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Moving On With Taking Our Lives Back. Part One.

Well, I never expected this level of response from our followers so firstly a huge thank you to everyone who took time to read, reply and suggest solutions to our previous posts and the issues raised in it. We are truly touched by all of your messages of support. As we had so many responses and solutions to each and everyone of the 5 points in the previous post I will relay some of the replies in order they were listed in.

Get outside more.

This was one of the most responded to points in the blog and I believe one of the easiest to deal with as all I need to do is literally go outside. You would think this would be as simple as open the door and walk out? Wouldn’t you? The answer would be yes under normal conditions, i.e. a slight case of agoraphobia had crept into the mix along with anxiety.

One response in particular stood out to the Go To Girls Blog team and it was from Mrs X who had been through a similar experience. I was particularly glad to hear as it is comforting knowing I am not the only one going through this and I am not on my own. Mrs X said she had not prior to Covid been agoraphobic but had been anxious in some situations she had found her self in whilst going about her daily life.

Since going into lockdown it had initially helped with her anxiety as she now had a legitimate reason/excuse to not go to places which made her anxious which is exactly how I felt.  I no longer had to think of excuses why I could not attend the office party or meet friends for lunch.  But in answer to what can be done about changing this?

We’ll we can start by taking baby steps. That does not sound to scary does it? It has the word baby in it! How can it? So how about a little potter around the garden. It’s getting a bit warmer, spring is on the way, the garden is not scary unless you take a look at the size of my apple tree and jasmine bush! ITS HUGE!! If you are feeling a bit braver then what about a country walk?

There are places you can go where there are not many people about.  I thought I would do something in between, so Chris and I went to our sons for dinner.  Not scary at all or so I thought.  I woke up super early on Sunday about 5am and I could not get back to sleep so thought I would have a cup of tea. 

As the day went on I started to get a bit of a headache but did not think anything of it , just a normal headache.  I left it until about 1130 and thought I would go and have a laydown, maybe a little nap and see if I could shake it off.  When I woke up I did not know what had happened.  I was shaking from head to foot. 

I thought I might be a bit nervous but nothing like this.  What was I going to do?  Shall I just cancel?  No, our son had gone to all the trouble of shopping and cooking etc.  This was not an option.  The only other think I could do is bite the bullet and just GO!  WOW! I am shaking from head to foot for no reason other than I am anxious about going out! I know it sounds silly and I can imagine people are shouting as they are reading this you are only going to your sons house!!!!


BUT to someone with anxiety and a slight case of agoraphobia it is a real battle.  Anyway, I bit the bullet and took a calm pill and walked out the door.  Dinner was delicious and a great time was had by all and I took the first tiny steps towards taking my life back!  Please tell me I am not the only one who has literally had a battle with themselves over doing something so simple.  I am truly hoping I am not the only one struggling.  I hope we can help each other take this journey together and please feel free to contact/comment on your journey.  This is not just The Go To Girls Blog issue but I imagine a worldwide issue.  Let us all help each other PLEASE!

As for the remaining four points I will address them in another post or four.

Next time I will talk about healthy lifestyle and see how far we get with this.

Start a healthy lifestyle with food and exercise.

Deal with my anxiety and any associated problems

Get well again.

Get my blog, shop and brand back on track.

Keep sending your ideas for any of the points above to get them featured in the next few posts.

Starting a journey to getting back to loving being me!

Love The Go To Girls Blog xxx