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Tech Classes for the Over 50’s

We all know that we are living in the 21st century and we also know that the 21st century is all about technology which a lot of 50+ people just do not get. 

How would you feel if you could go back to school in the comfort of your own home?  You can learn about all of the technical worlds from your front room. What do you want to learn? 

Do you want to get an online presence? Then you need to learn how to use Social Media! 

Do you want to start your online business then you need to learn how to start your own website! 

Does your job require you  to use Excel or Word then you need to learn how to use Microsoft Office!  We can help!

Well, The Go to Girls Blog has the answer. 

50+ Technology School! 

Enrolment starts soon!

The start of the program depends on the level of your knowledge to determine this you will need to answer a few questions on your technical knowledge. 

We want to see what you already know and what you want to learn about.  This way we can tailor your course to you.  Nowhere on the internet will you find a course that is tailored to you specifically until now.

If you are interested in joining our personalised courses then simply drop your name and contact email below and wait for the survey to pop into your inbox. 

Joining the tailored course will work on a subscription basis starting at just £5 per month. 

The cheapest technology school on the internet.

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We cant wait to start helping you reach your online potential so sign up now!!

Best Wishes 

The Go To Girls Blog x