3. Reblogged this on Cynthia Hilston – Author & Blogger and commented:
    I can understand your disappointment to not get to see your favorites. I am going to the MOMA in New York in a month, so I will get to see “Starry NIght.” Van Gogh’s paintings are all over the world! It’s amazing! I would have presumed the same thing as you about thinking all of his paintings would be at the museum named after him, but they are everywhere, a real tribute to his genius and legacy!

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