Easter project with Theo

About a week ago my daughter texts me asking if I could decorate an egg for Easter with Theo as part of his class project. Yes always, I love doing things like this with him and he loves it when we paint or glue, well anything lol.

I went to get stock you know the usual, hat, eggs, bunnies, chicks, glue and glitter.  Theo did not know we where doing this, this weekend so when he got up on Saturday I told him.  As you can imagine he was very excited.  We had two projects we needed to do, first make an Easter bonnet and then paint an egg.  Easy you think, er no! Have you tried sticking things to those hats the amount of glue you have to use is crazy.


We got all of the parts laid out and took them out of the packaging, Theo insisted he must open the glue, as he would be the one using it the most.

We had to come up with a size of glue blob he should use.  He would squeeze the glue tube and I would say go and stop otherwise we would end up with an entire tube of glue in one blob.


We began sticking, eggs, nest, rabbits and carrots among other things, as I said i was worried if we would have enough glue to stick it all on.  Theo is always full of his own ideas for how things will be done and you must always allow him to express these views, i tried to advise him he was wrong once and told him he should ‘do it like this’, you could not imagine his reply.

‘No granny, that is a bad choice, you have to do it like this!!!!!!’

I could not believe my ears, from then on we always listen and agree unless it is dangerous of course.

Back to the project, after about half an hour and half a tube of glue this is what we made


We put some real chocolate eggs loose in the baskets for his friends at foundation class to have when they had the competition, this way they would all get a little something.

There was a few eggs left over so Theo had an idea, he thought he should not waste them so it would be a good choice if he ate them.  So he did….

Onto the next project the egg…..


We had all manner of fun doing this egg, the most fun was teaching Theo how we did not need to buy all of the colours as if we had the main primary colours we could mix and make other colours.  He was fascinated by this and we discussed the mixtures of various colours in great length.  You would not know he was 3 if you had a conversation with him.  His face when I put yellow and blue in his palette and told him to mix them to make green, it was like ok granny have you lost the plot??  When it did make green he was amazed.

What other colours can we make granny?

Any colours you want to make Theo.

That was the start of about an hour of a mixing colours lesson, we ended up with all sorts of colours.  We finally started painting the egg and an array of smaller eggs with various colours we made earlier! lol sounds like Blue Peter I childhood program making craft inspired contraptions, pictures etc.

This is the egg we made.


Theo was so proud of it he had the biggest cheesy grin and could not wait to show his mummy.

So this was the weekend with Theo……

Fun was had by all

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Harrogate and The Majestic Hotel

As we live in the north-east of England we like to see all the sights of the area, there are a lot of beautiful scenery around here,  if you care to look.  One of our favourite places to visit is Harrogate it is just over an hours drive from home and easily accessible.  We wanted a weekend away but somewhere peaceful, somewhere we can walk and talk without having to navigate a thousand people.  Anyway we had never been to this particular hotel but we saw the photos and were instantly taken by the look of it.  We were not disappointed! You must and I cannot stress this enough you must stay at this hotel…..             The Majestic Hotel………

IMG_20170416_202435 (1)


This hotel has been named correctly it is the most beautiful hotel I personally have ever stayed in.  From the moment you drive up to the check in area you actually feel like a queen pulling up here.  It is like something out of a fairy tale it is just so beautiful.  I could not actually believe how beautiful and bet you all think it was very expensive….

No it was not you certainly will be pleasantly surprised when you check out the website http://www.thecairncollection.co.uk and look for The Majestic Hotel, Harrogate, England.

Anyway we pulled up, parked and went in to check-in, the staff were so polite and pleasant.  We were checked in within minutes and shown to our room.


Surprisingly the room was modern not in keeping with the style of the hotel but I suppose you have to keep up with the times and people these days want modern convenience rather than old-fashioned spaces.  However this was a lovely room, with lots of room, a small seating area and en-suite bathroom.  We did not see the view straight away but when we did it did not let the hotel down at all. We looked out onto the front gardens.



Can you believe the view…… I love a good view and we were not disappointed by the view from The Majestic.  We stayed in The Majestic for a few days but I think we only went out one night as we found we had everything we needed right there.  They have a pool and a spa and the most impressive decor, i just wandered around looking at every little detail of the hotel.  The staircases, the rooms, the architecture was just amazing.  I cannot tell you how gorgeous this hotel is.



