The Go To Girls Blog goes to the Rodeo.

We like to go on trips when we are on holiday so we are not stuck in any one place at a time and we get to see more than one place at a time too.  We were looking on Viator at what trips we could do while we were in America this time and we came across a genuine Western Ranch Rodeo experience.  IMG_0109I have always wanted to go to a dude ranch and see a real rodeo.  We booked it and received the ticket with the details of the day.  The ranch was located at Southern Osceola County.  We were to get picked up at the hotel were we staying at and be taken to the ranch where we would stay for the day .  I heard from my friend that these places do not treat the animals very well which upset me as we love animals but we had already booked the trip and I wanted to go more than ever now just to find out if she was right.  (more on my findings later in the blog) img_20170827_1752551522127073692879440.jpg

The day came and it was one of the most beautiful days I have ever seen, blue skies dotted with fluffy blue clouds, a warm breeze blowing in our faces.  The bus picked us up and off we went, the drive was about one and a half hours and when we arrived the ranch was amazing.  Sprawling fields, golden sunshine it was perfect. The bus driver directed us to the man who will guide us throughout the day.  The day began with my favourite part of the whole trip, the hayride.

We were helped onto a huge trailer on the back of a tractor and we sat on hay bales and off we went.  The tractor drove around the fields of the ranch while a local cowboy played his guitar and sang some old country favourites.  I literally have never been so relaxed in my life.  If i could bottle that feeling i would be rich.  We watched the wildlife as we sat back soaking up the sun.  Apart from stopping a couple of time to open and shut gates the ride seemed to go on forever and we will remember this trip for the rest of our lives and this was only the first part of the day.

What next?  Ooh a bbq.  Yummy we were getting a bit hungry by now. The guide showed us to the bbq area, it was like a wooden marquee with tables and chairs all around and then across the room was a row of tables stocked with food.  BBQ chicken, hot dogs, ribs, burgers you name it, they had it.  We filled up our plates and headed off to find our spot to sit.  We found a table right of the back of the room and got sat down.  Oh no we forgot drinks.  On a table at the side of us were drinks dispensers full of lemonade.

Two glasses of iced lemonade and i was off back to the table.  We loved the bbq, i don’t know how they cooked those ribs but they were delicious.  After the bbq we had a bit of free time to explore the ranch.  There were a few shops which sold genuine cowboy boots and hats.  we had a good look around the shops to pass some time while we waited for the rodeo to start.  The work and detail that went into making these hats and boots was amazing, they were so beautiful i wanted to buy them all but living in the UK when would i wear them?  Such a shame i did not still have a horse!  What next?

IMG_0095 A genuine wild west looking bar!!! OMG! i am in heaven!  the only thing missing was the swinging doors.  I don’t know if they were just in the movies but i really wanted to walk through some.

We went in for a beer and a cool down as it must have been high twenties outside maybe even hotter!  Chris spotted the souvenir glass to get his beer in! Can you guess?  Yes it was a cowboy boot.  He was like a kid in a sweet shop lol!  IMG_0100Can we have a boot-ful of beer and I had a cocktail (of course! although i cannot remember for the life of me what it was called)  Before we know it the time has come for the rodeo to begin. We made our way to the stalls to get a seat with a good view of the show.  The compere of the Westgate Ranch Rodeo came on the microphone and the show began.

First on was the bull riding, i was watching for straps on the bulls privates as my friend had told me they tie them up to make the bull buck and i am not sure but i think she might be right!  I don’t agree with this, although i am not educated enough to make an informed comment on the ethics of this so i wont.  All i will say is i dont think i will go to anther rodeo unless i have researched it so i am able to make an informed decision.  Anyway off my soap box back to the rodeo.  Next was the trick riding, now this was impressive.  Two of the riders were raised on horses and were 6 and 9 years old.  The tricks they did on those horses were so skillful and precise it was truly amazing.

Our daughter would have done this if she was born in America as she was horse crazy when she was small and would literally jump on any horse she could.  This was truly a day to remember, it left me with a pang of guilt about the ethics of animal treatment and i am going to research the subject so i am better informed.  All in all i loved it from start to finish and it gave us a real glimpse into the life of a real dude ranch and all it entails which i dont think either of us will forget in a long time.

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The Go To Girls Blog Visits…… Seaworld.

My beautiful picture
Nice View

It was during our first visit to America we decided to visit Seaworld.  Why? I am not sure, maybe because it’s what you do when you visit Orlando or was it because we live in a port and we love the sea and all things ‘fishy’.  Who knows? Well anyway, off we went.  Seaworld is a mixture of animals and rollercoasters so a perfect combination for me and Chris.  You know he loves rollercoasters and at this point it was before i became brave and started riding rollercoasters like a crazy person.

When we went to America the first time I would not ride any rollercoasters as i was a total chicken poop. LOL!  On with the trip, i have not seen so many aquatic creatures i could not name as i did in this park. I did not even know turtles could grow to this size, it must have been at least 2 or 3 feet long

We went to the usual rays and penguins and sea lions, the list goes on but then we came to this tank and I can tell you i literally did not have a clue what i was looking at.  It was well, all i can describe it as was wow! what is that?  These are my exact words.  It was a big sort of grey flesh balloon, with a small sort of snout and a back flipper.  I had to read the information on the side of the tank (embarrassing i know) to discover what on earth i was looking at.  Turns out it was a Manatee.

I had never seen an animal up close so serene and so beautiful.  It was just bobbing around on the water, a bit like I do when  i am on my lilo.  Onwards we went, to the polar bear, i had no idea they were so big.  It really made me think about how little i knew about animals.  I know about dogs, cats, horses, you know the usual pet type animals we have back home.  Even though i love animals i realise now how little i actually know about animals in general.  It’s like we live in an animal-less  bubble.  So i promised myself i would learn as much as i could while we were there.

Yes you are right how much could i learn in a day but you would be surprised how well-informed the staff are in some of the animal parks you visit.  We tried to ask as many questions as we could and read all of the fact sheets we could find and by the time we left we had learned a lot.  We learned about the Narwhal, the unicorn whale, the hooded seal and the killer whale (we were told by another member of the audience this particular whale had recently killed its trainer, this is obviously unconfirmed)

We went to a fresh fish stall to buy fish for the seals, we were allowed to feed the seals. I asked Chris to pose for a picture whilst throwing a fish, within a second of holding up a fish a heron swooped in and nabbed it right out of his hand.  I happened quicker than I could snap the photo.  We laughed so hard and nearly lost the rest of the fish. If you look carefully at the picture above you can see the bird responsible and the gutted look on the seals face!!! LOL!!

After we had looked around the animals it was time for Chris to unleash his inner child and go and ride some rollercoasters on his own.  I did feel bad leaving him to ride them on his own but not as bad as I would have felt if i had ridden them with him.  Have a look at Chris’s face before the ride.  Would you say he looked a bit nervous?  I did but he denied it! Obviously he would he is a man after all.

Check out his face when he finishes riding them.  My beautiful pictureSo funny! Just like the big kid he is.

As usual we had a great day and telling our stories brings back some amazing memories.

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Charity Starts At Home…….. Hull & Haltemprice – Living with Water.

You may or may not know much about Hull but back in 2007 we suffered terrible flooding which saw thousands displaced for years.  Thankfully, something is being done about making sure we are prepared for it if it happens again.  I found out about this event on my dinner  from work and thought it is not my usual blog topic but Hull is very important to me. If I can get the word out even a bit for them then it would be worth writing about.  It is called ‘Hull and Haltemprice Living with Water’.

This is a partnership between Hull City Council, East Riding of  Yorkshire Council, The Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water. They have a vision where water is ‘not seen as a threat from flooding but where communities thrive, This event is to raise awareness and money they are rolling out an event called Hull-timate Challenge?  It got me interested with the display of a small part of what we can expect.img_20180706_1255012411351267558980507.jpg

Imagine an obstacle course so large it runs around the entire city centre of Hull of around 5km.  Yes, that’s 5km of obstacles.  It is family friendly course and can be done by any age from 4 upwards.  There is the option to do 7.5km or even 10km for the more seasoned athlete, obviously i will be doing the children’s one.  LOL!!

