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Lockdown Sanity Through Gardening!!!!

If you read my post from a few days ago you will see my favoured pastime during lockdown has been working in the garden.  It has been my only connection to the outside world.

I usually spend a lot of time in the garden every year anyway but as we cannot go out for any reasonable amount of time in any public space I spend even longer in my garden than usual.  I have been sorting the garden out with my husband Chris in our spare time.  I must say it looks so much better than when we started. 

I am ashamed to say we have been neglecting the garden and the home bar for a few years now as we just don’t seem to have the time to keep on top of it.  In a strange way, the lockdown has given us all a bit of breathing space in all of our lives.  I know lockdown is a very serious and worrying time but it also (if you have followed the rules) has been a time for us all to keep ourselves busy and the saving grace for many of us has been we all have so many jobs waiting until we have the time and so many projects we wanted to do. 

Now is the time to do them all.  With this in mind, I have also planted a lot of flowers and vegetables. I love salad and find homegrown vegetables always taste better than shop-bought.   I love being able to pop outside the back door and just pick my own veg, especially during the summer months when we seem to eat a lot more salad.  When we have finished tidying the garden it will be time to continue with the decoration. 

Lockdown gardening

A few years ago I got fed up with the drive which runs along the entire side of the house and is just a ‘lump of concrete!  I racked my brains on what I could do to disguise it.  Do you know what I did and what I am going to do again this year? I painted it! Yes, paint! 

I know this sounds crazy and it did wear away eventually but I painted it in a kind of sand colour!  I added a bit of sand into the paint for texture and a bit of glitter for, well because you can never have too much glitter.  Believe it or not, it was really effective.  I added some stones and it actually looked like a beach when I had finished. 

Lockdown gardening

lockdown gardening

I will document the project for my readers so you all can see the journey and the end result.  You will not believe the difference this simple trick makes to a bland old piece of concrete.  I can’t wait to show you all but you will have to be patient, as it will take some time.

So what is it that you have been doing to keep you busy we would love to hear about your lockdown projects.  Do you have any before and after shots?  Do you have anything you have made while on lockdown?  We would love to do a post about our reader’s lockdown projects and if you would like to be included drop us an email with details.  So I will leave you, for now, the garden is calling.

See you all soon

Love The Go To Girls Blog xxx