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I Video Everything!!!!






I literally photograph and video my entire existence but when I look back at it I am glad. Some of the things I have seen and done are amazing. In the video above, I was laid in the garden having a rest after a tiring day cutting bushes back and this is what was in my eye-line. So out came my phone and this is what I caught. Comme t below on what was the last thing you caught on camera or email your clips to to have your video featured.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the absence. I can’t even explain why I have not blogged for 6 weeks but I am back.

PS excuse the voice over LOL!

Love The Go To Girls Blog xxx




2 thoughts on “I Video Everything!!!!

  1. I was a little confused at first by the photo, kinda thinking if gardening does that to you I’m glad I don’t do much of it 😂. Love the video though but I am a cloud watcher lol.
    Last thing I video’d was walking on North Yorkshire Moors but it was so windy the voice over got a little lost 😂

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