I met a very lovely volunteer img_20180706_1254262265696507928709251.jpg(sorry, how rude of me i did not take your name for my blog, please comment your name below so i can include you.) who introduced me to this guy, img_20180706_125635512704626245383187.jpgRob Edmond, who is running the show.  He told me anyone wanting to know more of the Hull-timate Challenge can visit livingwithwater.co.uk

Learn all about the fun day here in Hull.  The dates for the Hull-timate Challenge are 20th & 21st October 2018 (plenty or time to train) and tickets are available from just £5* (if you live in Hull)

Please have a look and support my home town I love it so much.  The Hull-timate Challenge can be walked or ran, we just need your support or even better if you can attend, we would love to see you.img_20180706_1258138522478401938401993.jpg

Just a few tips on, What to do if you are under threat of flooding, I learned from Rob and his team. I thought the whole world could use these tips, as i know we are not the only place who are under threat of floods.  Weirdly enough i did not know any of these things  so in a flood i would have been less that useless.

  1. You can check now, does your insurance cover flooding? and do you know how to turn off electric, gas and water?
  2. If, hopefully not, you get a flood warning, check on children, elderly family members and neighbours and pets.
  3. To stop or slow water entering your home, fill plastic bags or pillow cases with mud and place in sinks and toilets or buy and fit floorboards to your doors.

I did not know about the bags in sinks and toilets so that is my something learned today.

That just about wraps up my blog and all the information provided in this blog has come courtesy of Rob Edmond and his team from Living with Water

So thanks to them for their contribution to this blog and don’t forget show your support and make it a day out with your families.  Let me know you are coming and I will pop and meet you, we can do another blog about the event as it happens and get some of you lovely supporters pictures on the blog too.

Again thanks for reading , please support @hultimatechallenge on Facebook and @livingwithh2o on twitter.

Aah, My first helpful Charity blog… It warms my heart to help the city I love.  HULL……

Loving being me…….

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Hells Bells…… Tenerife Style

My beautiful picture
Beautiful views.

It was one of those days when you start thinking of holidays, to be honest, there are not many days I am not thinking about our next holiday. Again comes the predicament…… Where? We did not have much time to book or pay as we had left it really late this time to book. We decided somewhere cheap and cheerful. The day before we had seen an advert from Teletext about cheap all-inclusive holidays to Tenerife. If you read my blog regularly you will know we had a great time last time we went. Although we always say we never want to go to the same place twice, sometimes you have to break your own rules. We looked into the deal they were offering and before we could say Tenerife here we come, we had booked it!. LOL!

We usually book holidays well in advance so we have longer to pay and this then allows us to spend that little bit more on a better holiday. This time was going to be different in more ways than we thought!?!? We flew from Doncaster on Ryanair. We had not flown with this company before but we got what we paid for a basic budget plane. This made me uneasy as I am scared of flying and heights and I find some comfort in traveling on the nicer airlines. I am not sure if this I based on the fact that you pay more you are flying on a safer plane or not. ( I should research that.)

Anyway, the plane was very basic and quite cramped, this meant Chris was going to be uncomfortable all the way and there was nothing to take your mind off the plane journey. It was lucky we always take some form of gadgets with us, laptop or Nintendo DS. This kept us busy for the four hours it took to get there.

We finally landed and thought how happy we were to be off that plane. We got transferred to the resort arriving around 10 ish and as you get a quick change and then out for something to eat. This is where the reality of this holiday started kicking in. We walked to the reception for directions and were shown where to go by a lovely receptionist and off we went. Happily walking along the streets with the directions we were given and Chris turned and said its a bit quiet for 10. When we go on holiday usually at 10, the nightlife is just starting.

We kept walking thinking we must be in a quiet part of the resort and would soon stumble upon the ‘wild’ life. No, we walked and walked and walked and still nothing. Then we arrived at the water’s edge, this is where the receptionist had told us to go. We thought she .just of made a mistake so stopped a local and asked where we in the right place. Oh yes, he said but everything closes around here at 8. Why? Was all that came out when I tried to reply. They just do. Was his reply we don’t get many tourists this time of year. Great, then we realised the irony of where we were the ‘ Costa Silencio’ or the Silent Coast. Was the clue in the title!?!?!?

We should really pay more attention sometimes when we book things. So there we were on the silent coast with no where open, what do you do?  All we could do was go back to the hotel and go to bed!  Great start to the holiday? Yes we thought the same!

It surely must get better than this?  But did it? Read on to find out!

We woke up bright and early the next morning, so all refreshed and extremely hungry we headed down for breakfast.  This was going to be the best breakfast ever as we remembered we had gone all-inclusive.  From previous experience of all inclusive we were in for a treat.  We almost ran into the dining room and then almost ran back out in shock!  The all inclusive we were promised was a basic continental breakfast.

Not that we don’t like a continental breakfast but when all it consists of is tea, coffee, croissants, toast and a small selection of fruit, we don’t call his a continental breakfast!!  We ate it anyway as we were starving by this point and then headed out to find something more substantial to eat.  We brought back to the room a stock of food and drink and this turned out to be the saviour of our holiday as the standard of food at this hotel was not good and was not getting better as our stay progressed.

Oh well, the foods not great let’s go and explore the hotel.  It did not get better.  I have never seen such a small beach in my life, our garden at home was wider!  I am not kidding it can’t of been more than 9 metres across.  If you happen not to believe us comment and I will give you the name of the hotel and you can go and see for yourselves.  Go on really I dare you!!  I would say we laid on the beach but we never, this was the first time i have not sun bathed at any hotel abroad i have stayed at.

We finally gave in went to lay around the pool. the height of our day was lying around the pool reading a book.  We stayed at the hotel for dinner and then drinks on the night, at least we could dull the boredom of the holidays with a few cocktails.  Yes you guessed it, no we could not?  Why? you ask, the all-inclusive consisted of, a wine tap, a beer tap and vodka! They are still drinks why are we complaining.

We were used to being spoilt on all inclusive holidays and never have had such a dreadful time as this.  I know we are spoilt but if you pay for the nice holidays you expect them all the time.  Then we remembered this was a cheap and cheerful holiday and that is what we got.  But shouldn’t all holidays have a certain standard?  No, apparently! Much to our dismay.  This was only day one of seven.  We vowed to not carry on staying at this hotel but we could not get moved, even when we were going to pay for another hotel.  We did find a way out of this dilemma though.

The bus to Los Christianos and Las Americas! and we caught it every day for the rest of the holiday sometimes twice going out day and night just to stay away from the Hells Bells Hotel (this was the comedy hotel of horrors in Carry on Abroad) Our hotel had a similar name weirdly enough.  So the rest of the holiday was the usual beach during the day and the bars and clubs of Tenerife all night.  Then and only then back to the hotel from hell.  We still had a great time (after the first day) The scenery around this area is after all spectacular.

That will be the end of this partly drastic tale of our second trip to Tenerife that did however turned out fine.

Thanks for reading my latest tale of our travels.

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Beverley (K)Nights…….

Winter had finally gone, Spring flew past and finally SUMMER IS HERE IN THE UK!!!! It has been so long since the last time I had been out with Chris and our friends.  All of a sudden our calendar was booked up and we were even having to ask people to rearrange so we could fit them all in.  We had been asked out by our friends to go to Beverley.  This is a historic market town about twenty minutes out of Hull. img_20180630_212211136550814110289336.jpg

It’s a quaint little place with little nooks and crannies all over the place.  There is a market place and a race course and the loveliest wooded area called Beverley Westwood.  Here the cows roam free and the kids play on rope swings and hopefully don’t fall in the cow clap! (Cow poo) LOL! There is an old ruin of a Windmill on the top of the hill.  People walk here a lot with families and dogs, kids ride their bikes, it’s a very relaxing place.