So we continue our travels home and abroad always looking for the next beautiful view, the most unusual hotels, the quaintest villages we can find and with the size of the world I don’t see us running out anytime soon.  I hope we go back here but i also intend to check out the website that led me to this hotel, hopefully it will lead me to my next hotel adventure.

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Travel Tales…… Dominican Republic, Saona Island

We had been in Dominican Republic about a week when the trip to Saona Island finally came around..  We set off early as it would take us a few hours to reach the south coast of the island to meet the boat to take us to Saona Island.  We boarded a small speedboat to take us to the beautiful catamaran was waiting for us when we arrived,  we all boarded and set off.



We did not realise when we booked it but it was a kind of boat party and the crew were soon passing out free drinks, rum and coke were the choice of the day.  I don’t really like rum so i just settled for the coke. The entertainment was fun with lots of dancing and drinking along the way for some and a nice relaxing sunbathing on the netting at the front of the boat for others.



We mingled between the two and took a lot of photos of the journey, we had too.  We had never seen such sights as we were seeing, the blue sky, the green sea and oh the white sand of the island.  It was about an hour and a half from leaving the coach to arriving at the island on the catamaran, wow, it was worth it.  We were dropped of just knee-deep in the Caribbean Sea on the edge of the island.  It was beautiful…….


This was the view from the shoreline as far as the eye could see.  What can you say?

I actually have no words for his view……… We just sat and looked for what seemed like an eternity but then why wouldn’t you.  It’s not everyday you get to look at this.  Then it happened, the call of the wild came.  It was time for a barbecue.


There was a lot of food and drinks served at the barbecue, way more than the amount of people but at least we did not run out.  After the food came rest or playtime depending again what you wanted to do.  Chris and i decided to go and have a rest as we had been up early and no matter how beautiful the island we needed to catch our breath.

We found the perfect spot…..


Bonus! the hammocks were big enough for two……

We laid for while, swinging in the warm breeze of the Caribbean Sea with the sun beaming down on us.  It was so hot it was impossible to lay for too long and time was getting on so we made our move to the sea.  It was warm and clear as you see all the way to the bottom even when you realise you are quite far away from the shore you can still see your feet on the bottom.  I was glad as i am wary of what you might find in the sea especially when you cannot see anything underneath.

The day finally got away from us and we heard he guides shouting for us to all meet on the beach were the speedboats were waiting to take us back to the bus, gutted we did not go back on the catamaran.  Off we went……

The crew did have one final stop for us though and it was a good one.  We travelled about half an hour out at sea and then the boat slowed down.  It still baffles me how this place was originally found, it was a shallow spot in the Caribbean Sea.  The boat stopped and we were told we can get out and ‘have a look around’.  I thought the boat crew had gone mad but they explained to us if you look around you can see how shallow the sea is here and if you are lucky you might spot starfish.  We looked and we did

The crew was very specific on how we may hold them as they are in fact living creatures and we do not want to harm them.  I particularly like the starfish in the picture on the right above, not sure you find many of these in the Caribbean though…..

Anyway we made our way back the resort and spent the remainder of our holidays relaxing,





and going out on the night



which was the perfect way to spend the last few days in one of the most beautiful places in the world i have seen up to now,  The Dominican Republic…..

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Travel Tales…. Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Continued….

We did finally move from the beach and the bar but only back to our room as our first experience of all inclusive was not at all memorable, by this i mean i drank so much i could not remember much from the night before.  Stupid? Yes! but luckily i have a responsible husband who takes good care of me and it was a one off.

We woke the next morning forgetting we were on holiday, you know that feeling when you wake up the first day after you arrive on holiday and forget for the first few seconds where you are then you remember… Yeah we are on holiday!!!

First stop breakfast. We had not been all inclusive before so we were pleasantly surprised by the variety of food and drink there was on offer.  Pancakes, omelettes, cereal, toast to name a few.  After a few different courses and a lot of coffee and juice we went down to the beach to explore.


We walked all along the beach as far as your eyes can see on the photographs, it was so beautiful you could literally walk forever, past all types of hotels lining the coastline.

