The Go To Girls Blog…… on the plane home.

I realise I have not written a blog all week and there is no excuse for this, so firstly I am truly sorry to my regular readers. Why you ask after six months of regular blogging.

I have been on holiday and am actually writing this from the plane on my way home from Amsterdam with my husband Chris. My intention was to at least write one while I was there but we just had so much fun while we were there I thought I would give us both a break, we have been working very hard on building the blog and we don’t want to undo any of our good work but everyone deserves a holiday Right?….. I know you will all agree with me. Thanks for that lol! Anyway, so we left Schiphol Airport about 25 minutes ago and should be back in Doncaster in about half an hour.

Wow I know, I don’t think we have ever been on such a short flight before. We are usually on 10-hour flights across the globe. From Doncaster we have an hours drive, well I say we, Chris does, bless him. Then what?

An early night I think as after four days and nights in Amsterdam we are well and truly cream crackered ( politely tired). Then we are both back at work on Saturday morning, just for a few hours then home for a few than to our friend’s wedding party. No rest for the wicked I know.

On Sunday I will be writing the first blog in the Amsterdam series, it needs to be a series as we have so much to tell you about so I will put off finishing the Dominican Republic and how I ended up on crutches for now and will return to it when I have shared all of our exploits in Amsterdam.

I have a few things you may learn from our trip and a few must do’s. We did a total of nine tours in the four days, we still cannot believe we got so much in. I can’t wait to tell you all about each of them. We were very happy with the travel agent who booked our trip as they got us a great hotel on an easy route in and out of Amsterdam center.

We will be landing soon so I will not write much more as I cannot write and land on a plane as I am actually terrified of flying and heights as you will know you’re a regular reader. I will be holding Chris’s hand so tight to the point of pain for him, he usually asks me to let go after a certain amount of time.

Just an update we have landed safely. We are now in sight of our favorite place in the world Hull!

Thanks for reading

Really loving being me

Love thegotogirlsblog xxx


Tenerife, Fun in the Sun.

It was that time of year again and we were ready for a holiday.  You know when you have been working non stop for months, if you don’t have a holiday soon your going to lose the plot.  So where were we going to go this time? We did not want to go on a long flight so somewhere local-ish and Tenerife seemed like a good choice.  We chose to go to one of the more popular resorts as we just wanted to relax and have a bit of fun.  Sunbathing and drinking were the orders of the day for this holiday.  Not our usual type of holiday but that’s what we said we needed, something we don’t usually do.

We booked Oro Blanco in Playa De Las Americas, turns out it was pretty central to almost everything.  We booked in around 8pm, dropped off out suitcases got a quick change and went out to explore.  We were kind of sandwiched between all of the bars.  If you walked out of the hotel and walked left you follow the road and down to all the bars and the black beach, this is because it is a volcanic beach.  028 (2)When you turned right out of the hotel you walk for a while, first right turn and left at the bottom of the street, then you find all of the other bars and if you walk far enough down the road you reach the white beach.  The views off  the hotel balcony were amazing, you can see the volcanic mountains in the distance, however the best view was walking back up the small hill to the hotel and the view in the distance was breath-taking.

We found a small bar just around the corner from the hotel which served the best frozen mojito’s, they also sold them by the jug.  We ordered a jug and settled in for the next couple of hours as we had just arrived we did not want to go far and this seemed like a perfect little spot.  After a jug (or two) of mojitos we checked the time and boy had the time flown while we were having fun, it was eleven o’clock.  We had been up early that day for the trip to the airport and the flight so decided to make our way back to the hotel and then we could head out fresh for the beach in the morning.

We went out early for breakfast all packed up ready for the laziest day on the beach we could manage.  We were in the resort of Las Americas but when we go to the beach here it was black and we just did not like it.  It looked beautiful but we were spoilt and were used to white sandy beaches so it was not what we were used to so we moved on further up the beach.  We settled on the next beach up which was Los Christianos.  Now this was more our kind of beach.

Beautiful golden sands with a promenade which stretched as far as the eye could see.  It was surrounded by shops and restaurants and those little holiday trinket shops, overflowing with shell and pebbles formed into little keep-sakes.  We paid for the beds for the day and got the towels laid out on them.  Then headed to the nearest cafe for breakfast and a mimosa.  Well we are on holiday and it does have fresh orange in it. LOL!  I like to try the local cuisine when and where we can but sometimes there just is not the option of something I like.  I can usually find something but for some reason the only option was the good old English breakfast.

