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A Letter To The World – How Coronavirus Lockdown Has Changed My Life!

I never thought I would say this but over the last few months, I have changed beyond recognition.  Before the Coronavirus lockdown, I was anxious, full of self-loathing, I could go on with a list but I won’t!  Why I hear everyone ask?  Why would I continue the barrage of self hate I have carried around with me for, well all of my life!

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Well, it is because I am sick of hearing myself putting myself down!  As if it isn’t bad enough fearing that everyone else is putting me down, then why would I do it to myself.  So when lockdown began it did not start well.  Somedays I could barely be bothered to get out of bed.  As the days and then weeks wore on something began to change. 

I was getting up at a regular time and setting myself daily tasks, whether it was simple household chores or updating The Go To Girls Blog website.  Somedays I would get all the things done and others I would literally get one job done.  The difference was within me!  I stopped punishing myself for not doing everything I had listed for myself. 

I thought of it like this –  at least if I did one thing today then it was one more thing than I had been doing in the previous days.  You see one of the problems I had been facing was self-inflicted,  I was expecting too much from myself.  Everything had to be done there and then and nothing could wait until tomorrow.  What kind of life was I leading myself to live! 

I had lived with all of these largely self-inflicted problems for so long and I did not know how to change them.  Then I realised like any behaviour that was unwanted all I needed to do was change it!  Wow, that sounds like a HUGE task.  It was/still is!  BUT I am working on it every day and am also taking every day as it comes.  If its a good day – great! If it’s not so good then that’s ok too! 

Now I have made myself feel better and started to modify my own behaviour I have taking to channelling my energy into a positive form.  I have taken up a few new hobbies which are relevant to helping me with making The Go To Girls Blog an ENORMOUS SUCCESS

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To name a few I have taken to teaching myself firstly to CODE.  For those of you who do not know what this is, I am teaching myself to “take instructions and translate them into a language a computer understands”.  In human language learning to speak and write in computer language

Another skill I have taken up is learning a new language (well, three actually)  I am learning, Spanish, Latin and Japanese!  I know it is a real mash-up of languages.  I took a look at Hebrew but thought it was better to start with something slightly easier. 

The realisation I had of not making my own life so hard has made me think differently about life and subsequently changed my life and how I think of it.  This resulted in a huge change in my life and I actually feel like I am unrecognisable from myself three months ago.  You know what I say to this revelation!


As I said I barely recognise myself but this is an amazing thing and I am going to make sure I keep it up.  I even have a daily schedule for myself which I am putting the final touches on as we speak.  It is flexible though and dependant on the “good/bad day occurrences”.

As we speak now I am back to loving being me

Love The Go To Girls Blog xx

Watch out for more regular posts from today 


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  1. Wow, that’s quite a journey and you’re looking fantastic on it. But Japanese? Now that sounds hard lol. Good luck and look forward to more posts again 😀😀

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