Disney Twice…….

So as I promised earlier here is another installment of our second trip to Disneyworld, we had been to Hollywood Studios, the day before so thought we should go to Epcot and have a trip around the world.  For those of you who have not been to Disneyworld yet Epcot is one of the parks here and it has some great rides and you can visit several countries of the world, as you walk around the park.  You can visit various countries and sample the local cuisine, drinks and even culture. The shops sell all sorts of nik naks from the various countries.  Off we went, if you are a Disney officianado please bare with me as my blog is not going to be in the correct order as the map but as per my memory and photos. LOL!IMG_0334

This is my favorite ride in Epcot and the first place we head when we get there, it is a kind of virtual reality ride.  You are seated in rows and lifted into the air where you are taken around the world from the Great Wall of China to the Eiffel Tower.  It is amazing seeing the world as if you are flying above it all, especially as I am scared of heights.

Next China, we love Chinese food so this was a real treat to have an authentic Chinese experience.  Followed by a bit of shopping in the local shop, I saw this replica warrior like the great tomb which i had to have i love and watch all of the programmes on the excavation of the 1000’s of warriors found, amazing!

They had small ones in the gift shop I had to have one as i could not bring one of the full size ones home. (No matter how much i really wanted too)  If you get a feel for my husband and i you will know from my previous blogs we love to mess around and don’t take life very seriously.  We did that in our previous lives (before we met) so we are not going to now.  So off we went for a little fun, hence the next section of photos, don’t laugh….. no laugh as hard as you can we surely did……

Do we look pretty in these or should we just keep our fruit in them!!!

Or what about these.  Are they like our twins or what?

Chris calls me his princess so I had to try on a crown

Do you think it suits me?


Next on to Italy


Chris loves pizza so we had to stop here so he could have a look around. We did not have pizza that day as we had just had Chinese.  The thing is there is so much to see you have two choices. You either skim around all of the countries or you spend some time in a few of them and then see if you have time to return later and visit more countries.

The architecture in Italy (well the fake Epcot one) is beautiful I hope if and when i get to go to Italy for real it is as beautiful, see what you think.

Nice, Yes it was ….

We stopped for mid afternoon drinks and a well deserved rest, my feet were killing as they did most days, we walked a lot…… As it happened it was the food and wine festival on at Epcot the weeks we were in Disneyworld, they were good days, drink, eat, sun, what more can you ask for, life is good, life is soooooooo good.  We are so blessed to live the life we live although we work hard too.

Prosecco for me please and an Italian beer for the husband.

Just after we had these drinks we realised time had really got away from us and had to race off as we forgot we had booked to go to watch Orlando City that afternoon and if we did not leave then we would miss the coach pick up.  We were on our toes again.

We made it back for the coach just in time, off we went again.  We certainly made the most of all of the attractions on this holiday we don’t like to miss anything and Chris is a massive football fan. So we booked this as a treat for him as it was his birthday while we were away.  He was obviously very happy, as you can tell from the picture below.  I know it’s not a full smiling face but its a I have got beer at the soccer face.  (I would say football but i have been told many, many times in the USA it is called soccer as football means American Football which is something totally different, as you can tell i am not that mad on sports) IMG_0710

Another thing about watching soccer in USA they let you drink beer while you are watching the game, this never happens in the UK.  It is a shame but I am sure they have their reasons.IMG_0707

I had my usual, cocktail.  A margarita please!

Chris loved the soccer so I am glad we went its a totally different atmosphere watching sport in the sun.

This was another great day in the good ole USA (I am really starting to see why Americans say that) We really love America and yes i know we haven’t seen much of it but we plan on seeing a lot more of the USA and the world

Again it is getting late and I must tell you more about this trip another day, sorry to cut this short again but i have to limit my writing to 3 hours a day as i am at work 9 hours and then i have other things i need to do.  I wish i could write longer but for now i can’t so for now…..

Come back for another day at Disneyworld, next blog we will be in Animal Kingdom…

I hope you can pop back to read it…

As Always loving being me

Love thegotogirl xxxxxx


Disney & Coronado Springs

We couldn’t decide where we wanted to go on holiday so off we went to the travel agent to talk to them and see what travel inspiration we could get from them. We left non the wiser for a new destination so after a few weeks of thinking about it we went and booked to go back to…. yes you guessed, probably gave it away in the title, Disney World in Florida. IMG_0943We have been as you will know if you read my blog regularly, but we spent a lot of time on the bus travelling between International Drive and Disney every day the last time we went and we did not want to do the same this time as it shaved off about two hours…… yes you heard/read it right two hours a day on the two buses from International Drive to Disney an hour approx each way. It was not so bad as it was a welcome break from all the walking around not to mention the rushing ooh the rushing. You see it sounds like we never had a good time on out last trip to Disney but we did we really did, however we were not prepared. We did not know anyone who had been to Disney World to tell us about the pitfalls, we had to find them all out ourselves. The travelling, the distance, the crowds, the waiting, the queues, OMG the queues. This time we were prepared for all of it and it just made the all the difference for us, we felt like professional holiday makers as we had been there and done that.

Anyway back to this years trip (2017), we booked it packed and we were off, so off we went to the airport. IMG_0065This year we would stay at the Holiday Inn for a change. It was practically next to Manchester airport and we read on Tripadvisor it was a good place to stay the day before to cut down on travelling on the day you are flying so we gave it a try. It was in fact a good choice so thanks Tripadvisor and the reviews from this hotel.IMG_0046 The day of our flight came and we were off to the airport. Before we knew it we were boarding the aeroplane and setting off on our 8.5 hour flight approx. It was during the day so we did nothing get to sleep on the flight but taking our gadgets with us always makes a flight go quicker. We finally arrived at Sanford airport in Florida and went to see the travel agent reps for directions to our coach transfer. Pretty smooth ride from Manchester to our final destination Coronado Springs Resort. It was amazing

Good sign! No scared at all???

The resort was all arranged around a huge lake with several blocks of rooms all very nice, there was some building work going on around the site but luckily for us it was across the lake from our room so it was ok, at least at first but that’s another story, tell you another time. Also for another blog I am going to give you a list of pitfalls and tips how not to fall into them if you have not been to Disney World it will save you time and money so keep your eye out for that one.

We got to our room and immediately asked to be moved as the room was not acceptable (again more on this another day). IMG_0848We finally got settled in another room near to one of the smaller pools. IMG_0831Got showered, changed and headed out for the night, we decided after eating at the hotel we would stay around the hotel that night and explore. DCIM100GOPROWe had an early night and then we could head out refreshed for the next day.

IMG_0974Hollywood Studios here we come and the first ride on my list (as I am crazy these days and not scared of heights at all) Woah! stop hang on a minute! Oh yes I am crazy as I am going on the Tower of Terror and I am scared, I mean really scared of heights and this ride is really, really high. What was I thinking?

Can you spot us??? Where’s the screamer??? I was thinking you only live once and I should just take the plunge and do it, so I did. Very stupid it was terrifying, exhilarating and terrifying and I loved it so much I went on it at least another half-dozen times during the trip, told you I was crazy!?

Next stop was the Rock and rollercoaster, accompanied by Aerosmith, WOW, that was amazing, it takes off so fast it takes your breath away. IMG_0964

As we walked around the park we even made a few new friends…….

For now its getting late again, i dont know where the time goes wen i write, so i will end this day for now but i will tell you more about the trip in my next  blog.

Join me next time for another day of life, love and riding rollercoasters, don’t miss it as there is loads more to tell you including a blog dedicated to keeping you from the pitfalls of a holiday in Disney World.

Thanks for reading & see you soon

As always Loving being me

Love from thegotogirlsblog xxx








A New Me, Hopefully……..

SDC10968For the last about six months I have noticed my body is not as supple as it used to be.  My leg muscles feel tighter and i have not been able to touch my toes for so long i cant even remember.  It is my own fault as for the last few years i have turned into one of those people who needs a beach body when they are going on a beach and for the rest of the time i have been content with my ooh! no i am not wearing a bikini looking like this person.  Don’t get me wrong i have not turned into a whale or anything like that but i am just gone from being a ten to a twelve.

With this extra weight came boobies and a bottom, so all in all the weight has gone on the right places.  Lately i have started getting a little belly fat and as i said i am getting a bit stiff, around my legs and hips and back.  Any way my point is i have decided to get back into exercising.  I already eat sensibly (more or less) so a slight dietary change should help me with that.

I love biscuits, i cant deny it.  i could do without having them instead of breakfast though, so on Monday i decided enough was enough and i must stop making excuses for not exercising, like my favourite ‘its too early to get up and exercise’.  To be fair 7.00am is quite early for me to be bouncing around the living room to the Biggest Loser on my Wii.  So on Monday morning i took the plunge, i weighed myself i weigh 10 stone 10 lbs i think.  I will correct when i check.  (I have been looking at spreadsheets all day so my memory is not good from Monday.)

Back to my Wii and the first day i thought i should do a bit of stretching, how can i do this.  Yoga, perfect for stretching out all of my muscles, particularly the ones i don’t use in my day-to-day job.  I work in an office so the most used muscle in my body is my brain, (i know it’s probably not a muscle but you get the idea) so using any muscles would be a good choice.  I thought Yoga would be a good start and as it happens it was, i did the first ten minutes of the eighteen minutes work out but then my knees started hurting so i stopped, i thought not to over do it on my first day back at it.

The next day i got up and felt fine, my plan was to exercise one day and rest the next.  I hear this is a good way to exercise at least when you are just starting out.  Then Wednesday came so i thought i would try something different, so i went on my Wii and there was a core workout.  It was only a twelve-minute workout so i thought this would be great. There was a god range of exercises in this routine star jumps, lunges etc Off i went did the workout routine no problem, went off to work as usual, then Thursday came.  I got out of bed and Ouch! my legs were (and still are killing me).

I had done the workout and could feel my muscles stretching, i did the warm up and cool down so i did everything right.  This did not stop the pain in my legs all up the front of the tops of my legs, so maybe not going to do my yoga again tomorrow unless when i wake up they feel better. Hopefully they will have eased off enough to work out but if not i can just do the next workout on Saturday instead as now i have started i must keep going.

Also it is a change from either working or writing which all require me to be seated, i really need to do something where i actually move another part of my body other than my fingers.  Any way i am signing off for now but i will keep you updated on my new body journey and let you know how i do it and maybe even share the results with you

For now…

Loving being me……

Thanks for reading

Love thegotogirlsblog xx


I have been in pain for 5 years….. What is it…..

