The Go To Girls Blog Goes to….. The Van Gogh Museum. Part 2.

If you regularly read my blog you will know I was disappointed when we recently visited The Van Gogh Museum. If you did not read my last blog I will quickly recap. I went to see two specific paintings at The Van Gogh Museum and discovered they are not in this museum, they are in two different museums, which was a huge disappointment for me. I did not do my research which I pride myself on always being prepared when travelling especially. I should follow my own advice and DO MY RESEARCH!!!!


We booked the Van Gogh Museum tour through Viator which turned up to be a really good deal. It is located in Museum Square in Amsterdam and believe it or not is really easy to get to. From our hotel to the museum on tram took us about twenty minutes and when we began we had no idea where we were going.


So we are in The Van Gogh Museum and going up the escalator to the beginning of the museum. When I thought of visiting The Van Gogh Museum I never imagined what I would find and when we arrived at first I only realised what I was not going to see. I never imagined I would end up loving Van Gogh and his work even more and would learn so much more about the man himself and his work, not just his painting. We learned the museum opened in 1973 and it holds the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings in the world. Don’t let this confuse you with all of the Van Gogh paintings, they are not all there!


The museum is ordered chronologically (by date) and contains paintings, drawings and even letters written by Vincent. It amazed me how many paintings Vincent Van Gogh actually did. So I guess I love him but I do not know much if anything about him. I kind of felt like I was at Vincent Van Gogh School, which is great! Please remember I am not an expert on Van Gogh and his work and this is my personal view of his work as I see it. As I walk around the museum, I look at all of the paintings and his paintings looked different than when I have seen them in magazines or books.


There is a sadness to some of his paintings. They say to me he was lonely, the empty chairs, empty rooms, even the look on his face in his self portraits.


I love the brushstrokes, the way they start and stop very quickly. As if he was rushing the work out of his head. I find when I write I do it very quickly as the words just flow and I feel like he did the same, he had so many paintings inside of him and his head was so full of them he just needed to get them out of his head before it got too full and it exploded.


We saw a microscopic view of some of the pictures he painted on a screen and it showed the depth and characteristics of the paintings in great detail. I am not sure but I think some of the paint had sand in them. I also loved the colours he used in a lot of his paintings. I think this is why I am drawn to him as an artist. The use of blue (my favourite colour) in a lot of his paintings and his portrayal of the sky and the stars is amazing. I love just looking up at the sky any where and anytime and thinking this is what Vincent was looking at when he painted.

There is something mystical about the sky and all it contains. I think Vincent saw the charm in everything he saw. I am not sure about what people say when they hint he was mad. I think he was just so full of something it just came out as madness. A kind of madness when you have something to share but cannot release it quick enough. This is what drives you mad.



As I said this was just my interpretation of the Van Gogh Museum and all the lessons it and Vincent Van Gogh had to teach me. I loved every minute of it and will be carrying on my search to see all of his paintings in my lifetime. I bought The Vincent Van Gogh Atlas so I can continue my research on Vincent when I get home.

Its easy to love being me with such beautiful surroundings.

Thanks for reading , the next blog is the scavenger hunt across Amsterdam. Please come back to see if we cracked the mystery given to us.

Love from thegotogirlsblog xxx


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