Anyway as usual I go off topic, we got to Beverley around 7:45 pm and went to a pub called The Cornerhouse on the corner (i know weird) of one of the main streets through Beverley.  It was a nice little pub with a nice beer garden at the back.  Ooh and they sold Mojito’s so i loved it and as my friend Jill calls me i am ‘Cocktail Girl’ as you can guess from the name i love cocktails.  This was brought about by our travel tales and the fact most of the places we visit have cocktail bars. img_20180630_2312483549407876775594383.jpg

I like to try different things were ever we go, drinks or food.  We had been to meet Chris’s old friend Tim’s, new partner Jane, who was lovely by the way. We found all of the tables in the garden were taken, however, one of the tables only had two people on it.  We asked if they would mind sharing?  A very lovely lady and her mother said of course and during a conversation with them we found it was the ladies mother’s birthday.  Aaaw how lovely.  We had our drinks and as you do move on the next pub!! I wonder what cocktails they will sell in the next pub! img_20180630_2053058697314536970609916.jpg

So off to the Cross Keys.  I always feel like I am taking part in the Simon Pegg Movie The World’s End (12 drinks in 12 pubs)

I always ask for a cocktail menu when we go out as I don’t drink lager and i can’t drink wine when i go out as i get drunk really quickly on wine, plus as i said i love cocktails.  Most staff in public houses have knowledge of cocktail making and what cocktails they bar they work in.  Not in The Cross Keys!  Sorry Owner of Cross Keys but you need better training for your staff.  I went to the bar and asked if they served cocktails.  Yes, we sell all sorts of cocktails, said the young barman.  Ok Great, i will have a Long Island Iced Tea please.

This is one of my favourite cocktails and I was really looking forward to it.  No sorry, he said we don’t sell those.  Ok, no problem i thought, i will have a Margarita, everywhere can whip up a Margarita, can’t they?  No sorry, we don’t serve Margarita! Ok third time lucky, can i have a Mojito then, er no sorry we don’t serve Mojito.  By this time i was getting a bit fed up, i thought you said you served all sorts of cocktails?  Why don’t you tell me what you do sell and i will choose from those.

We sell Purple Rain and…….  I stopped him there I will take a Purple Rain.  I could not stand any more to-ing and fro-ing or this guessing game of cocktails it was boiling, i was boiling and i just wanted to get out into the beer garden, into the cool breeze!  We paid for our drinks and made our way to join our friends outside.  We were chatting about what we had all been up to over the last few months as it had been a while since i had seen Jill and Keith.  I was telling them how well the blog was going and how surprised i was by this.

Two lovely young women were sat on the next table to us and joined in our conversation, thanks Amore and Nina for the interest in my blog. By the way loved the outfits! (don’t forget to follow thegotogirlsblog) I told you I would include you in my blog LOL!

We moved on to The Green Dragon, and a bottle of Blue WKD  just to keep my alcohol level down a bit.  The beer garden in here was quaint with a wall completely made up of fake greenery (an idea I might use in my own garden it looked so good.

Then to The Grapes

Pizza anyone! (just because it was there) and to a young lady with initiative.  She had just started making cocktails but…. had a sheet with all of the various cocktail recipes on it.  Although it took a while I got my cocktail and an apology off the young lady who served me for the time it took.  Obviously i said it was fine as she at least used her initiative, so thanks to the Staff of The Grapes.   I finally got my Long Island Iced Tea and a free Woo Woo.  (Buy one get one free) I did not have both, Thanks Jill for helping me out with that!

A bit disappointed they did not have a beer garden as it was still hot outside but what can you do.  Onto the Kings Head.  This was full to bursting and I had enough cocktails by this point so just a vodka and lemonade was the drink for me, poor Chris he was drinking J2O all night as he was driving.  img_20180630_2238561710106491225935521.jpg Not a bad pub, very lively and busy so it must be doing something right.  Again no beer garden but I needed a sit down by this time as my feet were beginning to hurt as i don’t usually wear heels but thought I should make the effort as i had not been out for ages.

So a dress and high heels for tonight’s attire.  It was getting close to closing so last orders of the day were to be at……. drum roll please….. only kidding.  LOL!

Back to the Green Dragon and the lovely beer garden.  Amazingly it was still warm out, this may be normal where you live but here in Hull it is not normally hot.  The final drink of the night and then a walk back to the car, as I said Chris was not drinking as he drove.  We did not want to get train and taxi to Beverley and Taxi can be costly.

I woke up this morning luckily without a hang over and I even slept in until 9.30.  I never sleep in. EVER! Chris was up late too even though he did not drink.  This never happens either.

All in all a great night and my thanks to mine and Chris’s friends Jill, Keith, Tim and Jane.  See you all again soon xxxx

Anyway thanks for reading my story…..

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Fabrique Belgique

We had already been on holiday to the Dominican Republic earlier in the year but thought we could do with a little ‘city break’, just a few days off to relax and unwind.  Again we had no idea where.  Why would we, we always ‘fly by the seats of our pants’.  We see something, then we do it.  We hear about a place from friends, family or well, basically anyone.  So where was it going to be this time? Well we live in a port! so why not catch a boat? but where to?

Made by Samsung DVC

Then it came to us like a bolt of lightning! North Sea Ferries are across the city and will take us to Holland or Belgium.  So which country, at the toss of a coin it was decided It would be Belgium!  We did not know anything about Belgium so we did a little research.  There was a lot of cultural things to do visiting galleries and museums etc on one website and then there was other more relaxing and fun things.  We could not choose so we thought we would do the usual and ‘fly by the seat of our pants’ and see where the trip took us.

Made by Samsung DVC

We booked two nights and a day trip, this was one night on the ferry, all day in Bruges and then catch the ferry back that night.  We boarded the ferry around 5 on the Friday and set sail around seven.  We were not keen on the ferry journey as apart from a game of bingo and a really bad cabaret  act there was not much to do. To make matters worse we were given a room, when I say a room it was like a broom cupboard.  I know it was cheap but i expected more from North Sea Ferries.  I hear they have updated and upgraded their ships now so we might try them again.

We arrived in the port about eight on the Saturday and got the coach to Bruges.We went straight towards the canals as we had heard some good things to do on the coach trip.  We found a canal cruise pretty easy and for a few euros we were off down the canals.  I have no idea where they took us on the cruise, we should really pay more attention on these trips and ask more questions about where we are and were we are going.  We saw some of the most beautiful architecture of the city while coasting down the back street canals. You can see in some of the photos we took while we were there.

After we finished on the canal boat we went for a walk around the cobbled streets, it reminded me of home as back in Hull, around the old town there are lots of cobbled streets.  We followed one of the cobbled streets for what seemed like an age until we came across the most amazing plaza, the buildings around were so beautiful.  Then I spotted it, the horse and cart ride.  i love horses, when i was small i would ride any horse i could find then i grew up and bought one.

There are lots of horses where i live so it was again reminding me of home.  We got aboard the cart and then asked the driver how much usually we would ask first then board but in this case i wanted to go for a ride and we did not care how much it cost.  The boat trip was cheap so it was ok if it was a bit more expensive.  The driver took us around the city showing off his knowledge of the local area.  It was worth the money we had been on a trip of he back streets and the canal, now we were on the main streets on a horse and cart.

The horse was so well-behaved and was really well looked after too.  We had a horse break in the middle of the ride so the horse could relax for a while.  That was nice of the driver.  We like animal lovers and those who take care of them.  The day was running away from us and we only had a few hours left so we had to decided on one last stop, well i say we decided, Chris did and yes you guessed it a visit to the Leffe Brewery and it even had a bee tasting at the end of the tour.  We went into the brewery and were shown around were they brew the beer followed by a sort of museum of beer tour.  There were all sorts of memorabilia,

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beer making paraphernalia

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and a lot of old beer cans, lots and lots of old beer cans.

