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20 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

20 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website.

The key to getting the right traffic is to work the search engines and social media networks.

Here are my top 20 tips.

Search Engines.

Learn SEO. This will help your position on search pages.

Learn how to collect and use your traffic data to analyze your website traffic.


Create an FB group, in your niche Just make sure to keep the group active.

Join Facebook groups in your niche.


Make your posts Pinterest shareable.


Tweet about new blog posts.


Join LinkedIn and post about new blogs.


Learn how to use YouTube.

Create a tutorial.



Create interactive blog posts. Ask questions that lead to a problem and then help viewers solve it.

Include keywords throughout your site.

Make sure your website is search engine friendly.

Create some how-to-posts.

As a question in your headline making it more likely they are to click through to your blog.

Include links to relevant posts inside your posts on other blog posts.  this way you get people reading more than one blog post at a time.

Set yourself up as an authority.  Your blog can help others in your niche.

Create lists.


Spread the word in your community! Your friends and family could be your biggest supporters.

Keep in touch Email your subscribers when you release a new post.

Let us know in the comments below which one or more of our tips helped you increase your traffic. 
Thanks for reading. 
Loving being me. 

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