About 5 years ago I went abroad to USA on the most amazing holiday, we stayed at a great hotel and went on all the rides at all of the Disney parks.  It could not have been a better holiday until…… we went into the hot tub or so i thought.

After we came home from holiday i started having pain in my ear, not knowing what it was i went to the doctors.  My doctor said i had an ear infection and what had i been doing? I said i had just returned from holiday he asked if i had been swimming.  Well i had and i had been in the hot tub, i had after all been on holiday, who does not go swimming when they are the holiday.

He said i may have got water in my ear which could have caused the infection.  He gave me some antibiotics and off i went.  A couple of weeks later the pain was still there so i went back to the doctors, he checked my ear and said the infections had gone and he did not know why i still had pain in my ear.  He gave me pain killers and again off i went.  The time went on and the pain steadily got worse and lasted for longer periods.

After several more trips to the doctors i was finally referred to the specialist at my local hospital for an MRI scan.  The results came back, eventually, apart from a problem in my neck i already had been diagnosed with they could not see any problems with my ear and said it must be a problem with my sinus.  Ok, what do i do with this information.

I was given a steroid spray to use and also a saline spray to keep my sinus clean.  Use this every day i was told.  I did as i was told and hopefully this would be the answer i was looking for.  No.  This made absolutely no difference to the pain i was suffering. Again i went back over and over and hen it happened.  I went to see a new doctor at my local surgery, he who shall remain nameless was a breath of fresh air.  Right he said we are going to get to the bottom of this.

Great i said after about four and a half years of suffering.  He booked me in to the local hospital again for a CT scan.  This would show once and for all if it was my sinus causing all the pain.  The day came and off i went for my scan and a hearing test weirdly enough.  I went home full of hope of a cure for my pain at last.  I waited for the results an waited and waited.

No results came so after about a month i called the hospital, i am behind with the results said the lady on the other end of the phone as if my pain meant nothing to her i was just another number.  I was very annoyed by her tone so i thanked her before i said something i should not and put the phone down.  I went back to see my doctor to tell him of the phone call.  He said he had been researching my symptoms and thought he may have the answer.

Trigeminal neuralgia he said.  what on earth is that i asked.  Basically nerve damage in my face.  He asked if i would be willing to let him try treating me for this and see if this made a difference.  What did i have to lose?  So i accepted his help and started on a different medication.  Although it did help me sleep through the night without waking up in pain but it did not remove the pain during the day.  In the mean time i received an appointment to go to the hospital, i did not now why so i called to ask.

It was for the results of my CT scan.  Oh ok then and again off i went.  I arrived and waited to be called by the specialist, finally i went in not to the specialist but to his associate….. I don’t know what that means either…

Her diagnosis my sinus was slightly swollen but nothing more than a normal person would have and the diagnosis Trigeminal neuralgia.  My doctor was right and I was already been treated for this.  WOW 5 years and my doctor diagnosed me before the specialist…

So I have told you my story now i have a question

Does anyone know what Trigeminal neuralgia actually is, I have read the pages the doctor gave me but as my readers are all over the world please help me with my question.  Also if anyone knows anyone who has also been diagnosed with Trigeminal neuralgia and they have been successfully treated,SDC11165 PLEASE tell me in the comments below as I cannot wait another 5 years to get rid of this pain as the treatment i am receiving although in a trial stage, is not guaranteed to work.  Does anyone know what or how to treat this successfully.

Still loving being me just with  bit of hidden pain……

Love thegotogirlsblog xxxx


Lazy Days and Wild Nights in Ibiza

We had this trip booked before our honeymoon as we were not going to have a honeymoon we were just going to go to Ibiza for a kind of belated honeymoon but no said my husband to be (back then).  If we are getting married then we having a honeymoon.  Who was I to argue i was after all going abroad twice in a month.

Woo Hoo I say! Crete for a honeymoon come home and then three weeks later Ibiza.  So we have all heard the stories about Ibiza but when we went we were not 18 so we thought we would just have ‘a quiet one’.  Who was i kidding do i not know myself and my husband at all, there was a good chance we were going to enjoy all that Ibiza had to offer.  After all we weren’t 18 anymore but we weren’t 90 either.

Why not have a blow out holiday, life has always been slightly stressful since we were both young we had not had the best lives but we always consider ourselves extremely lucky to be happy and healthy with a wonderful family.  Anyway, we flew from Doncaster, even got a day flight and arrived in San Antonio Bay around two-ish.  I remember as the rugby was on was on, Challenge Cup Final, Hull FC verses St Helen’s and Chris had to go to see it.  We literally got the plane then the transfer to The Fiesta Milord Hotel, checked in then found our way to the nearest bar with Sky Sports so Chris could watch the game.  He is sports mad like any other man in the world probably.  By the time we got to the bar I was so tired i curled up in a ball and had a nap while Chris watched the Rugby.  When the game finished Chris told me the barmaid came over and asked if i was ok, apparently they thought i was drunk and passed out.  No just having a nap. LOL! Later that day we went back to the hotel and cleaned up.  I felt fine after a nap, a shower and something to eat.  Our holiday was half board so we had breakfast and dinner in with the trip, turned out this was a good option as we were very rarely in the hotel during the day, we usually got the boat across the bay to San Antonio.

Although all-inclusive was an option we had not really been offered until around day 4 and for an extra 10 euros a day each would have been a really good addition.  Oh well, maybe next time we come.  The boat left the bay right outside out hotel every half hour or so right through the day and night. We got to the boat around 7 it was a beautiful night and he sun was just starting to go down, we wanted to go and have a look round the main strip were all the holiday programmes were shot as it looked wild down there and we had to see if the stories were real life or simply edited for TV.

The answer to that question no! they were wild!  The first thing we saw were the locals racing horses trotting down the front near the boats, what a sight.  These horses were beautiful, so proud and well-kept by the look of them.

We watched them for a while and took lots of photos and videos of the races it was like the trotting races I have seen at some of the horse fairs at home.  Beautiful i love that they still have a lot of culture even in the madness of the main clubbing areas.

we moved on to the main strip area and were immediately accosted by one of the bar reps (the first of many bar reps) I will give you free shots, free bottles, free fish bowls, Woah! steady we have literally just got off the boat at least let us get a feel of the place before you get us hammered. lol!  We declined the first half-dozen reps as we made our way down the strip, around halfway down we decided it was time to take the plunge and make our way to a bar.  We spotted one just ahead that looked busy so thought we would try that one.  Obviously we were stopped by the bar rep and let her ‘talk us into going into her bar with the promise of free shots.  I can’t remember what it was called as there were so many bars there it would be impossible to remember them all unless you went in the same one every night and who does that!

Several bars later and several cocktails and shots later it was time to go and get the boat back home.  I was very drunk but as you know if you read my blog regularly we don’t do it often and we were on holiday so the odd blowout is ok by us.  Next day the night before was a bit hazy but I am always safe with Chris, i did have a hangover but after a couple of painkillers and a good breakfast i was fine, as was Chris.

We headed to the beach from breakfast for a rest and a frolic in the bay on the li-lows we brought from the UK with us.  Good idea, we got them from pound shop and they were quite expensive at the hotel.  Laid on the beach at either San Antonio Bay or San Antonio most days and spent most nights doing the same.

We did go back to the bar we watched the rugby in on the first day as this was literally around the corner from the hotel so on the nights we could not be bothered to go on the boat we just walked up the street and then returned to the hotel to watch the nightly shows which were playing just below our room.

This was great as if we wanted we could stay down stairs or go to out room and watch them from the balcony, (I hate balconies, i am so scared of heights so i just sit in the doorway) great if i was tired then Chris could sit and watch them and i could go to bed.

The rest of the holiday was pretty much the same every day and every night   It sounds monotonous but it was far from that it was relaxing and wild at the same time and a great time was had by both of us……

Until next time

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy my writing.

Don’t forget to comment

Loving being me

Love thegotogirlsblog xxx


Marietas Islands Pacific Ocean Adventures.

IMG_0917We booked this trip through Vallarta Adventures (find them on Twitter at the following @Vallarta_advent)

We arrived at the meeting point and checked in at the front gate with the rep, they sent us down a lush tropical winding path towards where they boat and crew were waiting.

At the end of the path was a café and what appeared to be 2 massive marine tanks with tropical fish and turtles in.

My beautiful picture
Day trip to Marietas Islands

We stopped and had breakfast while we were waiting for the crew to ready the boat for the trip.  There seemed to be quite a few people booked onto the trip so we thought it must be a good choice. After about half and hour we got escorted onto the boat and off we all went on our Pacific Ocean adventures and what an adventure…..

We left the harbour and headed out to sea towards the Marietas Islands (Search hidden beach for more info) The sea view was beautiful, the sun was shining and it was hot, hot, hot…

We are not sure how far this was but we travelled for around one and a half hours when we left the coast of @Puertovallarta.  We just sat and watched the world go by.  Most of the journey was ok but about half way through the boat ride the sky started getting dark and it started raining.

The wind started picking up a bit, the general mood was everything was ok but as we got further out to sea the sky got darker and darker and it got windier and windier.

The rain became heavier and the mood of the boat seemed to change to oh! we are actually sailing into this storm We asked the crew member if we would be turning back

No (what did he mean no !)

This is normal weather he said  (for who?)

I don’t make a habit personally of sailing into Pacific Ocean storms myself!

The storm carried on and the heavens opened the crew came round and closed the tarpaulin sides around us and all we could do was watch the all-consuming storm all around us.  We ploughed on through the storm I was scared and wondered if it would continue getting worse but a last we saw ahead a spot of clear sky and all of a sudden the storm was gone.  In front of us was the most beautiful scene we had ever seen…..

There was blue sky and there on the horizon ‘the Marietas Islands’

As we pulled up near them the crew told us we would be swimming soon so get ready.  Off I went to get into my bikini, well already had them on so just remove top layer and get snorkel flippers and life jackets on, then all that was left to do dive into the ocean, I had never done this before so was a bit apprehensive of swimming in the wide open ocean even wearing a life jacket

Well you hear all sorts of stories of shark attacks and other sea creatures that attack or sting you, I got stung a couple of years later stood on the beach lol.  Anyway off the boat we went, we had to swim for about a quarter of a mile until the crew directed us towards a cave.

When we arrived there we had to swim through a cave like opening for about 30 yards.  When we got to the end of the tunnel it opened out into a hidden beach, we were told it used to be a cave but was hit by a bomb sometime in the past making it into a donut type island with a hidden beach in the centre.  You can only access this at certain times of the day as the entrance disappears when the tide comes in.. We had to be in and out in a certain amount of time so we did not get stuck inside.