Made by Samsung DVC


Then my worst fear, totally unexpectedly the tour guide took us to see the views of the city, from the roof!  Yes, you heard me right a beer tour guide took us on the roof, a very, very, high roof top to see the view.

Made by Samsung DVC

I was terrified.  But!!!!! I had Chris with me and i held his hand very tight, the same tightness as i hold it when the plane takes off or the rollercoasters are too scary for me.  He always takes really good care of me and is always there to hold my hand when i am scared. I love him for that.    Its a good job we went beer tasting after that hair raising experience.

That was the end of that trip we had to get back to meet the ferry by five and it was around four, so we had to leave and quick to get the coach.

We did not want to miss the ferry back home.  Again we got on the ferry and to our shock they actually put us in a smaller room then the one we came in!  We were astonished they could find a smaller room but this was the size of a toilet.  We were so glad when the ferry docked the following morning, we headed back home to our lovely big bedroom.

Well that’s another tale from thegotogirlsblog, thank you for reading, I hope you liked it.

Come back next time for another tale of love, life, family and travel…

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Tenerife, Fun in the Sun.

It was that time of year again and we were ready for a holiday.  You know when you have been working non stop for months, if you don’t have a holiday soon your going to lose the plot.  So where were we going to go this time? We did not want to go on a long flight so somewhere local-ish and Tenerife seemed like a good choice.  We chose to go to one of the more popular resorts as we just wanted to relax and have a bit of fun.  Sunbathing and drinking were the orders of the day for this holiday.  Not our usual type of holiday but that’s what we said we needed, something we don’t usually do.

We booked Oro Blanco in Playa De Las Americas, turns out it was pretty central to almost everything.  We booked in around 8pm, dropped off out suitcases got a quick change and went out to explore.  We were kind of sandwiched between all of the bars.  If you walked out of the hotel and walked left you follow the road and down to all the bars and the black beach, this is because it is a volcanic beach.  028 (2)When you turned right out of the hotel you walk for a while, first right turn and left at the bottom of the street, then you find all of the other bars and if you walk far enough down the road you reach the white beach.  The views off  the hotel balcony were amazing, you can see the volcanic mountains in the distance, however the best view was walking back up the small hill to the hotel and the view in the distance was breath-taking.

We found a small bar just around the corner from the hotel which served the best frozen mojito’s, they also sold them by the jug.  We ordered a jug and settled in for the next couple of hours as we had just arrived we did not want to go far and this seemed like a perfect little spot.  After a jug (or two) of mojitos we checked the time and boy had the time flown while we were having fun, it was eleven o’clock.  We had been up early that day for the trip to the airport and the flight so decided to make our way back to the hotel and then we could head out fresh for the beach in the morning.

We went out early for breakfast all packed up ready for the laziest day on the beach we could manage.  We were in the resort of Las Americas but when we go to the beach here it was black and we just did not like it.  It looked beautiful but we were spoilt and were used to white sandy beaches so it was not what we were used to so we moved on further up the beach.  We settled on the next beach up which was Los Christianos.  Now this was more our kind of beach.

Beautiful golden sands with a promenade which stretched as far as the eye could see.  It was surrounded by shops and restaurants and those little holiday trinket shops, overflowing with shell and pebbles formed into little keep-sakes.  We paid for the beds for the day and got the towels laid out on them.  Then headed to the nearest cafe for breakfast and a mimosa.  Well we are on holiday and it does have fresh orange in it. LOL!  I like to try the local cuisine when and where we can but sometimes there just is not the option of something I like.  I can usually find something but for some reason the only option was the good old English breakfast.

This is for those of you who have never had one, bacon, sausage, egg, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes. The list can go on and on in lots of variations all or some of the above can be included.  Anyway after a good breakfast, we headed back to our beds on the beach, via the nearest bar for a frozen mojito to take with us.  Surprisingly they were really cheap, about three euro’s I think.  Onto the beach for a very lazy day and i actually got to read a book.  My book of choice was  Ultimate Hard B********d’s  by Kate Kray.  A fascinating look into the infamous and the famous.  I actually got to read all of this book during the week we were in Tenerife.  I never get to just sit and read, our lives are so busy.  It was so nice.  Around three o’clock that day we packed up and headed back to the hotel as we were all sunned out.  Plus it was so hot we did not want to get sunstroke.  We headed back and this is where we actually first saw the amazing view up the hill towards our hotel and this view served us well during our trip as we did get lost  a few time while we were walking around. 086 The way we navigated around was with this view.  If we got lost we would walk down the road we knew and when we saw roads heading up if it had this view we knew we were at the right street. LOL!  We arrived back at our hotel and I had my usual afternoon siesta! Chris does not have them, it amazes me after all the sun how he keeps his eyes open.  A couple of hours and a shower later i was back up ready for the night out.  I said to Chris if he wants to stay out late we would have to go out later as i am a lightweight when it comes to drinking, a couple of cocktails and i am quite tipsy. LOL!  So we went out around ten and for a change we went left out of the hotel.  We found this was the more lively night out going this way there was bar next to bar next to bar.

Lineker’s, China Whites, Veronica’s more I cannot think of the names but all of them offering something for nothing.  Come in here, free shots, free fishbowls, two for one, buy one get one half price, free, free, free.  This is all we heard all night.  You name it they used it to get you into the bars.  To be honest if we had not had a drink we would have got fed up of all of them bugging us all night but after a few cocktails we really just went with the flow after all you only live once.  So just do it all we thought.  We are going to live our lives and this holiday is going to be out of our comfort zone but so what!

We don’t even know what time we rolled in that night, but we knew we had a lot to drink that night when we woke up the next morning.  We pretty much repeated this day for the next six days as I said we are only going to live once and if we were going to do this we were going to do it properly!  So there is not really anything more i can tell you about this holiday apart from we have not repeated it to such an extent again, maybe the odd day on other holidays but that’s it so i will leave it there until next time.

Anyway thanks for reading, please come again for another tale of love, life, family and our travel escapades.

For now Loving being me

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From Hull and back…..

amsterdam architecture building capital
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

One thing you may not know about me is I have an impatient streak.  Some people say impatient and some people say go-getter.  I say impatience is a virtue not patience.  You don’t get anywhere quick being patience.  So i will tell you why i am telling you this.  I used to be in the brownies when i was little.  For those of you who dont know, brownies are girl guides or girls scouts in the USA but just younger.

During my time in the brownies one thing i learned was to ‘be prepared’.  I have always loved this phrase.  It has served me well throughout life.  Now i am older this is now ingrained into my life.  Why am i telling you this?  In my last blog post i told you about Theo, a holiday and a leak.  This is the ‘holiday’ part of the story continued.  We booked to go to Amsterdam for a city break for four days and it got me thinking about Amsterdam.

amsterdam canal lights red light district
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

The truth is i have not got a clue about Amsterdam apart from this is where the Van Gogh Museum is.  As i said i like to be prepared so i went and opened my laptop and started researching ‘Things to do in Amsterdam’  I came cross all-sorts to do, boat trips on the canals, walks around the Red Light District and the coffee shop tours.  Apparently these are all of he traditional things to do when visiting Amsterdam.

The thing is Chris and i don’t like to do the usual, traditional things.  We like to do the unusual, go to the places where  you dream about going.  I started looking for ‘the unusual’ and gosh is there a lot of unusual things to do in Amsterdam.  The mere fact there is so much to choose from was a bit daunting to start.  Escape rooms, chocolate and ghost tours to name a few.

beach blue colors daytime
Photo by Stas Knop on Pexels.com

The thing that surprised me was Amsterdam has a beach.  I had no idea, i thought it was landlocked but no, it has a beach.  Again, i am rambling back to things to do.  We decided we would choose two things each to do each as we are only going for four days.  Chris chose first and i had an idea what he would choose, he always chooses the same beer and football.  Guess what? i was right.