This is for those of you who have never had one, bacon, sausage, egg, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes. The list can go on and on in lots of variations all or some of the above can be included.  Anyway after a good breakfast, we headed back to our beds on the beach, via the nearest bar for a frozen mojito to take with us.  Surprisingly they were really cheap, about three euro’s I think.  Onto the beach for a very lazy day and i actually got to read a book.  My book of choice was  Ultimate Hard B********d’s  by Kate Kray.  A fascinating look into the infamous and the famous.  I actually got to read all of this book during the week we were in Tenerife.  I never get to just sit and read, our lives are so busy.  It was so nice.  Around three o’clock that day we packed up and headed back to the hotel as we were all sunned out.  Plus it was so hot we did not want to get sunstroke.  We headed back and this is where we actually first saw the amazing view up the hill towards our hotel and this view served us well during our trip as we did get lost  a few time while we were walking around. 086 The way we navigated around was with this view.  If we got lost we would walk down the road we knew and when we saw roads heading up if it had this view we knew we were at the right street. LOL!  We arrived back at our hotel and I had my usual afternoon siesta! Chris does not have them, it amazes me after all the sun how he keeps his eyes open.  A couple of hours and a shower later i was back up ready for the night out.  I said to Chris if he wants to stay out late we would have to go out later as i am a lightweight when it comes to drinking, a couple of cocktails and i am quite tipsy. LOL!  So we went out around ten and for a change we went left out of the hotel.  We found this was the more lively night out going this way there was bar next to bar next to bar.

Lineker’s, China Whites, Veronica’s more I cannot think of the names but all of them offering something for nothing.  Come in here, free shots, free fishbowls, two for one, buy one get one half price, free, free, free.  This is all we heard all night.  You name it they used it to get you into the bars.  To be honest if we had not had a drink we would have got fed up of all of them bugging us all night but after a few cocktails we really just went with the flow after all you only live once.  So just do it all we thought.  We are going to live our lives and this holiday is going to be out of our comfort zone but so what!

We don’t even know what time we rolled in that night, but we knew we had a lot to drink that night when we woke up the next morning.  We pretty much repeated this day for the next six days as I said we are only going to live once and if we were going to do this we were going to do it properly!  So there is not really anything more i can tell you about this holiday apart from we have not repeated it to such an extent again, maybe the odd day on other holidays but that’s it so i will leave it there until next time.

Anyway thanks for reading, please come again for another tale of love, life, family and our travel escapades.

For now Loving being me

Love thegotogirlsblog xxx

From Hull and back…..

amsterdam architecture building capital
Photo by Pixabay on

One thing you may not know about me is I have an impatient streak.  Some people say impatient and some people say go-getter.  I say impatience is a virtue not patience.  You don’t get anywhere quick being patience.  So i will tell you why i am telling you this.  I used to be in the brownies when i was little.  For those of you who dont know, brownies are girl guides or girls scouts in the USA but just younger.

During my time in the brownies one thing i learned was to ‘be prepared’.  I have always loved this phrase.  It has served me well throughout life.  Now i am older this is now ingrained into my life.  Why am i telling you this?  In my last blog post i told you about Theo, a holiday and a leak.  This is the ‘holiday’ part of the story continued.  We booked to go to Amsterdam for a city break for four days and it got me thinking about Amsterdam.

amsterdam canal lights red light district
Photo by Skitterphoto on

The truth is i have not got a clue about Amsterdam apart from this is where the Van Gogh Museum is.  As i said i like to be prepared so i went and opened my laptop and started researching ‘Things to do in Amsterdam’  I came cross all-sorts to do, boat trips on the canals, walks around the Red Light District and the coffee shop tours.  Apparently these are all of he traditional things to do when visiting Amsterdam.

The thing is Chris and i don’t like to do the usual, traditional things.  We like to do the unusual, go to the places where  you dream about going.  I started looking for ‘the unusual’ and gosh is there a lot of unusual things to do in Amsterdam.  The mere fact there is so much to choose from was a bit daunting to start.  Escape rooms, chocolate and ghost tours to name a few.

beach blue colors daytime
Photo by Stas Knop on

The thing that surprised me was Amsterdam has a beach.  I had no idea, i thought it was landlocked but no, it has a beach.  Again, i am rambling back to things to do.  We decided we would choose two things each to do each as we are only going for four days.  Chris chose first and i had an idea what he would choose, he always chooses the same beer and football.  Guess what? i was right.