Once we were inside it was time to explore, it was not very big and there was a lot of people arriving all at once so you had to make good the time you had inside.  We had our photos took when we got out of the water and removed our snorkels..

If you look carefully you can just make out the hole we swam through behind us in the picture of us in our snorkels

I think the star jump photos were my favourites as Chris looked like he was Fred Flintstone stood on his tippy toes in the photo


Anyway more later on this trip,  we see the blue boobies soon and I mean the birds….

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Just being me……

I thought I would just express a bit about me tonight. One of my greatest loves next to my family is photography and I have noticed recently, I love photographing the sky. I don’t know what it is about the sky, it has so many faces.

My nanna used to say sky blue pink with yellow dots and I never knew where she got that saying from. Does anyone know? I would love to hear from anyone who does know the origins of the phrase if there is one. It may be simply my nanna’s own words. Anyway one day years ago, I was looking up at the sky daydreaming as usual, when I noticed the colour of the sky.

It was blue and pink and the sun was shining on the clouds making the edges of some of the clouds yellow, like small dots of yellow in the sky. I thought of my nanna and her saying sky blue pink with yellow dots. I think this may have been the origins of my love of the sky.


Ever since I was young I would find myself looking up at the sky, in a chaotic world it seemed peaceful. It was always the same but always different at the same time. The colour, the clouds, the sun, the moon, there is always something to see in the sky. I subscribe to a website which gives me notifications of astrological events so every time a meteor shower is due I can watch.

I always seem to have a camera with me, either my phone or my Nikon, so very rarely miss a photo opportunity. Wherever I photographs of random things. It’s weird the things that catch my eye as a photo opportunity. So I thought I would share some of my favourite photos (all of the photos are my own work.) Mainly of the sky and the sun but all of them taken in awe of the beauty i see before my eyes.

Always loving being me….. Hope you see the beauty in these photos as i do.

Any thoughts let me know..

See you again soon with another episode of love, life and family.


My Story So Far…….

As you may know (if you read my blog often) i started my blog just over 3 months ago.  Since then my life has changed so much, already i have gained over 500 followers.  Thank you all!  I have published 42 blogs and had over 4000 views, i can’t believe it is going so well i never for a moment thought anyone would want to listen to what i had to say let alone read what i had written.  But people do and i have had some really nice people reach out to me, commenting on my blogs from meeting my family to the death of my beloved dog Stanley.  To them i say thank you for all of your kind words and support.  Since i started writing it has become a sort of therapy for me to write about my life.  There are some parts of my life i am not ready to write about yet and still am not sure i will ever be able to bring myself to put pen to paper as they say about some parts of it.  Somethings are best left in the past as i have done for a long time now.  Anyway i digress as i often do when i get a train of thought into my mind, my mind is wandering a bit tonight as i am a bit annoyed with GoPro at the moment.  I bought a GoPro Session and after six months it broke…. BAD then GoPro replaced it for me…. GOOD then i get it home and it will not connect….. BAD so i have to call them again tomorrow…… BAD

Anyway back to my none drifting mind……

After i started my blog i began exploring all the other parts of my artistic side, my love of photography and writing in particular.  My feet don’t seem to of touched the ground since.  I seem to spend all of my time these days either writing or taking photographs.  I wake up in a morning before work, i write, during my breaks, i write, when i get home, i write. I can say writing has taken over my life but i am not complaining, not at all, i seem to have released something deep inside of me and the words just never stop.  I really don’t know what has happened.  Then when i am not writing, working or with my family i am snapping away with my camera, most of the time when i am with my family i am making memories.  My poor grandson has a camera around him since the day he was born and now regularly poses for photos for me, no before you ask i never make him we always play games and just end up taking photos or videos as reminders of the fun times we have or to send to his mummy and daddy.  My husband Chris sent me a video while i was at work on Saturday morning of them playing a game and when the video was about to finish you can hear Theo say let me look at the video gramps, as if he was having the last word on whether it was good enough so send out.  He loves it when he sees himself on video an often laughs at the videos of him laughing, weird! Off i go on a tangent again sorry.  The next thing i have done was self-publishing my book ‘Love Scares Me’ which is a book of Love Poems i wrote about 12 years ago when i met my husband.  I was looking for something around the house and found an old note-book which contained all of the poems.  I would not of dared publish them until i let Chris read them and he said he loved them and i should think about publishing them so i took the plunge and did it.

Now i am writing my first children’s book, Theo and Granny Monster and their adventures.  This all began with a game we play where granny monster (me) chases Theo around the house like a crazy person.  You have never heard a child laugh as much or as loud as Theo does when we play which makes me chase him even more and so on.  It came to me one night when i asked Theo if he wanted me to tell him a bedtime story and i could not find the book i bought for him, so i made a story up about Theo and Granny monster and he loved it so much he asks for two stories every weekend.  I thought as i used to write stories when i was young i would give it a go.  I began writing and up to now have about five different adventures in the making, the only thing that’s stopping me now is money and time.  To try to make some money i opened a shop on MiPic as The Go To Girl selling some of the photos i have taken over the years and also put my book on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords by Donna Young (see the advert on my blog for details)

I need to do some research on the marketing aspects of my book and photos so i can make enough money to follow my dream of having a successful blog and become a full-time writer

Feel free to support thegotogirls in my ventures to realise my dream

Thanks Loving being me

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Funding a dream to be a professional writer

The light at the end of the tunnel is to realise a lifelong dream to be a full-time writer in a life where i am surprising myself everyday by my achievments and always striving to reach a place i literally never dared to dream of as a child. It could actually be achievable with your support.



Family and the Bank Holiday Weekend

Wow… what a great weekend !!

The sun was shining and it was hot! hot! hot! This was the first bank holiday of the year it has actually been nice enough to go out and even away. So we did it all and this is how it went. I was at work on Saturday morning so we changed Theo’s day to the Saturday instead of he usual Friday, not good but better than not having him. We cannot miss a Theo day and he is going on holiday with mummy and daddy soon so we wont be able to have him one weekend. We are not looking forward to that at all!! LOL! We cant begrudge them all a lovely family holiday can we but I think next time we should go with them so we don’t have to miss any time with him or them for that matter. Anyway back to the weekend.

I left work at lunch on Saturday, came home, got changed and went straight back out the door for a trip to Castleford, it’s about an hour from where we live and I had been looking for a writing desk for our home so i can write instead of having my laptop or pad and pen on my knee. I found by chance a writing bureau very cheap on Ebay. I put a bid of £15 on it, not thinking i would win it but i did, no one else had bid on it. Lucky me!


So off we went to pick it up and then stopped off at Glasshoughton Shopping Center for a bit of retail therapy. We bought a lovely indoor water feature.


We have recently been making a few changes to the living room it is kind of brown, grey and grass-green. I like it, all the different textures, colours and fabrics go well together.

Again back to the weekend, we arrived back around four just in time for Theo to arrive. We still had a couple of errands to run, I needed paint for the bureau and a bit of shopping for the weekend. Off we went the three of us. Asda, B&Q then Frankie and Benny’s for a bite to eat and Long Island Ice Tea for me Mmmmn. Sorry Chris was driving so Shandy for him LOL!! He is a very responsible driver just as he should be.

By the time we got home it was Theo’s bedtime so a shower and bed for all us, we were quite relieved as we had been out since 8am that morning so nearly 12 hours. Theo always likes to watch a movie when he goes to bed and his new favourite movie is Angry Birds. He wanted Chris to sit and watch it with him, as always gramps obliged.


They are so cute together, don’t you think?

A couple of hours later i had a sleeping toddler and a very tired husband, i knew it was time for sleep.

Next morning, we were up early again and out by nine. Off to the local car boot then to Hornsea. Chris takes us to this little car park near where his Grandmother used to live. A short walk and a set of stairs and we were on a lovely part of the beach at Hornsea.

We had a picnic, made sand castles, played ring toss, then bury the ring toss in the sand. Dipped our toes in the sea brrrrrrr, it was freezing. Not going for a swim then, NO!

After a couple of hours palying on the beach we decided to pack up and go for a walk along the sea front. This is one of my favourite parts of going to the seaside in the UK, the cute little beach fronts with the promenades.

We went for fish and chips a little place we found on an earlier visit to Hornsea, they do the most delicious fish fritters, for those of you who don’t know what this is it is like a fish and potato sandwich dipped in batter and then deep-fried. If they dont make them at your local fish and chip shop, if you have one then make your own they are amazing and I am sure you can find a recipe online for them.

Again the day got away from us and before we knew it we had run out of time and we had to leave ready to take Theo back home. This is our least favourite time of the weekend as it will be another week before Theo comes to stay again, we do see him during the week but it is not enough time but you know what its like we all have to work and have lives to live etc. We stayed for a while at our daughters as she had rented a bouncy castle out for Theo for the bank holidays so we had to all have a play on it with Theo.

We had to leave eventually as it had been another long summer day, it had been the best day of the year so far, we love spending days together as a family, well with a few people missing but we will have other days where we will all be together.

So we finally came to the Bank Holiday Monday, we could really do with a rest today as the other days had been so busy……. but……. you guessed it, we ‘pottered’ around the garden.  Chris tidied the garden and the bar ready for the first party of the year, hopefully this will be soon and the weather will be great throughout the summer, we have had rain for so long we deserve a nice hot summer. Then there is me……

What did I do, apart from get through a mountain of washing we had built up over the week, (i would usually do Saturday but it was bank holiday! lol!) I decided to up-cycle the bureau we had picked up the day before.  It was my aim to just sand and paint it with a sort of chalky effect paint.  I like this matt look on wood as i don’t believe wood was meant to be shiny, this is the final result.

I may do some more  to it but for now it is all I am doing to it, i am going to let it settle into the living room, if it does not ‘fit’ then i will do something more to it, oh yes i also up-cycled an old coffee table while i was at it. img_20180507_195729615537016663659323.jpg


So all in all a busy but very good bank holiday weekend.

You can see why I love being me….

I have the best life, love and family you could ever ask for and i love them all very much.

Anyway it getting late and work in the morning so until the next blog

Thanks for reading see you all soon

Love thegotogirlsblog xxxx


Granny Monster & Theo… In the beginning.

Grottyville was a little village out in the country where not many people visited. There was only around 10 residents in this village,

Granny monster was one of the residents of one of those streets, born in grottyville she was a shy quiet person, she was the village baker and her shop was the only one for miles around.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-10 at 3.31.35 PM.jpeg granny monster

People would come from far and wide to taste one of her delicious cakes but all the kids were terrified of her. They said if you went near her house on a night she would chase you and if she caught you she would bake you in to a fabulous cakes. This was not true as she was really just a little old lady (by day)

During the day the village was just a normal village the people going about their business appear normal the streets appear like a normal streets but when night time comes all changes and the dark side of the village appears

Most of the residents of the village had traits you would not usually find in one person let alone of a village in truth it was just one street.