His choices are a tour of The Heineken Brewery followed by a tour of the football stadium called Johan Cruijff Arena.  This where the team Ajax play. So Chris’ contribution to our city break as usual is beer and football.  Mine however as always brings a slice of something different.  Although Chris and I are a lot alike there are somethings which distinguish us as total individuals.  I love art, culture, history and i love a good mystery.

shallow focus photography of yellow sunflower field under sunny sky
Photo by Susanne suju on Pexels.com

My choices for the trip will add some of all of this to the four-day break.  My first choice is as you probably guessed The Van Gogh Museum and i have already prepared Chris for a lengthy visit to this museum.  I cannot tell you how excited i am to visit ‘The Van Gogh Museum’.  I am going to get to see with m own eyes the paintings i have idolised since i can remember.  My all time favourite has to be Orchard in Blossom with a view of Arles, an oil on canvas.

It has the most beautiful colours in it deep blues and greens as green as real life.  I am not sure if this painting is as well-known as some of his works but i fell in love with it as soon as i saw it.  I really hope this one is in the gallery.  In case any of my readers have ever been and know if this painting is at the museum leave a comment.  Anyway The Van Gogh Museum is my number one choice.  My other choice is a bit out of the box but as i said before i love a mystery.

So my final choice is… The Mystery of the Secret Sender.  This is ‘a new way to explore a city’ , you follow clues, explore the city, solve the puzzles and therefore the mystery.  WOW, i am beyond excited for this week as i am for most of the things in my life ans yes i will follow-up with all of the photos and another post on the actual trip as soon as we get back so please watch out for that one i promise its going to be another adventure from the travel tales of thegotogirlsblog

PS.. Sorry i have not included my own photos in this blog post, i always use my own but i have not been yet so i don’t have any.  I will post extras with the post to make up.

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(especially now the carpet is drying out after the leak, more on that story later)

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Theo, a holiday and a leak…..

What a weekend! I was not going to blog about the weekend but it turned out to be an eventful one. It all started really good Theo came with Chris to pick me up from work on Friday,

which was great as he has been in Spain for the last week so we missed an entire weekend with him.

A quick trip to Asda to replenish Theos cupboard, drinks and treats are always needed in case he gets thirsty or peckish he can just help his self. I found this while i was looking for vouchers

He has has this since he was big enough to open the cupboard as we wanted to feel as much at home here as he does at his actual home.

We got home and the neighbours were all hanging about,

the kids were all out playing. We don’t usually have time to ” playout” lol! But as it was a nice night and we had Theo for the whole weekend we thought we could let him playout with the other kids down the street.

It brought back memories of a time gone by when his mummy and uncle used to be playing out with the last generation of kids on the street and we were the parents watching our children on their bikes and scooters.

It was amazing watching Theo playing, especially as he reminds me so much of his mummy. She was always out playing with her little friends and her brother although she did have more accidents than any other child in the neighbourhood.

I hope Theo does not follow her in this respect. We ended up staying out pretty late but as it was a one off it was fine. We are always careful not to let Theo get out of his bedtime routine but a late night now and again won’t hurt.

A couple of hours later, we sat and watched the most beautiful sunset we had seen for a while but Theo was tired so we went in got ready for bed and off to Bedfordshire (bed). I was at work on Saturday morning so Chris and Theo dropped me off and went home for a couple of hours, they love a bit of Theo and gramps time.

The morning went really quick (luckily) and before I know it they were picking me back up. I wanted to pop into the town (the city centre) to go to the travel agents to book a trip for our wedding anniversary. I can’t actually believe it but Chris and I are celebrating out tenth wedding anniversary and we are so happy about this.

Apparently most marriages only last seven years these days which is shocking to us, I hope this fact is not true and even if it is, it is not going to be part of our story. We decided to book to go away but did not know where all we knew was the dates we had booked off from work. We parked the car in Princes Quay one of the three shopping centres in Hull town centre and headed off to the nearest travel agent.

We were going to book a week in Ibiza as we had so much fun last time we went and it was ten years ago since we went just after our honeymoon.

We looked at various different trips but we were really tight on time and would of ended up flying back him and having to go straight into work on the Saturday so decided to change destination and trip length so we had a bit of time to breathe. We settled on Amsterdam, I love Van Gogh and his work ( I even have my own exhibition in our hallway at home, posters obviously) so where better to go than Amsterdam the home of the Van Gogh Museum.

The lady in the travel agent was really nice even though we were there about 2 hours as her computer kept crashing. We eventually found the hotel a couple of miles out of Amsterdam centre and a flight which takes just over an hour. That’s the shortest flight we will have been on.

At last we got out of the travel agents and went for something to eat, it is hungry work sat in travel agents. We went to a place called Wings, its an “all you can eat” multi cultural buffet. We have not been there yet and did not know what we were missing. What a mistake that was! It was amazing, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Japenese…… Chris had the great idea, he would try and eat his way through all the countries in the restaurant.

That turned out to not be a great idea. He had three out of four countries and pancakes and icecream. I really don’t know where he puts it. What he forgot was we had quite a walk back to the car and in his ‘stuffed state’ was sorry he’s ate so much. He couldn’t wait to get home. Lol! We promised Theo a trip to the toy shop as he had been so good in town, he chose a Paw Patrol toy.

This was a good choice as it has kept him quiet for hours. Finally we set off home to have a rest or so we thought!!!! We got in everything was fine until we went to turn the tv on. As I went towards the TV my foot got wet, has Theo spilt his drink when I was at work?, I asked. No! Why? Chris asked. Well the carpets wet! Ok I don’t know why. I pulled the curtain back and that was wet too.

Then it hit me! Literally a small jet of water hit me. The radiator had burst and the water was coming out all over the floor. We are not sure how long it had been leaking as the curtain was covering the hole.

Chris luckily knew what to do and turned the radiator off but the water did not stop. Chris explained to me the radiator was full of water and would carry on leaking until it was emptied so we put bowls under it to catch the water.

I called the insurance to get them to send an emergency plumber. Guess what? Did you guess? We were not covered for emergency water leak! Nooooooooooooo! But we are covered for the damage the water causes!? Great but the water is still leaking out of the radiator and we still need a plumber. Just to top the conversation the insurance man said and don’t forget your excess is £300.

Nooooooooooo! I hung up and then remembered we also have British Gas cover so I called them. Yes madam he said this is covered on your policy! Yesssssssss! I will send a plumber. Yesssssssss! Thank you so much. In the next four hours! Nooooooooo! The water is still leaking out of the radiator. Can you get them here any quicker? No sorry that’s the emergency appointment time!

Ok reluctantly I hung up. We waited and waited and waited. Four hours, five hours, six hours and now the time is midnight. The gas man is not coming now and the water is still leaking but the radiator must be nearly empty by now!? We finally gave up and went to bed leaving this scene. Carpet soaking, pointless insurance policies and a very unhappy and tired me!

We all fell asleep and woke up this morning in a panic running down stairs to check the status of the radiator. Luckily it was just dripping now it was finally empty, more or less. At this point we are still waiting for the plumber but have to drop Theo back to his mummy and daddy so will have to wait to call the plumber back and see when they will be coming. So for now I can’t tell you any more but we will update you soon on this and a few other ongoing blog posts. Again thanks for reading.

Still loving being me ( with a wet floor not so much)

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The Day the world turned brighter…. Theo Day!

So by now you will all know how much my family means to me and you have all got to know me and my family through my blog so I thought I would share a few personal photos of the first few days of Theo’s life. I thought i could also give you and insight into why the world was brighter with Theo in it.  I was at work when I found out my daughter was in labour as I have said in a previous blog “Welcome to the world Theo” but I did not really share many photos of that day and the following few days so here are some. I hope you like them as much as we do.


Here is Theo literally a few minutes old. I knew the first time he held onto my finger he would be the greatest love of my life. People say the greatest love of your life is your husband or your children and don’t get me wrong I love them all but the day Theo was born something magical happened to me.


I can’t describe what it was but I can only say watching him being born made it all make sense. I was actually speechless and this never happens lol! When I had my children I loved them so much but I was young and had actually no idea what I was doing.