His choices are a tour of The Heineken Brewery followed by a tour of the football stadium called Johan Cruijff Arena.  This where the team Ajax play. So Chris’ contribution to our city break as usual is beer and football.  Mine however as always brings a slice of something different.  Although Chris and I are a lot alike there are somethings which distinguish us as total individuals.  I love art, culture, history and i love a good mystery.

shallow focus photography of yellow sunflower field under sunny sky
Photo by Susanne suju on

My choices for the trip will add some of all of this to the four-day break.  My first choice is as you probably guessed The Van Gogh Museum and i have already prepared Chris for a lengthy visit to this museum.  I cannot tell you how excited i am to visit ‘The Van Gogh Museum’.  I am going to get to see with m own eyes the paintings i have idolised since i can remember.  My all time favourite has to be Orchard in Blossom with a view of Arles, an oil on canvas.

It has the most beautiful colours in it deep blues and greens as green as real life.  I am not sure if this painting is as well-known as some of his works but i fell in love with it as soon as i saw it.  I really hope this one is in the gallery.  In case any of my readers have ever been and know if this painting is at the museum leave a comment.  Anyway The Van Gogh Museum is my number one choice.  My other choice is a bit out of the box but as i said before i love a mystery.

So my final choice is… The Mystery of the Secret Sender.  This is ‘a new way to explore a city’ , you follow clues, explore the city, solve the puzzles and therefore the mystery.  WOW, i am beyond excited for this week as i am for most of the things in my life ans yes i will follow-up with all of the photos and another post on the actual trip as soon as we get back so please watch out for that one i promise its going to be another adventure from the travel tales of thegotogirlsblog

PS.. Sorry i have not included my own photos in this blog post, i always use my own but i have not been yet so i don’t have any.  I will post extras with the post to make up.

Again thanks for reading

Still loving my life

(especially now the carpet is drying out after the leak, more on that story later)

Love thegotogirlsblog xxx

Marietas Islands Pacific Ocean Adventures.

IMG_0917We booked this trip through Vallarta Adventures (find them on Twitter at the following @Vallarta_advent)

We arrived at the meeting point and checked in at the front gate with the rep, they sent us down a lush tropical winding path towards where they boat and crew were waiting.

At the end of the path was a café and what appeared to be 2 massive marine tanks with tropical fish and turtles in.

My beautiful picture
Day trip to Marietas Islands

We stopped and had breakfast while we were waiting for the crew to ready the boat for the trip.  There seemed to be quite a few people booked onto the trip so we thought it must be a good choice. After about half and hour we got escorted onto the boat and off we all went on our Pacific Ocean adventures and what an adventure…..

We left the harbour and headed out to sea towards the Marietas Islands (Search hidden beach for more info) The sea view was beautiful, the sun was shining and it was hot, hot, hot…

We are not sure how far this was but we travelled for around one and a half hours when we left the coast of @Puertovallarta.  We just sat and watched the world go by.  Most of the journey was ok but about half way through the boat ride the sky started getting dark and it started raining.

The wind started picking up a bit, the general mood was everything was ok but as we got further out to sea the sky got darker and darker and it got windier and windier.

The rain became heavier and the mood of the boat seemed to change to oh! we are actually sailing into this storm We asked the crew member if we would be turning back

No (what did he mean no !)

This is normal weather he said  (for who?)

I don’t make a habit personally of sailing into Pacific Ocean storms myself!

The storm carried on and the heavens opened the crew came round and closed the tarpaulin sides around us and all we could do was watch the all-consuming storm all around us.  We ploughed on through the storm I was scared and wondered if it would continue getting worse but a last we saw ahead a spot of clear sky and all of a sudden the storm was gone.  In front of us was the most beautiful scene we had ever seen…..

There was blue sky and there on the horizon ‘the Marietas Islands’

As we pulled up near them the crew told us we would be swimming soon so get ready.  Off I went to get into my bikini, well already had them on so just remove top layer and get snorkel flippers and life jackets on, then all that was left to do dive into the ocean, I had never done this before so was a bit apprehensive of swimming in the wide open ocean even wearing a life jacket

Well you hear all sorts of stories of shark attacks and other sea creatures that attack or sting you, I got stung a couple of years later stood on the beach lol.  Anyway off the boat we went, we had to swim for about a quarter of a mile until the crew directed us towards a cave.