The house she lived in was at the end of the street, it wasn’t a big street and the neighbours were not the type of people you would want as you neighbours. Next door was the Mr Snot he was covered in snot from his constantly running nose, he did not have many visitors as his full house was beside a river of snot and if you ever entered his house you would never leave as you would be either stuck to the snot walls or sucked into the snot river if you ventured into the garden.

Opposite lives the mentipede, he was a cross between a man and a centipede but he was bitten by a centipede when he was young and now he turns temporarily into a monster centipede complete with fangs and horns.

Then there are the twins of darkness they nearly always have a rain cloud over them and if you cross paths with them when you are in a bad mood they will transfer the cloud to you, the trick is for you figure out why it has transferred to you.

Further down the street was the golden man, under his every day clothed lies a man with skin made of gold. He fell into a gold smelting pot at the smelting works when he was younger and this transformed him into a gold skinned monster with weird abilities to set fire to things with his burning hot gold thumb

Granny monster and her neighbours are not always monster as i said during the day they were just normal people, so what happens on a night time to change these regular people into monsters….. is it the moon …. no….. could it be something they eat…… no…….. it was an old well at the middle of the street. What they did not know was the water in the well was magical and it kept the world from seeing the true forms of the people who drank from it.

All of the street use this well for the water they drink. What they did not know was 100 years ago a witch was tracked down to the village and unable to escape put a spell on the well and the village to make anyone who drank from the well able to hide their true forms so as they can never be discovered and may live in peace as long as they stayed in the village. As time wore on the magical effect of the well started to leak out to other parts of the village and magical things started to happen, not very often but enough times to make the residents curious as to what was making them happen.

The village did not have a lot of people moving in and out, as at night it was not a place most people would want to live but then a little boy and his mummy showed up with the moving van granny monster found out they inherited a house in the village from a distant relative. This house had been empty for as long as any of the resident could remember and they were not sure who had lived in it.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-10 at 3.31.30 PM.jpeg theo

So when a little boy called Theo and his mummy showed up, everyone was surprised. This little boy was not your ordinary little boy but he was something of a monster buff. He loved monsters, he never knew there were actually real monsters living around the world and particularly the street he was about to move into, but he loved them anyway. Given the chance to meet one was obviously something he never considered as he was a child, it was something he had often dreamed of .Theo had no idea of the adventures that lie ahead of him in this new home in Grottyville.

What Theos mummy had not told him was how he became to fascinated with monsters in the first place and how they came to be moving to Grottyville. Years earlier, when Theo was a baby he had actually met a monster. It was a long lost uncle, Uncle Dave was a perculier man as he glowed in the dark, mummy’s brother had eaten fire flies when he was little and they had a chemical reaction with his body which made him glow in the dark and his face appeared to look like a fly. Theo’s mummy also had a secret of her own, she was a long lost descendent of the witch who put the spell on the village well to hide all manner of monsters from the outside world and she had moved Theo here to protect him from anyone discovering about his mummy and his uncle. Even Theo could show signs of impending monsterousnous one day!!!! But at least for now he had no idea of the family and therefore the villages secrets

Theo was excited to explore when he moved in so while his mummy was unpacking he asked if he could go and have a look around. Yes said his mum but do not go far and be back or tea. Off he went. He was such a polite and friendly little boy he thought he would go and introduce himself to the neighbour next door who everyone knew as Granny.

Granny (monster) was in the kitchen making one of her delicious cakes when a little face appeared at the door. Hello, My name is Theo, we have just moved in next door. Hello Theo, granny replied. You are a very friendly child we don’t get many children around here, mainly when people are passing through or staying at the B & B. Oh! replied Theo

Then who shall i play with?

Oh i am not really sure Theo! I suppose i could show you around the village if you wanted me to. Yes i would like that. Sit down and have a piece of my cake and a glass of milk while i clean up and then we can head off for a walk…..

Mmmmnn this cake is delicious, said The. Er what is your name? You can call me granny everybody does. Oh ok i will, i don’t have a granny. i only have a mummy.

That’s quite sad Theo, were are the rest of your family? I don’t have anyone else, he said.

That’s ok you have one important person in your life and that’s all you will ever need, and now you live in the village i am sure you will make lots of friends along the way, starting with me!

Right i am ready shall we go. Off they went. Granny decided to take Theo down the garden path to where in the bushes hidden was a small gate. Granny turned to Theo and said she was about to introduce him to the real Grottyville and should he want to he could turn back now. Why would i want to turn back Granny?

Oh no reason Granny said hoping what she was about to reveal would not scare him, little did she know of Theos family secret. Looks like Theos not the only one who will be surprised in the future.

Please leave your comments below if you like the story, a review would be good also good or bad let me know if you read this to your children if they like it as my grandson loves granny monster and Theo stories at bedtime the first adventure will be released on kindle later this month thanks for reading

Love thegotogirl xx


Remembering Stanley

HNI_0020 (2)I was pondering what to write about today and was looking through our photos for some inspiration…….

This is something I like to do to spark a flame of thought that leads to a full-blown blog or story or even poem.  Anyway the photos i got inspired by are related to one of the worst thinks to happen in our lives lately, losing our beloved dog , Stanley.  He was such a big part of our lives and everyone who met him loved him.

He was so gentle and loving.  I decided to tell my readers a little bit about him.  He was about eight weeks old when I brought him home, he was the cutest little gangly legged thing you could ever imagine. All blonde and white with the darkest brown eyes you could fall into.  He had the sweetest nature i have ever known, although if he was not expecting to see you he would practically jump out of his fur.IMG_20170412_180530

Going out in the garden is quite difficult at the moment as we still see him everywhere, his toys, his bowls, his bed.  I went into Theo’s Tiki Bar for the first time the other day, there in the corner was a cushion we had put inside the bar for the winter.  Unbeknown to us he had made this his day bed and had been sleeping in there while we were out at work during the day.  It smelt of Stanley and had his little paw prints on the cushion.DSC_0021

Even though he is gone I still think i hear him sometimes, i know it’s probably just the wind in the trees but i like to think he is still there in the garden, watching us waiting for the leftovers from tea.  We always used to cook too much food so he always had a portion on top of his doggy food.  He really liked chicken, he was not really a fan of vegetables though lol!IMG_0454

We spent a lot of time outside when the weather permits, as you know the UK is not famous for its long lazy hot days of summer.  You have to make the most of every sunny day you can and this always meant spending time outside with Stanley instead of inside.

We have a reasonably sized garden but he would still get under your feet and trip you up or if we laid out on a blanket he would come over and snuggle up to you.  Chris built a step in the back garden when he put French doors in the cinema room, Stanley thought this was for him and everyday we came home from work when it was warm there he was laid out on the step, sunbathing, silly dog.IMG_0453

He did not really take to many people when he was young but as he got older he mellowed a bit and when we built the bar and started having parties out there he would walk around mixing with the guests waiting for them to give him little treats.  We eventually had to tell everyone to stop feeding him as he would not know when to stop and would have made his self sick.

We love this furball so much and will miss him forever, but he is always with us.

Hope your playing with all your furry friends Stanley love you lots.

As always loving being me thanks for reading.

Come back soon for another story of life, love and family

Love thegotogirlsblog xx


Trip to Coronation Street…..


If you live in the UK then you will probably have heard of Coronation Street, if not a little history of it.  Coronation Street is a tv programme which began in 1960 and has run ever since it is the story of the residents of a typical street in Manchester England. Tales of the daily lives of the residents as I recall included marriages, death and a lot of scandal. Back in the 60’s it began in black and white and was filmed in the Granada studios in central Manchester.  Later it would be moved to Salford Quays (2014).

When it was decided Coronation Street would be moved we decided we would have to go on the tour, I think you could go before but they were going to tear it down which meant history was being destroyed, (i hate it when this happens).  We had watched the program when we were little with our grandparents then as we got older it was one of those tv programs you grew up with so it was very nostalgic.  It always take you back to your childhood when you watch the earlier episodes. So we had to go and visit the set just for the sake of preserving in our memories the history of the tv programme and our history with it.

Off we went…..

We drove to Manchester, which is about 2 hours drive from our house, practically on the other side of the country but it was so worth it.

We arrived to the gate where the tour would begin, there we were given our information pack and a lanyard with our security passes on them.  We were then shown to the door where the tour began.  By this point I was so excited, we were nearly in Coronation Street.

We started the tour inside we were shown the corridors of Granada Studios where the stars of the show used to walk, WOW.  I know I am a massive Coronation Street Fan.

The corridors were strewn with pictures of the characters from various decades of the shows history and the dressing rooms still had some of the rails of characters outfits on them.  These were amazing to actually see the costumes that had actually appeared on one of the greatest television shows in the world.

Then it happened they took us outside……


I am beyond excited aaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh i am on Coronation Street.  I cannot stress how amazing the feeling was to walk down a street that has been on my tv for at the time about 54 years WOW!!!!!

So after i calmed down and stopped saying “i cant believe we are here” we finally managed to go and have a look round all of the various parts of Coronation Street.

Lets see, there is,


The builder’s yard where Tina fell and died

Dev and Sunita’s corner shop serving all the Coronation Street residents

Roys Rolls the local café on Coronation Street

The Ginnel (this if you don’t know is a small path at the back of the houses, over my way they are a bit wider and are called tenfoots as they are usually about ten foot wide!)

The houses were apparently built 3/4 scale of a normal house, I have no idea why, maybe you do.  If you do please let me know in the comments.  I love a bit of trivia.

Complete with nosey neighbours lol!!

The Kabin run by Rita is the local newsagent/sweet shop.

So as we reached the end of the tour there was one place we absolutely could not miss

The Rovers Return……. This is the local pub of Coronation Street and the local area.

We were not sure if we would be able to actually go into the pub itself or if it would be a studio, we looked through the windows of the pub but as we suspected it was just a shell. Very disappointed we would not be able to go in the Rovers Return we walked back up the famous cobbles of Coronation Street

As we were getting ready to leave the organisers sprang the best surprise on us ever!!

We were going into the Rovers Return…….


We are going into the most famous Public House in the country……

We are going behind the bar to pour a pint of lager

I am literally going to faint, yes I know i am dramatic and a bit of an idiot but i don’t care I am going into the Rovers Return………..

corryWhatsApp Image 2018-04-28 at 7.25.57 PM

I was so happy this was the perfect end to our day

Come back for more adventures from thegotogirlsblog and my family

As always loving being me……

PS please click this link my book and download a free sample of either of my books and if you like what you read please buy them

PPS I had to add this picture of me and my husband Chris from the day into this blog as it just captures the love I feel from him.