I ‘winged it’ for years. I love them dearly but I wish i knew what i was doing as i would have been able to bring them up better. I am not saying i did a bad job as they have both turned out great but i could not direct them like i would have liked to.


Does any one else feel like they could have done better or is it just me? Hopefully not just me! Anyway off I go rambling again. Back to Theo, after i got over the shock of being a granny, a young – ish looking granny lol !


I made a promise to myself, now I knew what I was doing i was going to make sure my daughter, son and grandson would never suffer like i did when i was young or even when i was older. I decided i was going to make sure they had what i never had when i was growing up.


Support, help, love and guidance. These are the things I needed and never got and i will not let my family grow up without any of those things. I do not know what its like to have all those things and only received this from my self-made family when i was older. The moral of my story is no matter what type of parent you think you are you can always improve but as long as there is love for your children you wont go wrong.

Thanks for reading again

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Walking in the footsteps of our child/adulthood TV hero’s

When we were small Chris and I weirdly both liked a lot of the same things, growing up this did not change much.  We liked the same music, the same television programs.  We loved comedies, the old UK ones like Bless this House and George and Mildred. We knew the same people even though we had never met until 12 years ago.

One of the things we both love to do is going to the places where our favourite tv programmes were filmed or if they were true stories like The Krays (as you may of read in one of my other blogs) go and have a rummage around where all the drama took place.  Again we were planning what we could do in our next trip to London, i mean it’s not like you can ever run out of things to do in London.

Although it seems sometimes everything happens in London and i do wish more things would happen closer to home.  (Spoiler Alert Victoria the series is being filmed in Hull at the moment)  We were watching some of the oldies but goodies (old comedy programmes) over the last few months as it had been really bad and cold winter, remember the Beast from the East or as i like to call it the Breath Of Death.

We had watched all of the of the Carry on films and the entire set of George & Mildred.  If you have not heard of the then please go and buy them and watch if you like comedy you will split your sides laughing.  Back to the story we started looking for another series to watch and the Man about the House movie came on the tv.  We had forgotten about this little gem of English tv.  It is a sitcom about man and wife living in London.

IMG_1785The poor man  is a down trodden nagged to death by his overbearing wife downstairs from an unlikely trio of flatmates, two girls and an oversexed man but the results are so funny, check it out it is really tv gold, so we went out and bought the series. Several nights later after binge watching the entire set Chris said this is where we can go, what is? i asked Lets go and find where they filmed Man about the House!! Yes that’s a great idea, we both loved them as kids and we are actually going walk in the footsteps of TV giants.

They were very big stars in the UK or maybe even the world i am not sure as we were only kids when they were at the height of their fame.  Off we went.  We had researched obviously as we would not of known where they were filmed.  We started off on Garden Road in North West London towards Alma Square which is where the House is where the filming took place.  When we arrived at Alma Square we went to Hamilton Gardens to the row of houses and general area the sitcom was filmed.

We were beyond excited when we arrived as we could not believe this area was even still here let alone we had a chance to come here.  When we were researching some of the places we wanted to go they had either been filmed in studios or the locations had long since been demolished.  This is really upsetting as some of our childhood film and programmes were gone and we could never visit them.  Its like when you love an actor or a singer and you find out the have passed away. IMG_1796

I asked Chris to take me to see Luther Vandross only to be told he had passed away, i was devastated i always wanted to see him he was one of my all time heroes.  We walked around the area and spoke to a few people asking for directions and if they could help us with any details of the area.  One man did not even know he lived on the same street where Man About the House was filmed, we were surprised by this as if we lived in London we would probably find out the history of the area as so much has been filmed around London over the years.

IMG_1903As we were in London and we had found the area quite easily we still had quite a bit of time left so decided we would go and see Borough Market for something to eat and to kill two birds with one stone pop and see another film location of another famous film we both love, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.  IMG_1905The main street where the main characters lived next to the taxi rank in the film was set just around the corner.

IMG_1915 We have seen this film so many times i cant tell you how many but to go and stand on the street where it was filmed Woooooooooo Hoooooooooo this is one-off our bucket list.  I know what type of bucket list has film locations on it? well ours does!  It’s not all of it an there are a lot on it but we are getting through the list but that’s another blog lol! So we went to Borough Market and had something to eat from memory i thing i had Chinese food but then i have Chinese food everywhere i go as i love Chinese food.  IMG_1916Sorry i have gone off on so many tangents in this blog but writing sets my mind off thinking of a million different things and a million different places.  Try living with me LOL! It’s a lot of fun!  Back to Borough, so we had something to eat and then walked the short way down Park St to those famous green doors (just in case you ever go this is also a site which appears on another one of our favourite shows Not Going Out, another sitcom.)  We took some photos of us posing in front of the taxi rank and the flat, what surprised us most was on the film it was a dead-end street but in real life it was not as it had a train bridge at the end of it so was not a dead-end.  IMG_1909

So there we were walking in the footsteps of our hero’s on another adventure in the life, loves, family and travels of thegotogirlsblog

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Hull, Born & Bred…… Hidden treasure hunting.

Chris and I were born in Hull, Yorkshire. UK and have lived here all our lives.  Although we travel around a bit to other parts of the UK and around the world our hearts belong to the town we live in. All our families are here and we could never leave ( unless they all came with us lol). Our love of Hull got us thinking about all the places in Hull we have been and some of the treasures our town has and thought we would go and see if we could find some hidden treasures.

We were heading to a fairly old part if town which is quite run down but has some hidden beauty behind the overgrown trees and boarded up windows. The area I am talking about is called bankside, this is an area of Hull which runs along the sides of the River Hull. The beginning of the River Hull snakes off from the River Humber at the point where The Deep was built. If you have not heard of The Deep it is an aquarium looking over the River Humber with over 3,000 different creatures from the sea. It’s amazing what Alexa knows.  So glad we bought one! Further down is the Tidal Barrier, this was erected to protect Hull if and when the river rises.

As you go further down the river there are a few road bridges and then you reach bankside. A lot of the dock areas are getting redeveloped at the moment so hopefully bankside will be on the councils list at some point. We had been to drop the car off for a service and walked down Swan Street.

I never really took time to check out the architecture in these areas as they look old and run down but when you do it is a shocker as some of the buildings are really beautiful. As you can see from these pictures. As we walk around the area we come across the much talked about Banksy on an old bridge, we used to call it Scott Street Bridge, now its Banksy’s Bridge.

It’s weird he chose here to paint, although it is secluded so he would not get disturbed, as there are more prominent places he could have painted. Not far from the Banksy are other examples of grafitti, not by Banksy but maybe our own born and bred up and coming artist.img_20180303_0847296747164448143036259.jpg As well as grafitti the architecture hidden around here is pretty nice to we found these little gems hidden along the way. Some of them must have been here for over 100 years. After all Hull has been around since approximately 1193ad. WOW I just learned that I lived here all my life and never knew it was that old. I really need to do some research on the town I live in especially now I know how old it is . I am really impressed. Anyway back to bankside, totally randomly we found this old house just on its own in the middle of the street full of old warehouses.img_20180303_0845112792996574138176111.jpg I always loved finding little snickets when I was a child ( if you don’t know a snicket is a small narrow street/path usually leading from one place to another sometimes to know where but you have to go done them to find that out) I find them fascinating as when you enter them you are never sure where you will come out and sometimes they turn out to be a dead-end full of rubbish. img_20180303_0848443362741530593135602.jpgWe found this one down bankside but as we had Theo and his pram decided to return later to explore where it went. I will let you know what happens. We carried on and came out of bankside to Freetown way, this road has not been here a long time 20 maybe 30 years but as you walk along it hidden by trees we found this little hidden gem along with the building was a plaque, it made me wonder how many people would have seen this in the 21st century.

I bet it’s not many. So you see as well as Hull bring 2017 City of Culture we still have a long way to go with redevelopment of some areas but when they are complete you will be glad you visited such a beautiful place.

