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We all want our lives back!!!

The last few years of my life have been hard I have felt depressed and anxious a lot if the time. I felt scared particularly as we have all been living through this pandemic. This got me thinking how may other people feel the same. More recently I have been having some health issues originally it was thought I had bronchitis more recently that turned out to be pneumonia and we are currently at the third diagnosis of some sort of autoimmune disease.

Please Help!!!
Please Help!!!

I am currently  just waiting for blood tests to diagnose exactly what I have but the outlook seems to be good the doctor told me I will need several months of treatment which include steroids first and then an immune suppressing treatment if needed which could set me up for more infections but as I work at home this should be minimal worry hopefully. After several months  I should make a full recovery. 

As for the depression and anxiety, since Covid hit I’ve been working at home and at first it was good as i could roll out of bed across the hall and be at work but more recently it has led me to feel a bit split from the world and become a bit agoraphobic and not wanting to go out.  I have probably only been out couple of dozen times in the last 2 years and when I do go out I don’t look forward to it so I decided i am going to do something about it. 

Well I have an idea and it starts with taking my life back I have no idea I’m going to do that and I have no idea if it’s going to work but I do know that something has to change I need to get fit I need to get out of the house I need some changes and the thought of all of that terrifies me, so this is why I am putting it down on paper.  All I do know is if I don’t make these changes then I can’t see my life getting back to any type of normality I used to have and I miss that life!  So who is with me?   I WANT THIS LIFE BACK!!!

Cayaking in The Pacific Ocean
Cayaking in The Pacific Ocean
The Hidden Beach Walk on the beach Marietas Islands Pacific Ocean
The Hidden Beach Walk on the beach Marietas Islands Pacific Ocean

Who has felt like this in the last few years or really at anytime during their lives?  I have started to identify the areas I need to make changes and have come up with a list.  

  1. Get outside more.
  2. Start a healthy lifestyle with food and exercise.
  3. Deal with my anxiety and any associated problems
  4. Get well again.
  5. Get my blog, shop and brand back on track (as i have not done anything with any of them for around 2 years and I did not work this hard to loose it all through my own fault)

Its a small list but it feels like an almighty challenge.  

So, What can we do to make a start on this list?  I am hoping some of my readers can help with this.  If you have any good ideas or any tried and tested methods for any of the list items? then send them through to our email on the contact us page or add links in the comments below. 

Once we have some ideas we can catch up with a new post of the ideas we are going to try.  A type of collaboration between many different niches under the umbrella of ‘Wellness’ is going to be a first for me and hopefully a way to meet new bloggers and share ideas and most importantly sharing the journey of getting our lives back to ‘pre-Covid’ or in other cases ‘pre-whatever incident caused our life changes’.  I do hope you will share your journey with me as i prepare to share mine with you. 

I know it is a terrifying thought to share but together we can do great things.  I am looking forward to hearing from as many people as I can so please get messaging. 

Hopefully getting back to loving being me

Thanks for reading my new post (first one for a long time) but we are BACK!!!

Love The Go To Girls Blog XXX

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