Thanks for reading come back soon for another adventure from the lives of the gotogirlsblog and family….

Love Scares Me

A book of poems by Donna Young



Introducing Theo and Granny Monster…… The Adventures

If you follow my blog you will know a little about me already and my family.  You will have seen my family and in particular my beautiful grandson Theo.  He really is the light in my life, well one of them.  You will also know i love photography and obviously i love writing as since i have begun my blog the words just will not stop flowing.

I am not complaining as I find it so relaxing and a way to express myself.  I used to write children’s stories when i was a child and then due to circumstance when i began growing up stopped.  Now i am back doing it, a couple of weeks ago i released my first book, it was a book of poems called Love Scares Me.  by Donna Young

I wrote this about twelve years ago when I met my husband.  It was all of the feelings he released from me and i had to write them down so i could remember how i felt about him then and truth be told still feel for him now.  Anyway i digress, so i began thinking about all of the imagination i have locked away for so many years and decided to let it out so when Theo was small i started playing a game with him called Theo and Granny monster.

Basically it began with me chasing him around the house growling and hiding in and around the house.  He loves this game and so it evolved into something more and I began telling him stories when i was trying to get him to sleep.  It began with the introduction of the characters who would be appearing in the story and quickly became various adventures of where they went together and what the did.

Theo comes and stays with Chris and I once a week and it has become a regular thing that I have to tell him two Theo and Granny Monster stories each time and then off he pops to sleep.  As i was telling him some of the stories my husband said why don’t you write these down.  They are really good and you have the wildest imagination, just making them up as i go along.

Eventually I started asking Theo make some of the choices within the book, this gave me a toddler’s eye view of his imagination and what he likes.  Believe it or not but he actually is very clever for a three-year old and he actually helped me develop the characters when i otherwise may have got a bit stuck on detail.  So i finally got to sit and write down some of my ideas, develop my characters and a bit of a background for my stories.

Now I have published my first book in the series of Theo and Granny Monster Stories, really this is not so much as a story but an introduction to the characters and the village and a bit of an explanation of the characters and how they came to be.  This will be soon followed by the first of the adventures of the pair.  I will be publishing this in the next week or so.

As I work on my book i found myself at the mercy of the readers and trying to find an audience for my stories is going to be tough.  I would love it if you all my fellow bloggers, readers and families would buy my book and read it to your children and then review it, let me have your thoughts good or bad (please be gentle with the bad).

It is available as is my other book on Amazon Kindle and on Smashwords.  If you like it tell everyone if you don’t please tell me.  Go on have a look it wont hurt and it’s priced at £2.10 so less than a cup of your favourite coffee.


As always loving being the go to girl writing the go to girls blog

Loving being me

Loving my family

Loving life and thank my lucky stars i awake everyday with a smile on my face

Thanks in advance xx


Our garden in springtime

It’s the first weekend I have been able to get outside in the garden for a potter and so I can assess the winter damage.

What plants survived, how the bar held up in the bad weather and what broke in the breath of death weather we had recently. Also I am way behind with planting my seeds for the yearly crop of vegetables and flowers I try and grow each year. The main reason I have not been out is the death of my dog. He is usually always under my feet, causing chaos around the garden. Not anymore and I really miss him and facing the garden after Stanley has been hard. Chris has finally plucked up the courage to clear out Stanleys shed, I could not face doing it so thank you for doing this for us. We did not want to get rid of the shed as it reminds us of Stanley, so we, well Chris has changed the use and made me a little potting shed.

Anyway as I was saying I went out there to plant my seeds for the year. I have planted all the salad vegetables for the summer, the usual, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and spring onions as well as other salad favourites.

Then there is the hanging basket flowers, I don’t know about anyone else but I find some of the hanging basket flowers quite expensive to buy for the instant hanging basket. I have for the last few years decided to grow my own. I particularly love trialing lobelia for my baskets.

I love the waterfall effect of this flower with all its beautiful colours. I also planted petunia seeds, I found these are one of the easiest flowers to grow from seeds, which for me is great as I have planted a lovely garden more by good luck than skill as a gardener. I don’t pretend to know what I am doing half the time but I have that ‘if I try it might go right’ attitude and sometimes I surprise myself with the results. Sweet peas are one of my favourites to out in my baskets for the scent they give off and they attract all sorts of wild life to our garden which is nice to see when you are sat on a summers day watching all of the bees and butterflies floating around in a summer breeze. It took me around an hour in my (Stanleys) potting shed, to plant all of the seeds. I thought I could write a blog of the journey myself and the garden takes from today until, well all year round. The changes the garden goes through throughout the year is amazing. I love to potter around it watching the fruits of my labour literally. We grow all manner of fruits already, apples, brambles, black and red berries, strawberries, mint. All useful in the kitchen it the bar in our favourite summer cocktails. This year I thought I would try my hand at growing water melon. As I said I have no idea if I even live in the right climate to grow them but u have put them inside for now at least until I research the climate they like, then I may move it outside. Feel free to advise me on any tips which may help my gardens journey through the next few months. I will update with a further blog on our garden as it grows, I am really looking forward to how my seeds will be in say a months time.

As always loving being me……

Any garden advice would be really appreciated….

Until my next blog, thank you for reading xxx


Universal Studios….. Our first time

My beautiful picture

This sign could not of said it better.

We never planned to come to America that year but I will tell you a little about how it came to be.  Chris and i wanted to go to Tunisia, we had seen a great deal in the travel agents so off we went to book.  By the time we got to the travel agent we got the usual story.  That deal has gone sir but we have this one which is three times more expensive than the deal you saw for the same deal.  About the same time as i was politely telling the lady we do not wish to take her deal Chris noticed a poster in the window.  Holiday’s to America, Florida, Orlando to be more specific.  The price for a week was the same price as it was to go to Tunisia.  That was not a hard choice, next thing we know we are booked, packed and on the plane to the good old USA.  Our hotel was on International Drive, we did not know then but this was a great place to stay.  The Quality Inn as it was then, cheap, cheerful and just what we needed.  Right in the middle of everything, the corner of International Drive and Sand Lake Road.  I-HOP across the road (International House Of Pancakes) and McDonald’s just outside the hotel.  All the bars, restaurants and entertainment you could possibly want on a holiday.

By the time we got to the hotel we had enough energy to get bathed, changed and pop out to Chilli’s for something to eat before hitting the hay (bed) for the night.

Next morning we were up and out at the crack of dawn, probably as we were still on UK time but also as we were really excited to go to………….

Universal Studios

My beautiful picture


Islands of Adventures,  first thing to see, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter had recently opened the year before and we could not wait to see it.  Chris was not a fan of Harry Potter before we went but when in America you have to go and “do the sights”.

My beautiful picture

We got to the gate and the man there told us there was a four-hour wait to go on the ride.  We were a bit disappointed until we reached the arch.  what we did not realise was it really was not just a ride but an actual world with streets and buildings, shops and not just one ride, there were four.  The four hour wait was for the actual Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, this is inside Hogwarts School.

We were so excited like a couple of two-year olds.  We set off through the arch first stop had to be the main ride, if we were gong to wait four hours in a queue it was going to be this one.  As it turned out the queue was not four hours it was around 45 minutes maybe an hour.  We were very happy by this news.  So bags in the lockers and off we went.  It was boiling hot but the theme parks think of everything, they had little taps all down the queue in case you got thirsty and fans to cool you off.  Even queuing was enjoyable.  The full place was themed so everywhere you look is something amazing.  They  play themed music and I hear thy even spray scents at certain point to make the place smell authentic.

We went on the ride, it was amazing, we had no idea what to expect when we arrived but it was not anything like this.

Next we went for a look around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The shops were out of this world, I think my favourite was the Sweet Shop, Honeydukes.  I literally could have had a sugar rush here i would have never come down from.

Next we heard about Butterbeer was the drink to try but you could only buy it in here so as you expect we went to find the Butterbeer Cart and have a try.  Its kind of like a butterscotch fizzy drink, sounds weird but its delicious.


Next was a trip to the wand shop Ollivander’s.  Lloyd (our son) is a massive fan so we had to bring him back a wand from the actual shop in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (nothing less would do)

My beautiful picture

We were starting to get a bit tired and hungry by now so thought we would have a break, so off back to the hotel for a rest and a shower read for the night ahead.

Please come back next time for another day in the first trip we ever took to Florida….

I promise you wont be disappointed.

As always until next time….

Loving being me….

Love the Go To Girls Blog…..

PS Don’t forget to please check out my new book available on Amazon Kindle Love Scares Me By Donna Young Your support is appreciated  this is my first book so read it buy it and spread the word anyway you can if i can ever return the favour just let me know i owe you all so much already









You wont believe this………..

OMG I cannot believe when i was young i was always writing and then about ten weeks ago i started a blog and it actually has changed my life. AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

I cannot believe what I have just done

I have just published my first ever book on Amazon Kindle.

Click the picture to view on Amazon

Can you believe it, me, the kid who was orphaned at age 3, deserted by her mother, rescued by the police in a deserted house locked in a room starving and neglected.

Now I am happily married with a gorgeous family of my own making and my legacy will be writing about the life I have led and the effects it has had on me.


My book is available on Kindle now for £2.10 for a Kindle Edition, please show your support by having a look and even buying my book.  If this one is successful who knows I may publish another.

I have a mountain of other writings just in notebooks waiting to be published and another mountain of other stories waiting to come out of my head, they really need releasing.  It has become my therapy writing as it just flows out of me and it seems there is no stopping it .

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-14 at 10.45.39 PM

As always loving being me

Love the go to girls blog



Another Blogging Nomination…….. WOW

Real Neat Blog Award

I can’t actually believe this I have a second nomination for a blogging award in my short blogging life of ten weeks  i would like to say a huge thank you to Dear Kitty. Some blog who nominated me for the Real Neat Blog Award. Thank you so much for huge honour.

The ‘rules’ of the Real Neat Blog Award are:

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2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

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The seven questions i was asked are,

1. Where do most visits to your blog come from?

The UK & USA almost 50/50

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I don’t really like sport

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Starting my blog

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No man is your friend, no man is your enemy, all men are your teachers

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6. Anything you had wished to have learned earlier?