When we arrived there we had to swim through a cave like opening for about 30 yards.  When we got to the end of the tunnel it opened out into a hidden beach, we were told it used to be a cave but was hit by a bomb sometime in the past making it into a donut type island with a hidden beach in the centre.  You can only access this at certain times of the day as the entrance disappears when the tide comes in.. We had to be in and out in a certain amount of time so we did not get stuck inside.

Once we were inside it was time to explore, it was not very big and there was a lot of people arriving all at once so you had to make good the time you had inside.  We had our photos took when we got out of the water and removed our snorkels..

If you look carefully you can just make out the hole we swam through behind us in the picture of us in our snorkels

I think the star jump photos were my favourites as Chris looked like he was Fred Flintstone stood on his tippy toes in the photo


Anyway more later on this trip,  we see the blue boobies soon and I mean the birds….

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Trip to Coronation Street…..


If you live in the UK then you will probably have heard of Coronation Street, if not a little history of it.  Coronation Street is a tv programme which began in 1960 and has run ever since it is the story of the residents of a typical street in Manchester England. Tales of the daily lives of the residents as I recall included marriages, death and a lot of scandal. Back in the 60’s it began in black and white and was filmed in the Granada studios in central Manchester.  Later it would be moved to Salford Quays (2014).

When it was decided Coronation Street would be moved we decided we would have to go on the tour, I think you could go before but they were going to tear it down which meant history was being destroyed, (i hate it when this happens).  We had watched the program when we were little with our grandparents then as we got older it was one of those tv programs you grew up with so it was very nostalgic.  It always take you back to your childhood when you watch the earlier episodes. So we had to go and visit the set just for the sake of preserving in our memories the history of the tv programme and our history with it.

Off we went…..

We drove to Manchester, which is about 2 hours drive from our house, practically on the other side of the country but it was so worth it.

We arrived to the gate where the tour would begin, there we were given our information pack and a lanyard with our security passes on them.  We were then shown to the door where the tour began.  By this point I was so excited, we were nearly in Coronation Street.

We started the tour inside we were shown the corridors of Granada Studios where the stars of the show used to walk, WOW.  I know I am a massive Coronation Street Fan.

The corridors were strewn with pictures of the characters from various decades of the shows history and the dressing rooms still had some of the rails of characters outfits on them.  These were amazing to actually see the costumes that had actually appeared on one of the greatest television shows in the world.

Then it happened they took us outside……


I am beyond excited aaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh i am on Coronation Street.  I cannot stress how amazing the feeling was to walk down a street that has been on my tv for at the time about 54 years WOW!!!!!

So after i calmed down and stopped saying “i cant believe we are here” we finally managed to go and have a look round all of the various parts of Coronation Street.

Lets see, there is,


The builder’s yard where Tina fell and died

Dev and Sunita’s corner shop serving all the Coronation Street residents

Roys Rolls the local café on Coronation Street

The Ginnel (this if you don’t know is a small path at the back of the houses, over my way they are a bit wider and are called tenfoots as they are usually about ten foot wide!)

The houses were apparently built 3/4 scale of a normal house, I have no idea why, maybe you do.  If you do please let me know in the comments.  I love a bit of trivia.

Complete with nosey neighbours lol!!

The Kabin run by Rita is the local newsagent/sweet shop.

So as we reached the end of the tour there was one place we absolutely could not miss

The Rovers Return……. This is the local pub of Coronation Street and the local area.

We were not sure if we would be able to actually go into the pub itself or if it would be a studio, we looked through the windows of the pub but as we suspected it was just a shell. Very disappointed we would not be able to go in the Rovers Return we walked back up the famous cobbles of Coronation Street

As we were getting ready to leave the organisers sprang the best surprise on us ever!!

We were going into the Rovers Return…….


We are going into the most famous Public House in the country……

We are going behind the bar to pour a pint of lager

I am literally going to faint, yes I know i am dramatic and a bit of an idiot but i don’t care I am going into the Rovers Return………..

corryWhatsApp Image 2018-04-28 at 7.25.57 PM

I was so happy this was the perfect end to our day

Come back for more adventures from thegotogirlsblog and my family

As always loving being me……

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PPS I had to add this picture of me and my husband Chris from the day into this blog as it just captures the love I feel from him.


Thanks for reading come back soon for another adventure from the lives of the gotogirlsblog and family….