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London….. Football…..Wembley….. a present to my husband?

This blog is a collaboration of my husband Chris and I, as I am unable to write this post on my own as it features a topic i am not very knowledgeable with.  So thank you Chris for your input on this very fun day……IMG_4015

Trying to find a present for Chris has become increasingly difficult over the years as he has everything he wants.  I ask him each year what do you want for Christmas darling? and I get the same answer nothing!  Every year I have to rack my brains and come up with something he will like.  So what can i do this time, what are my options.  What does he like, football, he loves football.  What team does he support, Hull City, obviously.

There is no other team, or is there?? Of course it is so easy England, I will take him to Wembley, even better i will take him on a tour around Wembley. IMG_1730 I booked the tickets as a surprise so the next time we went to London this would be one of the places we could go.  Christmas came and went and the present went down really well.  That was a good sign.  We arranged to go to London later that year and as usual the trip came around sooner than we thought.  Again we found ourselves in London, love that place more every time we go.

The day came for us to go to Wembley, I did not realise it was a guided tour around the stadium but thinking back why would they just let us walk around Wembley on our own?? We had a pre-arranged area at the front of the stadium to meet the guide and get our badges and as always arrived about fifteen minutes early, we don’t like to be late.  First on the agenda was to meet with the guide and he gave us an audio-visual device which would be incorporated in the tour.

We were taken into the seating area for an introduction to the history of Wembley (this is the new Wembley as years before if you did not know there was another stadium which they knocked down in 30th Sept 2002 and rebuilt  it 2003-2007 it reopened 9th March 2007 )  We sat and watched the audio-visual device, this showed us a virtual reality view of an Ed Sheeran concert which had taken place at the stadium in the recent past. What a view from those seats as this stadium holds 90,000 people at capacity.

We followed the guide through a long corridor adorned with photos of sporting legends such as England’s World  Cup Winners and Liverpool when they won the European Cup at Wembley in 1978 From there we went into the press room,

this is where the interviews before and after the games take place, this is why I asked Chris to co-write this with me as i would not know this kind of stuff i would give you a girls view of Wembley. LOL!  Next were the changing rooms, turns out this is split into loads of different rooms which includes changing room for home and away teams,

medical rooms,

shower rooms complete with baths, showers and hairdryers?? IMG_1773We went through the tunnel onto the pitch (we were not actually allowed on the grass, they said it was being maintained?!!

I thought they just did not want loads of fans running around on the pitch skidding on our knees like we did when we were kids, yes some girls did this too, it was fun when you were 8.  Coincidentally our home town rugby league club Hull FC had just won the Challenge Cup 2016 the week before against Warrington Wolves 12-10 woooo hoooooo! This was Hull FC’s first Challenge Cup win at Wembley.  We timed the trip really well and this just added to Chris’s delight of the visit.  After going through the tunnel onto (well beside the pitch) we went up to the Royal box to see were the Royal Family sit if/when they come to watch games. IMG_1805 What a view!!!

Finally we were led up the stairs,IMG_1786 which he players climb to receive their medals and the various trophies played for at Wembley and were all allowed to have pictures taken with FA Cup.  IMG_1986Chris was so happy bless him it was such a treat to see all of the inside workings of such a world-famous stadium.  You can’t imagine just how big it actually is until you are stood on the stands looking across at the thousands of seats.

From here we were shown to a room which was a kind of museum of all Wembley memorabilia here are a few interesting and as usual fun photos.


So that was another amazing day in the life of

Thegotogirlsblog xxx

As always loving being me and thanks for reading

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One of those days

I  posted this blog a couple of days ago and did not get a good response for it so took it down but then i have gotten sick with a really bad head cold and could not write  today and it got me thinking about this post and i thought why have i took it down as it might not be as popular as some of my other blogs but it is how i feel therefore worthy of being on my blog good or bad.  So here it is again……

Do you ever have one of those days were you want to go far away stand on a cliff and just scream. I have been having some if those days recently, I can’t put my finger on the cause but I have been racking my brain about why and I think I have come up with something. I am stuck. I have been trying to change my life all my life and have got so used to never getting what I truly set out to achieve, I have been settling.

You know that feeling when you do something and you get results but they are never what you expect. They are still good results but not as good as you really want and leave you yearning for more. You see my problem is my past, I say it does not bother me and it doesn’t. However it has affected me without me realising. Since I was a child I never dared to dream. Well that’s not quite true I did dream but not for riches and success but just to live past my childhood and have a family of my own.

I have surpassed any dream I ever had. I have a beautiful family whom I am extremely proud of and love very much. As you will know it’s not a big family but its all I need. I also have a beautiful home, nothing flashy but its all ours. So this is where the problem begins. I have surpassed my dearest wishes so far that I have started dreaming about what I could have achieved if I had a better upbringing, supportive parents, guidance.

I truly feel cheated by life I could have been so much more and this is where my past begins to affect me as it makes me so angry, I want to stand on top of a cliff and scream. I am not sure if I would ever stop screaming for all the years of pain and hurt I have suffered at the hands of others. Someday’s I could sit and cry and then I think of how far I have come, this usually makes me feel a bit better but again I start feeling stuck. So what am I going to do about it?

What is it I want to achieve? I want to write, I want to release all the things locked away in my head, I want/ need to write my life story and get it out of my system once and for all. What’s stopping me ? Money? Yes I need to find a way to make more money so I can free up some time to write. Any ideas!!? Comment below!?! I am not asking you to give me money although you can if you want lol! I don’t mind working for what I have.

How can I fund my dream, I already have one job 9-5 then write 5-9, but the main thing stopping me is me!?!? Why you ask? I am a grown up with a loving family it should be easy. It is not, this book would be the hardest thing I have ever written, it would be something I would read and probably cry and laugh and then feel immensely proud of the author who had written her book based on a true story. So if any one out there in the blogosphere can help me please comment below, I have never seriously asked for help but I have outlived my childhood dreams now I need to start living my grown up dream before it’s too late.

Can you help? Any suggestions in matter how small maybe a massive help to me. Thanks for reading sorry for the rant I had to get this off my chest

Even after my rant I am truly blessed to have achieved what I have and to have the family I have beside me all the way

So still loving being me

Love thegotogirlsblog xxx


Another Weekend in London……

We fancied a couple of days away and as you know (if you are a regular reader) we love London.   We wanted to pre-book a couple of things to do as usually we wing it and usually end up going for a wander and never know where we are going to end up.  This works out fine but we wanted to do something special for a change so a quick visit online and we came up with a few ideas.  London has a lot of good scenery, attractions, hotels and restaurants etc. so it can be a good idea to pre-book sometimes.  We found out there is a cable car going across the Thames.  It is called the Emirates Air Line IMG_1885This sounded like something different and as you will already have heard I am terrified of heights, so again i go and face them.  We booked it.  I think i started worrying about it as soon as i booked it.  Then we came across this hotel having Tapas nights we did not really know what this entailed so we booked this aswell.   IMG_1868We have not been for a while and have also been working really hard so we booked it, packed and off we went.  We stayed at the Premier Inn, in Burnt Oak, Edgeware Road, North London.  We find this is quite easy to navigate our way to the tube station and then into central London from here.  We got down into North London from Hull  around 12 which was plenty of time to get changed and head off to The Docklands, Greenwich and the Emirates Air Line.

I was increasingly nervous about going on it but Chris assured me it was all encased by glass so I could not fall even if i could see through all sides of the cable car.

As it happens he was not lying (not that I thought he would but how did he know what the cars looked like?) Can you see how high these things go.  i am already screaming in terror!!!!!!!!!!!          AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I got on it! am i crazy! Erm yes! look how small those cars looked from the ground and i am actually already on one of them.

I closed my eyes for the take off ( I say that like i am on a plane, i am dramatic lol!)

Anyway t was not as bad as I thought and Chris convinced me to open my eyes, when i did i have to say it was amazing as where the views although i still could not look down.