Writing, not learned it but realised I might actually have a talent for it

7. What musical instrument have you tried to play?

Again not very musical, always wanted to learn saxophone when I was younger

My nominees are:

  1. Jay Kaushal
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These eleven are all amazing bloggers who I had the pleasure to have interacted with since i started blogging in January and who have made my time blogging  very enjoyable

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Walk through life

img_20170824_0854577024278325822663318.jpgi walk through life

i am all alone

i walk through life

i have no home

will i ever have a friend

i do not know

do i want a friend

i do not know

will they enrich me

will they drain me

will they lie for me

will they die for we

i walk through life

i am alone

will you come with me

will you help make a home



The Kray Twins Walk

On another trip to London we decided to do The Kray Twins Walk, as i have said previously we are both really into crime and the many stories within this immeasureable area of life.

We could not start at the correct tube station, Bethnal Green , as it had been closed for renovations  ,


We got off at Whitechapel instead and made our way to the first stop in the book.  You can buy a great book called The Kray Twins Walk from Amazon

Use this if you don’t want to do the usual escorted tour, to be honest it was more fun on our own.

We arrived at The Lions public house, a meeting place of the twins, this was just at the end of an arch under the railway lines.  This was recorded to be where the twins heard George Cornell was in the Blind Beggar, the night George Cornell was shot dead in the Blind Beggar.DSC00045

Next on the tour is W English and Son Funeral Directors who took care of all three Kray brothers funerals, the bodies of all of them were laid in the Chapel of Rest here until they were taken to St Matthews Church for their funerals.  Ronnie in 1995, Charlie in early 2000 then later in 2000 Reggie.  During each of the funeral processions it was said the streets were lined with family friends and strangers.  Visiting some of the stops on the walk brought about the reality of the Krays lives and despite being notorious criminals they were also in my personal opinion just ordinary people, who lived in the reality of their own lives. They did love their family and did what it took to protect them as well as being generous to some of those in need.  I am not excusing what they are accused of doing but i do sympathise as they were not all bad.



The next point on the walk was a cafe (we really needed a cuppa and a rest by now the east end is big) Pellicci’s.  It has been here for about a hundred years…. WOW…

We went inside for a cup of tea but it was packed and the only seats were on a table with a lady sat having a cup of tea.  She must have noticed us looking for a seat and gestured us over and offered us two empty seats at her table.  We accepted of course and sat with her while we all ate full English breakfast  We presumed she was local due to the accent and came to conclusion the East End was a very friendly place. By the way Pellicci’s serve the best breakfast ever.




Just opposite the cafe is what used to be a church, St James the Great Church although it has been converted now to flats you can still tell it was a church.  This was where Reggie married Francis in 1965, sadly a few years later this is where the funeral for Frances took place……




Daniel Street School below is the school attended by the Kray Twins when they were eleven, reported as being happy here they often played tricks on the teachers pretending to be each other.  Good trick i bet they had fun doing this, i would have.





The next spot on the walk is St Matthews Church, were all of the funerals of the Kray Brothers, Ronnie, Reggie and Charlie, also their mum Violet took place.


The Carpenter Arms is the 8th stop and the half way point of the walk.  Ronnie and Reggie Kray bought this old public house in 1967.  This was described as a difficult time for the twins as it was around this time Frances,  Reggies wife, had died.  Cornell had been killed.  The twins wanted somewhere they could call their own and feel safe and the Carpenters Arms offered them the safety they  needed



Cheshire St was stop 9 this is the location of the Carpenters Arms, simply an old back street in the East End.  The Kray Twins are recorded as drinking here before they went to find Jack ‘the hat’ McVitie, who had been accused of ripping off he twins on a murder for hire plot.  This night they reportedly killed ‘the hat’

Wood Close School was stop 10 but for some reason we did not get a photo of it which is weird as we have photos of all of the other stops on the walk

Below is Repton Amateur Boxing Club. This is the venue for the twins to train. They each went on to win amateur boxing titles.


Stop 12 is Cheshire Street baths.  It was a public bath house used by locals as back then not all houses had baths so regularly visited by the Twins.  I has been said the furnace used to heat the bath water helped some of the Kray Twins victims ‘disappear’, although this has never been proven.


The house the Kray family lived in no longer exists but on the site of 178 Valance Road is a block of houses built on the site where the house once stood, adorned with a plaque giving the exact position of the house, I was disappointed this house was not there, not just because it was the Krays Home but as usual all of history gets erased eventually and all that remains is a plaque….



267 Whitechapel Road is he address of the next stop on the walk.  This is the site of the Grave Maurice Public House. This was Ronnie Krays local pub and was only closed in 2010, what a shame, another piece of history lost in time. It is now a bookies.




Then the penultimate stop on the walk The Blind Beggar.  This is the site of the infamous murder of George Cornell, mentioned earlier.  As I have said previously my husband and i are complete crime buffs so for us this was the opportunity of a lifetime.  To go into The Blind Beggar and have a drink where the Krays had once walked, the whole walk was like walking in the footsteps of history.  We stayed and had a drink again very friendly old East End Public house.  We would recommend you stop in for a drink




We could not miss the opportunity to take our photos outside either.

Basically this was the end of the walk apart from the short walk up the street to the Whitechapel Tube Station



I must say although we love the criminal aspect of this walk it was also a very historically enriching walk as so much history is embellished onto the streets around here.  The East end has truly seen some of the most memorable episodes in history.

If you visit London, you must do this walk.

If you are a fan of crime, you must do this walk.

If you are a fan of history, you must do this walk

As always loving being me …..

Thanks for reading…..

Please come back for more stories of love, life and family.


How I feel……

Do you even know you hurt my feelings

Do you care

Should I keep it a secret

Should I make you aware


Are you a nice person

I do not know

Should I try to find out

Do I really need to know


Even if you are nice

Would you be to me

Do you save that side of you

For other people you see


Even if you are not nice

You hide your self well

Others do not see this

It’s like your hidden face


I see this a lot in life

As I don’t pretend to be anyone else

Do you know you hurt my feelings

Just because I won’t be something I am not


I won’t pretend


Save your face for someone who will

I don’t hide my true self

I can’t be anyone else so I’ll just be me


So proud …… My husband Chris ….

This is not really a blog just a quick word to express my feelings about my husband .

As you already know i am amazingly proud of the little family i have but today i could not be prouder. My husband Chris has opened his own youtube channel. It’s been going a few weeks but today he had one of his photos used by our local paper The Hull Daily Mail

I would like to ask all of my followers to go and like his videos and subscribe to his channel. He works so hard and deserves something great like his youtube channel to start really seeing some traffic and i want to help him

His youtube channel is WHT68chrisyoung

His Instagram is hullbornandbred

Please help me show him exactly how proud of him i am

Thank you

Loving being me

Loving my husband

Loving my family

So proud of all of them


A Day in Camden Town…….

If you are a regular reader of thegotogirlsblog you will already have an idea of what I like and the things which interest my family and i.  One of those things is visiting London…

There is so much you can do in the capital it would take you a long time to see all the sights and visit all of the fantastic things you have available, I would recommend you do your research before you even book your trip. This will ensure you will not waste your time thinking about what you will do each day, it can be overwhelming trying to decide on the spot.chris phone 850 043

So this time we decided to visit Camden…..

My husband Chris, worked in London for a while but always said he never really got chance to take a look around and see the sights so I thought i would help him change this.  Off we went.

chris 910 210We stayed at the usual Wheatsheaf public house in Tooting Bec, as I said previously it is opposite the tube and easily accessible for all the different tube lines.  We set off early to avoid the mad work time rush you get on all of the tube lines, not that they are really ever empty to ride.

We arrived at the tube station and head off to the main high street as Chris wanted to show me a pub he used to go to which was opposite the Camden Market.  I was quite excited as I had not been to Camden before and heard lots of great things happen down there. First stop shopping….. The shops around here are all bespoke, individual types selling varying types of merchandise.  Shoe and clothes shops, souvenirs, novelty.  Then there are the markets i counted 3 (just on the main high street) the last time we went, i thought there was only one.

All of the markets are similar, my favourite one is he one near the Camden Lock, it has this great little noodle stall.  Believe me when I say these noodles are amazing, you must try them.

The kind of boutique shops I love are all around here, we found this little gem of a shop selling string lights i am not sure what they are made of but the best way to describe them would be a skeleton of a leaf, almost like a mesh made into roses and stringed together to make a row  of lights.  they look amazing in my bedroom.

So we had done a bit of shopping and had something to eat, what to do next….

Go for a drink……. Why not……

Chris told me about the Dublin Castle the first time we went to London, so we kind of make it part of every visit to London.  It was were Madness used to play and Chris is the biggest Madness fan ever, i mean i love them, but he is Madness Bonkers.  It’s quite cute really.

As always visiting London is tiring so a few drinks later and we were ready for home…….

Until we see you next for another tale from the gotogirlsblog…

Loving being me……. See you all soon and thanks for reading my blog


Our Garden….

As you will already of read I love taking photo’s of, well everything.  You know these days you can be anywhere and you have all of the tech you could need in your phone.  I am one of those people who can see the beauty in anything.  I can just be walking down the street and see something random and then see the photo opportunity in my mind’s eye, so out pops the camera.IMG_1233

What you may not know is I also love gardening.  When I moved into this house the garden was bare.  There were no plants, flowers or shape to it, it was in desperate need of a loving touch.  I am not saying i am a good gardener but i am, and so is my husband Chris, a hard worker and i had a vision for this space.  IMG_0126

I always wanted a place to relax and share time with my family and we have had so many fun times in this garden.  As you may of read one of my previous blogs Chris built us a home Tiki bar at the bottom of the garden.  It is like a slice of paradise in our own back yard.  To complement the bar we put in some tropical looking plants, palms I think.  As I said i am not a knowledgeable gardener but i am learning and if i get stuck i google everything.  You will have to forgive me if i make any incorrect statements in this blog relating to gardening, as i said i am no expert.

I always loved my nannas garden when I was a kid it had roses in it, you know the old-fashioned really fragrant deep red ones.  Her favourite perfume was roses roses, I think it was Avon own branded perfume,  it still reminds me of her every time i smell it.  I wanted to put roses in my garden to remind me of her, she had a massive influence on me when i was a child.

Anyway back to the garden, I wanted to have a kind of old English country garden you know roses, lavender, jasmine and honeysuckle

with a kind of tropical outskirt it has passion-flower entwined into the jasmine and honeysuckle, sounds weird but it works and of course the smell of it early on a summer’s morning is out of this world.

I can sit out there in a morning before work with a cup of tea, the birds come and sing, the flowers are buzzing with allsorts of life.  Butterflies, bees, all going about their business.  I try to encourage the local wildlife to set up home and even have a bug hotel.  Theo and I built it with a load of old logs we cut of the apple tree.  I have included in my blog of the evolution of my garden i thought i would share some of the photos i have taken of the flowers i have grown.  I hope you like them.