Love Scares Me

A book of poems by Donna Young


Universal Studios….. Our first time

My beautiful picture

This sign could not of said it better.

We never planned to come to America that year but I will tell you a little about how it came to be.  Chris and i wanted to go to Tunisia, we had seen a great deal in the travel agents so off we went to book.  By the time we got to the travel agent we got the usual story.  That deal has gone sir but we have this one which is three times more expensive than the deal you saw for the same deal.  About the same time as i was politely telling the lady we do not wish to take her deal Chris noticed a poster in the window.  Holiday’s to America, Florida, Orlando to be more specific.  The price for a week was the same price as it was to go to Tunisia.  That was not a hard choice, next thing we know we are booked, packed and on the plane to the good old USA.  Our hotel was on International Drive, we did not know then but this was a great place to stay.  The Quality Inn as it was then, cheap, cheerful and just what we needed.  Right in the middle of everything, the corner of International Drive and Sand Lake Road.  I-HOP across the road (International House Of Pancakes) and McDonald’s just outside the hotel.  All the bars, restaurants and entertainment you could possibly want on a holiday.

By the time we got to the hotel we had enough energy to get bathed, changed and pop out to Chilli’s for something to eat before hitting the hay (bed) for the night.

Next morning we were up and out at the crack of dawn, probably as we were still on UK time but also as we were really excited to go to………….

Universal Studios

My beautiful picture


Islands of Adventures,  first thing to see, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter had recently opened the year before and we could not wait to see it.  Chris was not a fan of Harry Potter before we went but when in America you have to go and “do the sights”.

My beautiful picture

We got to the gate and the man there told us there was a four-hour wait to go on the ride.  We were a bit disappointed until we reached the arch.  what we did not realise was it really was not just a ride but an actual world with streets and buildings, shops and not just one ride, there were four.  The four hour wait was for the actual Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, this is inside Hogwarts School.

We were so excited like a couple of two-year olds.  We set off through the arch first stop had to be the main ride, if we were gong to wait four hours in a queue it was going to be this one.  As it turned out the queue was not four hours it was around 45 minutes maybe an hour.  We were very happy by this news.  So bags in the lockers and off we went.  It was boiling hot but the theme parks think of everything, they had little taps all down the queue in case you got thirsty and fans to cool you off.  Even queuing was enjoyable.  The full place was themed so everywhere you look is something amazing.  They  play themed music and I hear thy even spray scents at certain point to make the place smell authentic.

We went on the ride, it was amazing, we had no idea what to expect when we arrived but it was not anything like this.

Next we went for a look around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The shops were out of this world, I think my favourite was the Sweet Shop, Honeydukes.  I literally could have had a sugar rush here i would have never come down from.

Next we heard about Butterbeer was the drink to try but you could only buy it in here so as you expect we went to find the Butterbeer Cart and have a try.  Its kind of like a butterscotch fizzy drink, sounds weird but its delicious.


Next was a trip to the wand shop Ollivander’s.  Lloyd (our son) is a massive fan so we had to bring him back a wand from the actual shop in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (nothing less would do)

My beautiful picture

We were starting to get a bit tired and hungry by now so thought we would have a break, so off back to the hotel for a rest and a shower read for the night ahead.

Please come back next time for another day in the first trip we ever took to Florida….

I promise you wont be disappointed.

As always until next time….

Loving being me….

Love the Go To Girls Blog…..

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A Day in Camden Town…….

If you are a regular reader of thegotogirlsblog you will already have an idea of what I like and the things which interest my family and i.  One of those things is visiting London…

There is so much you can do in the capital it would take you a long time to see all the sights and visit all of the fantastic things you have available, I would recommend you do your research before you even book your trip. This will ensure you will not waste your time thinking about what you will do each day, it can be overwhelming trying to decide on the spot.chris phone 850 043

So this time we decided to visit Camden…..

My husband Chris, worked in London for a while but always said he never really got chance to take a look around and see the sights so I thought i would help him change this.  Off we went.

chris 910 210We stayed at the usual Wheatsheaf public house in Tooting Bec, as I said previously it is opposite the tube and easily accessible for all the different tube lines.  We set off early to avoid the mad work time rush you get on all of the tube lines, not that they are really ever empty to ride.