We stayed and sunbathed for a couple of hours then decided to go to book some trips for during the trip, we decided to book on a boat trip to Saona Island and an outback safari to see some of the real Dominican Republic.

We booked the trips to split up the holiday, we like lazing around on the beach but you can only lay around so much and read so many books before you start getting bored.

The day of the outback trip arrived and we set off in an all terrain vehicle, we were taken to a few different places around Dominican.


We stopped at a house which made coconut oil it was like a little street with a couple of houses….


and a shed full of coconuts, the owners showed us the process for extracting the oil out of the coconuts.  I find it fascinating, i did not even know coconuts produced oil!


Next stop was a cocoa and mamajuana factory, we made a friend here, a little parrot.


It was so cute just sat in a tree watching everyone walking past.  I learnt a few things about fruit that day, i know totally random but…. did you know this is how pineapples grew….


I had no idea but i never really thought much about where or how fruit was grown, i was totally surprised by this one. I also learned mango’s grow in massive trees at the side of the road.


So that was my ‘what i learned today’ covered.

There was another plant we saw while we were there ‘the cocoa plant’ i took this picture but did not see the funny side of it at first, until we were looking back at them when we got home.  What do you think?


We had a chance to sample the chocolate made from these plants, i say chocolate i mean the drink.  Then they let us try the traditional version of the mamajuana, WOW, that was strong.  It was not the version back at the hotel, this was much stronger.  After a wander around the site we set off for the cigar factory,  i keep saying factories, in truth they were like small shops or even stalls by the roadside rather than factories.


It’s great how they make them, they make it look so easy but i bet it is not!

The final stop on this trip was a secluded beach, from far away it looked beautiful but as we approached it we noticed however beautiful some of the tops of the trees were missing.  the guide told us there had been a storm the previous week and it had done quite a lot of damage to the area.

We thought it was still a beautiful place even with some of the tree tops missing.

We had a go at body boarding but to be honest i was not very good at it and i am a little wary of the waves after i got rolled a couple of times and it took my breath.

Want to read more of our trip? pop back tomorrow for the Saona Island Trip, you wont be disappointed.

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Travel Tales…… Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

What a beautiful place to be fortunate enough to be able to visit.  I loved this holiday so much we went back a few years later to the exact same resort.  I know i said i have so many places to visit on my list i will never go back to the same place twice but that was before i visited some of these places.

I never in my wildest dreams imagined some places in the world would be this beautiful let alone the people would be so amazing.  We decided to go to Tunisia as we found a great deal on the internet so off we went to the travel agents – Thomson (now TUI) but the deal we had seen had seen had run out and there was no more places left.

We could still go to Tunisia but it would cost nearly 3 times as much as the deal we saw previously, anyway the lovely sales lady said are you set on Tunisia or are you flexible?

We are flexible what did you have in mind? we asked.

Dominican Republic!!


In the Caribbean?  yes she said

We said YES!!

We did not even know where we were staying or any more details but the mention of the Caribbean was all we needed to know.  Twenty minutes later it was booked and thanks to TUI we had just booked the holiday of our lifetime (at that point)

It was booked for the May which came round really quickly….

Before we knew it we were on the plane and 9 hours later we landed in Punta Cana.  You know when you get off a plane and its boiling hot and the suns shining and the local people are playing traditional music in the airport…… yes hold that thought.  It was even better than we could of imagined.

Our transfer came it took about half an hour i think to get to the resort.  We pulled up and you can not imagine the sight that awaited us….

We got straight of the bus and headed to the bar for a local tipple Mamajuana, we had heard so much about this drink on trip advisor we could not wait to try it..

The next thing we knew the rep was calling us as we should of booked in and gone to the room before we hit the bar YOLO… LOL ….


Off we went to the room on a little golf cart with our bags.  The room was great, the fridge was full of drinks (a little tip we received was leave a few dollars in the fridge for the maid and she puts beer in here and she really does)  We would of left her the dollars anyway as she looked after us so well during our stay.

After we got cleaned up we headed down to the beach.  I have one word (as usual) WOW!!!!!!!!!!  I really mean it WOW !!!!!!! Have a look at what we saw when we got there

Can you actually believe the views.  We could not we just sat here for ages.  The view was good but there was also a bar directly to the right of these photos so…… I thought i would never move again……

As always pop back for another day in the Dominican Republic..