As always loving being me….

Come back soon for another tale. Thanks for reading….


Theo’s Day out at the park.

Where we live we are really lucky we have a large park, it has a fishing pond, a children’s play area, a paddling pool, img_20170827_1525426922421045493948606.jpg

a bird aviary and a large open green space for sports etc. Its called Pickering Park.


We like to take Theo here for walks especially during warmer weather. The park is about five minutes walk from our house. We usually take drinks and snacks and towels, you never know how long you are going to be out at the park as there is always someone you know. Sometimes you meet new people doing the same things you are, its quite a friendly place where we live which is nice especially for the kids. First stop is the pond, people fishing along the banks, there is quite a bit of wildlife on and around the pond. Ducks, swans and loads of geese, loads of them and they are quite big.

The pond is quite large and takes a while to walk all the way around, there is no point trying to rush your way around, the park is so lovely you have to just take a slow walk around and take in all it has to offer.

The next stop is the children’s play area. Theo loves to go on the swings and slides, he really likes to go on the climbing frame but he is so small we have to stand under him as he is climbing on i ready to catch him if he falls as you cannot tell him he is too small for it.

More recently the local council has put up a climbing wall, an assault course, a zip-line as well as a basket ball court and an outdoor exercise area. Nowadays Theo makes us all exercise when we go to the park. We do exercise anyway but the park is so much more fun to exercise in when we have Theo we cant get away with a few minutes here and there.

He goes on the assault course from start to finish, his little legs hardly fit in the tyres part of the course, they go up to his knees. Right at the back of the park is a bird aviary, it is full of parrots, budgies, chickens, peacocks and loads of others i don’t know the names of.

Next to the aviary is a small pond surrounded by trees and in those trees live loads of very friendly squirrels. The squirrels love monkey nuts and you can actually hand feed them. I don’t know whether Theo was amazed by the presence of squirrels or by the fact they came up to us but his face was a picture. He looked at his gramps as if to say WOW! what are those things?

So that was our day at the park, we all had a great time, got fitter and learned a little about squirrels

As always loving being me, see you soon for more tales of love, life and family,

Love from the gotogirlsblog…..


Theo, his second birthday and the special guest

Ever since Theo was old enough to watch TV he has always loved the minion stories and we missed his first birthday (long story, pre-booked holiday and child born late you know the story) so we had to make up for it on the next one.  We wanted to do something really special for him but what?  We had plenty of inspiration as we had been to America and Universal the year before, what about getting him a minion to come to his party.  Good idea but very expensive or hire the costume and dress up ourselves.

Did we dare, of course we are nothing if we aren’t a bit (well a lot) cuckoo! lol!!!! So off we went to see if we could hire a costume.  It was about a month before his party so were we cutting it a bit fine but we found a costume shop on the internet, called them up and yay! they had a suit free on the day we needed it.  The next we could for see was the toddler/lifesize minion situation.  Would he or the other children at the party like it or would they all run screaming to their parents

How could we find out…….


Shall we try it out on Theo the week before his party………..

Ok! so we did …..

Watch the video to see his reaction ……




So i think it is safe to say Theo liked it, i think we can risk it with the other children so we did.


It was a massive hit, nearly all of the children loved the minion.


I had to take it in turns with my husband and his brother in wearing the costume as it was a hot summer day and you can only wear the costume for about 20 minutes before you start overheating.


It felt so good to get out of it, also we had to lead each other around the garden as it was not easy to see out of the mouth.  Otherwise a great party was had by all.

The only thing left to do was give Theo his present.  He really wanted this when he saw it in the shop so we could not resist getting him it.



Come back soon for another tale of love, life and family…….

Loving being me…..



Jack The Ripper Tour, London

We often go to London, as his was the first place my husband and I went together when we first met so it holds fond memories for us both.  We thought we would go and we heard about this tour to see the site of the Jack the Ripper murders.  As well as being huge fans of London we also love crime and the study of it.

I studied Criminology at University and have been fascinated by it ever since.  So we decided we would book this walk, we did think it would involve being down a lot of dark alleys and we were right.  We met our guide at Aldgate East Tube Station, he turned out to be the author of some Jack The Ripper books, Phillip Hutchinson.




We went around all the sites of the Ripper murders with the darkness crawling in the further we got round, I am not quite sure we went round the murder sites in the order they were committed but in the order of the route  we walked for continuity as other wise we would have walked back and forth and the tour would have been much longer.



We went on about an hour and half walk which covered the following

Mitre Square was the site of the murder of Catherine Eddows apparently you can see late on a night a ghostly figure laid on the road where the body of Catherine was found.

Old Castle Street The site of the murder of Alice Mackenzie, believed to be Jacks last victim by some scholars even though this was 6 months after the last ‘official victim’

Gunthorpe Street The murder site of Martha Turner The First victim this was ‘never confirmed’

Whites Row The murder site of Mary Jane Kelly, this for me was by far the most gruesome of the murders as the Ripper had stopped all night with Mary to disembowel her completely

29 Hanbury St The Murder site of Annie Chapman.  She was found on he street ‘with parts of her body beside her’.

Durward Street The murder site of Mary Anne Nichols.  She had her throat cut and had been ‘gutted like a fish.

Berner St The murder site of Elizabeth Stride She was killed moments before she was discovered.

These pictures below are how some of those murder sites look today


and how they looked back when the murders took place


and some other Jack the Ripper memorabilia

I loved walking around the streets of London on a night, it is not the usual places you would expect to visit on a trip to London.  There are lots of different tours going on around London.  We will be doing all of them as soon as we can.  Our views of the Jack the Ripper Tour was

This tour was very creepy –

very informative –

Worth the time and money –

If you are a fan of crime, serial killers and London this is a must do……. Loved it

See you soon

As always love being me



Easter project with Theo

About a week ago my daughter texts me asking if I could decorate an egg for Easter with Theo as part of his class project. Yes always, I love doing things like this with him and he loves it when we paint or glue, well anything lol.

I went to get stock you know the usual, hat, eggs, bunnies, chicks, glue and glitter.  Theo did not know we where doing this, this weekend so when he got up on Saturday I told him.  As you can imagine he was very excited.  We had two projects we needed to do, first make an Easter bonnet and then paint an egg.  Easy you think, er no! Have you tried sticking things to those hats the amount of glue you have to use is crazy.


We got all of the parts laid out and took them out of the packaging, Theo insisted he must open the glue, as he would be the one using it the most.

We had to come up with a size of glue blob he should use.  He would squeeze the glue tube and I would say go and stop otherwise we would end up with an entire tube of glue in one blob.


We began sticking, eggs, nest, rabbits and carrots among other things, as I said i was worried if we would have enough glue to stick it all on.  Theo is always full of his own ideas for how things will be done and you must always allow him to express these views, i tried to advise him he was wrong once and told him he should ‘do it like this’, you could not imagine his reply.

‘No granny, that is a bad choice, you have to do it like this!!!!!!’

I could not believe my ears, from then on we always listen and agree unless it is dangerous of course.

Back to the project, after about half an hour and half a tube of glue this is what we made


We put some real chocolate eggs loose in the baskets for his friends at foundation class to have when they had the competition, this way they would all get a little something.

There was a few eggs left over so Theo had an idea, he thought he should not waste them so it would be a good choice if he ate them.  So he did….

Onto the next project the egg…..


We had all manner of fun doing this egg, the most fun was teaching Theo how we did not need to buy all of the colours as if we had the main primary colours we could mix and make other colours.  He was fascinated by this and we discussed the mixtures of various colours in great length.  You would not know he was 3 if you had a conversation with him.  His face when I put yellow and blue in his palette and told him to mix them to make green, it was like ok granny have you lost the plot??  When it did make green he was amazed.

What other colours can we make granny?

Any colours you want to make Theo.

That was the start of about an hour of a mixing colours lesson, we ended up with all sorts of colours.  We finally started painting the egg and an array of smaller eggs with various colours we made earlier! lol sounds like Blue Peter I childhood program making craft inspired contraptions, pictures etc.

This is the egg we made.


Theo was so proud of it he had the biggest cheesy grin and could not wait to show his mummy.

So this was the weekend with Theo……

Fun was had by all

Pop back soon for another blog of love, life and family from thegotogirlsblog….

As always loving being me…. Thanks for reading















Harrogate and The Majestic Hotel

As we live in the north-east of England we like to see all the sights of the area, there are a lot of beautiful scenery around here,  if you care to look.  One of our favourite places to visit is Harrogate it is just over an hours drive from home and easily accessible.  We wanted a weekend away but somewhere peaceful, somewhere we can walk and talk without having to navigate a thousand people.  Anyway we had never been to this particular hotel but we saw the photos and were instantly taken by the look of it.  We were not disappointed! You must and I cannot stress this enough you must stay at this hotel…..             The Majestic Hotel………

IMG_20170416_202435 (1)


This hotel has been named correctly it is the most beautiful hotel I personally have ever stayed in.  From the moment you drive up to the check in area you actually feel like a queen pulling up here.  It is like something out of a fairy tale it is just so beautiful.  I could not actually believe how beautiful and bet you all think it was very expensive….

No it was not you certainly will be pleasantly surprised when you check out the website http://www.thecairncollection.co.uk and look for The Majestic Hotel, Harrogate, England.

Anyway we pulled up, parked and went in to check-in, the staff were so polite and pleasant.  We were checked in within minutes and shown to our room.


Surprisingly the room was modern not in keeping with the style of the hotel but I suppose you have to keep up with the times and people these days want modern convenience rather than old-fashioned spaces.  However this was a lovely room, with lots of room, a small seating area and en-suite bathroom.  We did not see the view straight away but when we did it did not let the hotel down at all. We looked out onto the front gardens.



Can you believe the view…… I love a good view and we were not disappointed by the view from The Majestic.  We stayed in The Majestic for a few days but I think we only went out one night as we found we had everything we needed right there.  They have a pool and a spa and the most impressive decor, i just wandered around looking at every little detail of the hotel.  The staircases, the rooms, the architecture was just amazing.  I cannot tell you how gorgeous this hotel is.



So we continue our travels home and abroad always looking for the next beautiful view, the most unusual hotels, the quaintest villages we can find and with the size of the world I don’t see us running out anytime soon.  I hope we go back here but i also intend to check out the website that led me to this hotel, hopefully it will lead me to my next hotel adventure.