We arrived at the tube station and head off to the main high street as Chris wanted to show me a pub he used to go to which was opposite the Camden Market.  I was quite excited as I had not been to Camden before and heard lots of great things happen down there. First stop shopping….. The shops around here are all bespoke, individual types selling varying types of merchandise.  Shoe and clothes shops, souvenirs, novelty.  Then there are the markets i counted 3 (just on the main high street) the last time we went, i thought there was only one.

All of the markets are similar, my favourite one is he one near the Camden Lock, it has this great little noodle stall.  Believe me when I say these noodles are amazing, you must try them.

The kind of boutique shops I love are all around here, we found this little gem of a shop selling string lights i am not sure what they are made of but the best way to describe them would be a skeleton of a leaf, almost like a mesh made into roses and stringed together to make a row  of lights.  they look amazing in my bedroom.

So we had done a bit of shopping and had something to eat, what to do next….

Go for a drink……. Why not……

Chris told me about the Dublin Castle the first time we went to London, so we kind of make it part of every visit to London.  It was were Madness used to play and Chris is the biggest Madness fan ever, i mean i love them, but he is Madness Bonkers.  It’s quite cute really.

As always visiting London is tiring so a few drinks later and we were ready for home…….

Until we see you next for another tale from the gotogirlsblog…

Loving being me……. See you all soon and thanks for reading my blog

Travel Tales…. Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Continued….

We did finally move from the beach and the bar but only back to our room as our first experience of all inclusive was not at all memorable, by this i mean i drank so much i could not remember much from the night before.  Stupid? Yes! but luckily i have a responsible husband who takes good care of me and it was a one off.

We woke the next morning forgetting we were on holiday, you know that feeling when you wake up the first day after you arrive on holiday and forget for the first few seconds where you are then you remember… Yeah we are on holiday!!!

First stop breakfast. We had not been all inclusive before so we were pleasantly surprised by the variety of food and drink there was on offer.  Pancakes, omelettes, cereal, toast to name a few.  After a few different courses and a lot of coffee and juice we went down to the beach to explore.


We walked all along the beach as far as your eyes can see on the photographs, it was so beautiful you could literally walk forever, past all types of hotels lining the coastline.

We stayed and sunbathed for a couple of hours then decided to go to book some trips for during the trip, we decided to book on a boat trip to Saona Island and an outback safari to see some of the real Dominican Republic.

We booked the trips to split up the holiday, we like lazing around on the beach but you can only lay around so much and read so many books before you start getting bored.

The day of the outback trip arrived and we set off in an all terrain vehicle, we were taken to a few different places around Dominican.


We stopped at a house which made coconut oil it was like a little street with a couple of houses….


and a shed full of coconuts, the owners showed us the process for extracting the oil out of the coconuts.  I find it fascinating, i did not even know coconuts produced oil!


Next stop was a cocoa and mamajuana factory, we made a friend here, a little parrot.


It was so cute just sat in a tree watching everyone walking past.  I learnt a few things about fruit that day, i know totally random but…. did you know this is how pineapples grew….


I had no idea but i never really thought much about where or how fruit was grown, i was totally surprised by this one. I also learned mango’s grow in massive trees at the side of the road.


So that was my ‘what i learned today’ covered.

There was another plant we saw while we were there ‘the cocoa plant’ i took this picture but did not see the funny side of it at first, until we were looking back at them when we got home.  What do you think?


We had a chance to sample the chocolate made from these plants, i say chocolate i mean the drink.  Then they let us try the traditional version of the mamajuana, WOW, that was strong.  It was not the version back at the hotel, this was much stronger.  After a wander around the site we set off for the cigar factory,  i keep saying factories, in truth they were like small shops or even stalls by the roadside rather than factories.


It’s great how they make them, they make it look so easy but i bet it is not!

The final stop on this trip was a secluded beach, from far away it looked beautiful but as we approached it we noticed however beautiful some of the tops of the trees were missing.  the guide told us there had been a storm the previous week and it had done quite a lot of damage to the area.

We thought it was still a beautiful place even with some of the tree tops missing.

We had a go at body boarding but to be honest i was not very good at it and i am a little wary of the waves after i got rolled a couple of times and it took my breath.

Want to read more of our trip? pop back tomorrow for the Saona Island Trip, you wont be disappointed.

As always loving being me……





























Travel Tales…… Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

What a beautiful place to be fortunate enough to be able to visit.  I loved this holiday so much we went back a few years later to the exact same resort.  I know i said i have so many places to visit on my list i will never go back to the same place twice but that was before i visited some of these places.

