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Let’s Talk Mental Health

Let's Talk Mental Health
Let’s Talk Mental Health

I have thought long and hard about writing about this subject as it is very close to my heart and a problem which I am suffering at the moment.

I am feeling absolutely mortified and embarrassed for even writing about my mental health but I don’t know why?  Why should I be embarrassed by this?  Does it make me a bad person?  Am I less capable of doing my job? 

Why do I feel I am being judged by admitting to people that I am suffering from anxiety as a result of issues from my childhood and depression as a result of ongoing issues with the pain I have felt in my face for over 5 years

Now I feel I am being treated differently at work but have been told that its a part of my mental health problem that is making me think this?  Oh, Right or it could be that people are just using my issues to make me think that?

As you can see I really need your help!

If you are or have ever been in the same type of situation as me then complete the polls below for me and let me start researching this as it is just adding to my anxiety. 

Any additional comments can be added by just commenting below this post.

I really appreciate your help with this. 

Send this post and my polls to your family and friends please.  I need to talk about this issue to see if I am alone with my problem or if it is normal in this day and age.  Please be gentle with your comments as I already feel like the world is against me.  Once I have the results of this poll I can do more work on helping people who suffer and help myself.  Please don’t let me suffer alone.

Thanks for reading 

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