GPGP Greenpeople 28days Detox Tea Slimming Products Colon Cleanse Fat Burn Weight Loss Products Skinny Belly Diet tea


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GPGP Greenpeople Slimming Products 7/14/28days Detox Tea Colon Cleanse Fat Burn Weight Loss Products Man and Women Skinny Belly


Type : Slimming Detox Products 

Target Groups : Simple obesity, Constipation, Middle-aged and elderly .
Lotus leaf, Winter melon, Cassia seed, Hawthorn, Double red rose, Dandelion Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Lemon Grass, Green tea.
1. This product helps the body by charging the metabolism- promoting proper digestion, and aiding in the optimization of the digestive tract. 
2. This product ingredients are designed to stimulate the body's ability to process excess fats, stimulate blood circulation, and provides essential antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. 
3. Detox cleanse and metabolism booster- Our 14 day detox aids your body in cleansing and purifying itself of toxins and waste; boosts your metabolism and energy level, helps get rid of excess water, and reduces stress while still tasting great. 
4. A better way to cleanse- Our blend doesnrsquot include the natural laxative Senna Leaf. This product is a gentle detox that supports the positive bacteria in the gut; aiding the body in attaining an optimized efficiently running metabolic process. 
5. When you get this product, you must confirm the production date. The product has a shelf life of 2 years.
Package included : 7bags/14bags/28bags
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