Thegotogirlsblog….  loving being me see you soon happy reading x














Travel Tales…… Dominican Republic, Saona Island

We had been in Dominican Republic about a week when the trip to Saona Island finally came around..  We set off early as it would take us a few hours to reach the south coast of the island to meet the boat to take us to Saona Island.  We boarded a small speedboat to take us to the beautiful catamaran was waiting for us when we arrived,  we all boarded and set off.



We did not realise when we booked it but it was a kind of boat party and the crew were soon passing out free drinks, rum and coke were the choice of the day.  I don’t really like rum so i just settled for the coke. The entertainment was fun with lots of dancing and drinking along the way for some and a nice relaxing sunbathing on the netting at the front of the boat for others.



We mingled between the two and took a lot of photos of the journey, we had too.  We had never seen such sights as we were seeing, the blue sky, the green sea and oh the white sand of the island.  It was about an hour and a half from leaving the coach to arriving at the island on the catamaran, wow, it was worth it.  We were dropped of just knee-deep in the Caribbean Sea on the edge of the island.  It was beautiful…….


This was the view from the shoreline as far as the eye could see.  What can you say?

I actually have no words for his view……… We just sat and looked for what seemed like an eternity but then why wouldn’t you.  It’s not everyday you get to look at this.  Then it happened, the call of the wild came.  It was time for a barbecue.


There was a lot of food and drinks served at the barbecue, way more than the amount of people but at least we did not run out.  After the food came rest or playtime depending again what you wanted to do.  Chris and i decided to go and have a rest as we had been up early and no matter how beautiful the island we needed to catch our breath.

We found the perfect spot…..


Bonus! the hammocks were big enough for two……

We laid for while, swinging in the warm breeze of the Caribbean Sea with the sun beaming down on us.  It was so hot it was impossible to lay for too long and time was getting on so we made our move to the sea.  It was warm and clear as you see all the way to the bottom even when you realise you are quite far away from the shore you can still see your feet on the bottom.  I was glad as i am wary of what you might find in the sea especially when you cannot see anything underneath.

The day finally got away from us and we heard he guides shouting for us to all meet on the beach were the speedboats were waiting to take us back to the bus, gutted we did not go back on the catamaran.  Off we went……

The crew did have one final stop for us though and it was a good one.  We travelled about half an hour out at sea and then the boat slowed down.  It still baffles me how this place was originally found, it was a shallow spot in the Caribbean Sea.  The boat stopped and we were told we can get out and ‘have a look around’.  I thought the boat crew had gone mad but they explained to us if you look around you can see how shallow the sea is here and if you are lucky you might spot starfish.  We looked and we did

The crew was very specific on how we may hold them as they are in fact living creatures and we do not want to harm them.  I particularly like the starfish in the picture on the right above, not sure you find many of these in the Caribbean though…..

Anyway we made our way back the resort and spent the remainder of our holidays relaxing,





and going out on the night



which was the perfect way to spend the last few days in one of the most beautiful places in the world i have seen up to now,  The Dominican Republic…..

As always pop back for more tales of love, life & travel from the gotogirlsblog soon… again loving being me….



















Travel Tales…. Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Continued….

We did finally move from the beach and the bar but only back to our room as our first experience of all inclusive was not at all memorable, by this i mean i drank so much i could not remember much from the night before.  Stupid? Yes! but luckily i have a responsible husband who takes good care of me and it was a one off.

We woke the next morning forgetting we were on holiday, you know that feeling when you wake up the first day after you arrive on holiday and forget for the first few seconds where you are then you remember… Yeah we are on holiday!!!

First stop breakfast. We had not been all inclusive before so we were pleasantly surprised by the variety of food and drink there was on offer.  Pancakes, omelettes, cereal, toast to name a few.  After a few different courses and a lot of coffee and juice we went down to the beach to explore.


We walked all along the beach as far as your eyes can see on the photographs, it was so beautiful you could literally walk forever, past all types of hotels lining the coastline.

We stayed and sunbathed for a couple of hours then decided to go to book some trips for during the trip, we decided to book on a boat trip to Saona Island and an outback safari to see some of the real Dominican Republic.

We booked the trips to split up the holiday, we like lazing around on the beach but you can only lay around so much and read so many books before you start getting bored.

The day of the outback trip arrived and we set off in an all terrain vehicle, we were taken to a few different places around Dominican.


We stopped at a house which made coconut oil it was like a little street with a couple of houses….


and a shed full of coconuts, the owners showed us the process for extracting the oil out of the coconuts.  I find it fascinating, i did not even know coconuts produced oil!


Next stop was a cocoa and mamajuana factory, we made a friend here, a little parrot.


It was so cute just sat in a tree watching everyone walking past.  I learnt a few things about fruit that day, i know totally random but…. did you know this is how pineapples grew….


I had no idea but i never really thought much about where or how fruit was grown, i was totally surprised by this one. I also learned mango’s grow in massive trees at the side of the road.


So that was my ‘what i learned today’ covered.

There was another plant we saw while we were there ‘the cocoa plant’ i took this picture but did not see the funny side of it at first, until we were looking back at them when we got home.  What do you think?


We had a chance to sample the chocolate made from these plants, i say chocolate i mean the drink.  Then they let us try the traditional version of the mamajuana, WOW, that was strong.  It was not the version back at the hotel, this was much stronger.  After a wander around the site we set off for the cigar factory,  i keep saying factories, in truth they were like small shops or even stalls by the roadside rather than factories.


It’s great how they make them, they make it look so easy but i bet it is not!

The final stop on this trip was a secluded beach, from far away it looked beautiful but as we approached it we noticed however beautiful some of the tops of the trees were missing.  the guide told us there had been a storm the previous week and it had done quite a lot of damage to the area.

We thought it was still a beautiful place even with some of the tree tops missing.

We had a go at body boarding but to be honest i was not very good at it and i am a little wary of the waves after i got rolled a couple of times and it took my breath.

Want to read more of our trip? pop back tomorrow for the Saona Island Trip, you wont be disappointed.

As always loving being me……






























Goodbye Stanley…..

We lost our dog last Wednesday night he had been a bit poorly for a couple of weeks but particularly the last few days he had got significantly worse then on Wednesday we got home from work and he was unable to stand properly and seemed really disorientated.

We called the vet straight away and the said to come straight away. We bundled Stanley into the car and off we went. We had an idea he would not be coming home with us. This was one of those lose/lose situations.

If we take him to the vets then he might not come home but if we did not take him he would be suffering and we could not let that happen. We arrived at Vets for Pets and took him quickly inside, the beast from the east was roaring away and it was freezing.

We did not want to add to his suffering. The look on the vets and receptionists face told us all we needed to know, we were right to take him to see the vet. We waited about 3 minutes to see the vet, they were very quick.

We took Stanley into the room, the vet took one look and asked us how old he was, he’s 15. She examined him and asked how long he had been like this, a few days now.

She said he looked like he was uncomfortable and because of his age we should probably consider letting him go as if we did not he would not get better as he was a good age for the breed of dog, he was a bull greyhound.

We had an idea this was going to happen but we were not prepared at all for letting him go.

How do you do that?

We had him since he was a puppy and he was the sweetest dog you could ever meet. He was scared of his own shadow and would jump every time he heard the slightest noise.

The stories we could tell you of the antics he got up to, he made us laugh so much over the years. Just one of the times we took him for a walk to the local park we wandered over by the bird cages and the pond, there are so many trees, hence a lot of squirrels.

As we walked a squirrel ran down the tree and jumped out on Stanley. He nearly ran up his own backside, you would have thought he was being attacked by a lion, not a squirrel.

Anyway, I already have tears coming down my face writing this blog, so I must finish.

Goodbye Stanley our beautiful faithful dog, you will suffer no more pain. Go run with your friends who have gone before you

Love you always bless your little paws love your heartbroken owners♥x


Disney, Disney, Disney

I have been thinking about writing this blog for ages as this is in my top 3 travel tales up to now.  The only problem is….. where on earth do I start.  There is so much to tell you about this place and if you have never been YOU HAVE TO GO!!!! IT IS AMAZING!!!!! BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS!!!! (and I have some wild dreams)

So I will start with the different parks

The Magic Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom (My favourite)

Hollywood Studios (Chris’s favourite)


There are also two water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon

The Boardwalk and Disney Springs (previously Downtown Disney) are also here , why am I telling you this, because unlike those of us who have had the chance to go others may not and they may not know how many parks there are.  Also please take note of this small piece of advice, Disney is MASSIVE, each park is MASSIVE, Wear comfortable shoes!! You will regret it if you don’t.

Anyway back to the travel tale, Disney our first trip…….

It was in June 2013, (we had been to Florida in 2011 and went to Universal Studios, more on this in another blog…)  We left Manchester on a Thomson flight direct to Sandford Airport in Orlando.  We have not been to Disneyworld so had no idea what to expect.  We stayed at the Enclave Suites just off International Drive, this we found to be a great place to stop as you are right in the middle of everything and again like everything around us it was massive.

We got our transfer and arrived at the Enclave Suites around 4pm, we dumped the bags got showered and changed and went out for food and drinks to the local Chilli’s.  This place serves the cheapest Margaritas on the drive and its buy one get one free.  The food is great I had sliders (three little burgers), Chris had his favourite Honey glazed chicken (as usual lol) We had a few drinks then back to the room as we were tired from the 9 hour flight and all the waiting about at airports.

The next day we were up early as we were still on UK time (not good) So quick shower and off we went We could not wait to get to the first park but which one would it be?  We finally chose the Magic Kingdom

My beautiful picture


The next thing was, what shall we do first, go on a ride or go for a wander round, choices, choices.

We decided to get straight on a ride, first Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Railroad.  Just so you know I am terrified of heights and therefore rollercoasters, so to ride them was a ‘face my fears moment’ for me

My beautiful picture

We actually ended up queueing for this ride 4 times before we actually got to ride it as it kept breaking down, we really wanted to ride this or we would of given up after a couple of times.

Space mountain was next on the to do list I was quite nervous about this one as it had mountain in the title and as I said I am scared of heights.


We got on and I was really happy to find most of Space Mountain is in the dark, you might wonder why this is good, well if I cant see how can I be scared?

That was enough riding rollercoasters for now so next we went for a walk around to see what Magical Kingdom had to offer. We (well I) wanted to meet and have my photos took with all of the characters, Chris was reluctant to do this as he said it was for kids, I explained to him we are just big kids inside and reminded him how childish we act at home behind closed doors and off we went to find some.

Here are some of the ones we found that day…..


Oh and don’t forget these too (I just love embarrassing the kid in us both LOL!


As usual I cant possibly fit all of the trip into one blog as it would be huge so th