I never in my wildest dreams imagined some places in the world would be this beautiful let alone the people would be so amazing.  We decided to go to Tunisia as we found a great deal on the internet so off we went to the travel agents – Thomson (now TUI) but the deal we had seen had seen had run out and there was no more places left.

We could still go to Tunisia but it would cost nearly 3 times as much as the deal we saw previously, anyway the lovely sales lady said are you set on Tunisia or are you flexible?

We are flexible what did you have in mind? we asked.

Dominican Republic!!


In the Caribbean?  yes she said

We said YES!!

We did not even know where we were staying or any more details but the mention of the Caribbean was all we needed to know.  Twenty minutes later it was booked and thanks to TUI we had just booked the holiday of our lifetime (at that point)

It was booked for the May which came round really quickly….

Before we knew it we were on the plane and 9 hours later we landed in Punta Cana.  You know when you get off a plane and its boiling hot and the suns shining and the local people are playing traditional music in the airport…… yes hold that thought.  It was even better than we could of imagined.

Our transfer came it took about half an hour i think to get to the resort.  We pulled up and you can not imagine the sight that awaited us….

We got straight of the bus and headed to the bar for a local tipple Mamajuana, we had heard so much about this drink on trip advisor we could not wait to try it..

The next thing we knew the rep was calling us as we should of booked in and gone to the room before we hit the bar YOLO… LOL ….


Off we went to the room on a little golf cart with our bags.  The room was great, the fridge was full of drinks (a little tip we received was leave a few dollars in the fridge for the maid and she puts beer in here and she really does)  We would of left her the dollars anyway as she looked after us so well during our stay.

After we got cleaned up we headed down to the beach.  I have one word (as usual) WOW!!!!!!!!!!  I really mean it WOW !!!!!!! Have a look at what we saw when we got there

Can you actually believe the views.  We could not we just sat here for ages.  The view was good but there was also a bar directly to the right of these photos so…… I thought i would never move again……

As always pop back for another day in the Dominican Republic..

Knaresborough & Mother Shipton’s Cave

What to do on a long lazy day of summer, go to the seaside about half an hour from home or go to the country side for the day which is about half an hour the other way.  If you venture a little bit further afield you can find all manner of little nooks and crannies out in Yorkshire.  Knaresborough is about 70 miles from Hull so just over an hours drive.  It is a great day out for families, you can visit the River Nidd and hire boats, visit Mother Shipton’s Cave or go for a walk up to the castle.

We go up here sometimes when the world is getting you down or you need to get out of the rat race for a bit of peace and quiet.  This is the perfect place to go.  When you arrive the first thing you need is parking and this is the easiest thing to find when you arrive.  Just opposite the entrance to Mother Shipton’s Cave is a reasonably large carpark perfect for going to see all the main attractions Knaresborough has to offer.

To begin we go for a walk down the side of the River Nidd, there is a road/path all the way from railway viaduct to the Castle, which has café’s and little shops strewn along the path.  Great if you fancy lunch or a drink, even an ice-cream.  You can find it all along this little path.  Also keep your eye out for all of the cute little houses on your way down the path.  It is such a quaint little place.

As you walk further down you will see signs directing you to the castle and the steps leading up to the castle.  There are a lot of steps, you may find yourself carrying children a lot up these steps lol!


It is totally worth it when you finally reach the top, the view from up there is truly breath-taking.


Don’t forget to take your camera with you and then lock each other in the little turret, just for the pictures below.


On our way back down we had to stop for a breather and a nice glass of cold lemonade from the riverside café, we sat for a while just watching the world go by.  It was so peaceful, we could of sat there all day but we had tickets to Mother Shipton’s Cave.  So after about half an hour we set off, its only a short walk round from the café to the cave.  Mother Shipton’s Cave has been open since the year 1630.


You go in through the front gate  and follow the path meandering through the woods surrounding the cave.


The scenery is beautiful and if you are lucky you might even pass when the horses are grazing near to the fences


If not you can always have a go on the swings


on your way to the cave….



and the petrifying well…..


This well actually turns items hung here to stone… Weird…

Don’t forget to watch out for Mother Shipton, she is scary….


Read up about her she is truly fascinating.

As usual pop back soon for our next instalment of travels to see were we went next….

Always love being me… just a bit sadder as you know from my recent post (losing our dog Stanley) but hopefully this too will pass and we will begin healing.