Knaresborough & Mother Shipton’s Cave

What to do on a long lazy day of summer, go to the seaside about half an hour from home or go to the country side for the day which is about half an hour the other way.  If you venture a little bit further afield you can find all manner of little nooks and crannies out in Yorkshire.  Knaresborough is about 70 miles from Hull so just over an hours drive.  It is a great day out for families, you can visit the River Nidd and hire boats, visit Mother Shipton’s Cave or go for a walk up to the castle.

We go up here sometimes when the world is getting you down or you need to get out of the rat race for a bit of peace and quiet.  This is the perfect place to go.  When you arrive the first thing you need is parking and this is the easiest thing to find when you arrive.  Just opposite the entrance to Mother Shipton’s Cave is a reasonably large carpark perfect for going to see all the main attractions Knaresborough has to offer.

To begin we go for a walk down the side of the River Nidd, there is a road/path all the way from railway viaduct to the Castle, which has café’s and little shops strewn along the path.  Great if you fancy lunch or a drink, even an ice-cream.  You can find it all along this little path.  Also keep your eye out for all of the cute little houses on your way down the path.  It is such a quaint little place.

As you walk further down you will see signs directing you to the castle and the steps leading up to the castle.  There are a lot of steps, you may find yourself carrying children a lot up these steps lol!


It is totally worth it when you finally reach the top, the view from up there is truly breath-taking.


Don’t forget to take your camera with you and then lock each other in the little turret, just for the pictures below.


On our way back down we had to stop for a breather and a nice glass of cold lemonade from the riverside café, we sat for a while just watching the world go by.  It was so peaceful, we could of sat there all day but we had tickets to Mother Shipton’s Cave.  So after about half an hour we set off, its only a short walk round from the café to the cave.  Mother Shipton’s Cave has been open since the year 1630.


You go in through the front gate  and follow the path meandering through the woods surrounding the cave.


The scenery is beautiful and if you are lucky you might even pass when the horses are grazing near to the fences


If not you can always have a go on the swings


on your way to the cave….



and the petrifying well…..


This well actually turns items hung here to stone… Weird…

Don’t forget to watch out for Mother Shipton, she is scary….


Read up about her she is truly fascinating.

As usual pop back soon for our next instalment of travels to see were we went next….

Always love being me… just a bit sadder as you know from my recent post (losing our dog Stanley) but hopefully this too will pass and we will begin healing.





Goodbye Stanley…..

We lost our dog last Wednesday night he had been a bit poorly for a couple of weeks but particularly the last few days he had got significantly worse then on Wednesday we got home from work and he was unable to stand properly and seemed really disorientated.

We called the vet straight away and the said to come straight away. We bundled Stanley into the car and off we went. We had an idea he would not be coming home with us. This was one of those lose/lose situations.

If we take him to the vets then he might not come home but if we did not take him he would be suffering and we could not let that happen. We arrived at Vets for Pets and took him quickly inside, the beast from the east was roaring away and it was freezing.

We did not want to add to his suffering. The look on the vets and receptionists face told us all we needed to know, we were right to take him to see the vet. We waited about 3 minutes to see the vet, they were very quick.

We took Stanley into the room, the vet took one look and asked us how old he was, he’s 15. She examined him and asked how long he had been like this, a few days now.

She said he looked like he was uncomfortable and because of his age we should probably consider letting him go as if we did not he would not get better as he was a good age for the breed of dog, he was a bull greyhound.

We had an idea this was going to happen but we were not prepared at all for letting him go.

How do you do that?

We had him since he was a puppy and he was the sweetest dog you could ever meet. He was scared of his own shadow and would jump every time he heard the slightest noise.

The stories we could tell you of the antics he got up to, he made us laugh so much over the years. Just one of the times we took him for a walk to the local park we wandered over by the bird cages and the pond, there are so many trees, hence a lot of squirrels.

As we walked a squirrel ran down the tree and jumped out on Stanley. He nearly ran up his own backside, you would have thought he was being attacked by a lion, not a squirrel.

Anyway, I already have tears coming down my face writing this blog, so I must finish.

Goodbye Stanley our beautiful faithful dog, you will suffer no more pain. Go run with your friends who have gone before you

Love you always bless your little paws love your heartbroken owners♥x