So it took about ten minutes to cross the River Thames which seemed like a life time

By the time we got to he other side I had seemingly faced my fears again just as i did on the rollercoasters in Disneyworld and Universal.  All i need to do now is look down, maybe next time……

We finished on the Emirates Air Line and headed back to the hotel to change ready for the Tapas night and what we had not read in the small print but it also included a cocktail in a rooftop bar at the hotel before the meal. That was small print I liked.

We got showered and changed and set off again this time for H10 in Waterloo, Central London

We were directed to the rooftop bar as we arrived it was amazing as you can see the views from rooftop were as far as the eye can see (I never got that phrase, is it possible to see farther than the eye can see?) Weird! Anyway back to the rooftop. The views….


We had cocktails at the rooftop bar, how beautiful is that skyline…….

You can see the London Eye in the distance.  After cocktails it was time for Tapas, we were shown downstairs to the restaurantIMG_1869

The food was served in waves and it just kept on coming.  Chris and I had never had Tapas served in a restaurant so were not really sure what to expect but from experience it was several courses,

served one after the other, of delicious small food, cold meats and breads, olives, etc. including a lovely wine, don’t ask I don’t know what wine we had.  I really should (and do now) take more notice of what i eat and drink.

We tried everything, i am not really sure what all of it was but i do know i love Carpaccio, this was the most beautiful tasting beef i have ever had.  The meal was delicious and we would recommend this to anyone who loves Tapas.  This was another one of those days which you have to put up there on the list of some of the best days ever.

So I come to the end of another great day and another (hopefully) great blog.

Thanks for reading….

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Loving being me more and more

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Chris, a birthday and the USA

As we were in Disneyworld in October and it was Chris’s birthday while we were there we could do something different, it is never warm in the UK for his birthday and it is always what we call ‘fair weather’.  This is not weather that is ok it is weather which comes every year to Hull when the Hull Fair comes.  It’s the biggest travelling fair in Europe I think.  It is going to be great to go out with Chris in the warm weather for a change.  I went to the hotel concierge services to see if they could help me with my plan, i wanted them to get me some balloons and a cake.

After some negotiation with a not very helpful lady, I managed to arrange for the room to be dressed while we were out.  Next i needed to get Chris out of the room at the right time so we did not bump into the concierge on the day, we usually went back to the room during the day to rest and freshen up.  Last i had to find somewhere to go for birthday celebrations, we were in Florida, how hard could it be.  We stayed at the Coronado Springs resort and had talked about going for a wander down International Drive while we were there so this was a perfect opportunity to visit some of our favourite places down there.

Great, all sorted I had  plan. Chris’s birthday arrived and i had sneaked some of the family birthday cards into my suitcase before we left.  I woke Chris up with a cup of coffee and his cards, surprise number one, complete. IMG_0364

Next get him out of the hotel at the correct time, so I said its your birthday no need to rush let’s have a relaxing day.  Take your time getting ready and we decided to get the  bus to International Drive, we got showered and dressed and off we went to the bus stop at the resort.  The sun was shining, it was warm and my darling had the biggest smile on his face i had seen on his birthday.  After all,  don’t forget he never, ever had a birthday in the sun.  He was so happy.  We got on the bus which would take us to the main bus area.  This is where we could get the bus out of the Disney Resort.

The bus to International Drive arrived, the first of two we needed to get to go to the part of International Drive we wanted to go.  The first bus takes you to Seaworld and Aquatica but the stop we wanted was further down.  Anyway the full bus ride took us about an hour, we arrived on International Drive.  We finally got off the bus and started walking, we decided to have Chris’s birthday celebrations at our favourite place, Bahama Breeze.  If you have not been here you have to go.

It is a Caribbean style eatery and it serves the best food and the most amazing cocktails which has a singer playing the steel drums while you eat.  It really is something special, you will see when you visit.  We arrived around 2-ish and it was time for birthday drink.  It’s up to you darling, you are the birthday boy after all.  We had a look at the cocktail menu and found the perfect drink, I say drink, it was a sample tray of all of the different margarita’s but there was also a sample tray of all of the rum cocktails.IMG_0366  Ooh which one to choose?  We asked if they could mix the tray d send us half and half, this is Bahama Breeze and it your birthday of course they will accommodate you.  We ended up with a tray of flavoured margarita’s and rum cocktail samples,  when I say samples, this is what they are advertised as but when the come they are all half pint glasses, they do have quite a lot of ice so prob actually a quarter pint of cocktail in each but there was eight glasses so that was  lot of cocktails.  IMG_0368We ordered a sharing tray of food as neither of us could decide what we wanted to eat and it was only 2:30.  We usually have a big breakfast and dinner and just snack during the day as we were usually riding roller coasters all day. We sat for a while with  glass of water while the food and drink came, when it did, WOW, it was amazing.  We shared all of the drinks, giving our opinions of each of them as we went.  Chris and I have different tastes in drinks which is weird as we like most other things the same as each other, music, travel even favourite colour and numbers.

The drinks were amazing and the ones Chris liked i did not and vice versa so that worked out well we shared the nearly 50/50. The sharing plate just filled the hole in my tummy ready for cake. Part 2 of my plan complete.  We had been down International Drive for a few hours and i knew it was safe to return to the room for his final surprise, his cake.

Shall we go back to the hotel and get ready for tonight,  we were going to go to the outside bar at the hotel for a few drinks after dinner, I did not think roller coasters after birthday cake and drinks would be a good choice.  We arrived back at the resort around 5 and headed back to our room, i had my fingers crossed they had been and brought the cake and balloon etc.  I had no way of checking so i relied on the concierge to carry out my wishes.  I got Chris to open the door, pretending i was adjusting my shoe lol!  His face was a picture when he realised what i had done.

Disney World concierge got 10/10 for helping.  They had been in the room, cleaned and dressed our room, well dresser, with this………


Thanks very much Disney, you helped me make my husband’s birthday very special.  So after he got over the shock that I had arranged such a great day we ate some birthday cake got changed and went straight back out for dinner and drinks, we had quite a late night that day for a change then back to the room ready for another day in the life of thegotogirlsblog…….

Happy Birthday Darling.IMG_0401

So this was another day from our holidays at Disney World Resort Florida

Come back for another day from this amazing trip…..

Thanks for reading

Lots of Love thegotogirlsblog xxx


Disney Twice…….

So as I promised earlier here is another installment of our second trip to Disneyworld, we had been to Hollywood Studios, the day before so thought we should go to Epcot and have a trip around the world.  For those of you who have not been to Disneyworld yet Epcot is one of the parks here and it has some great rides and you can visit several countries of the world, as you walk around the park.  You can visit various countries and sample the local cuisine, drinks and even culture. The shops sell all sorts of nik naks from the various countries.  Off we went, if you are a Disney officianado please bare with me as my blog is not going to be in the correct order as the map but as per my memory and photos. LOL!IMG_0334

This is my favorite ride in Epcot and the first place we head when we get there, it is a kind of virtual reality ride.  You are seated in rows and lifted into the air where you are taken around the world from the Great Wall of China to the Eiffel Tower.  It is amazing seeing the world as if you are flying above it all, especially as I am scared of heights.

Next China, we love Chinese food so this was a real treat to have an authentic Chinese experience.  Followed by a bit of shopping in the local shop, I saw this replica warrior like the great tomb which i had to have i love and watch all of the programmes on the excavation of the 1000’s of warriors found, amazing!

They had small ones in the gift shop I had to have one as i could not bring one of the full size ones home. (No matter how much i really wanted too)  If you get a feel for my husband and i you will know from my previous blogs we love to mess around and don’t take life very seriously.  We did that in our previous lives (before we met) so we are not going to now.  So off we went for a little fun, hence the next section of photos, don’t laugh….. no laugh as hard as you can we surely did……

Do we look pretty in these or should we just keep our fruit in them!!!

Or what about these.  Are they like our twins or what?

Chris calls me his princess so I had to try on a crown

Do you think it suits me?


Next on to Italy


Chris loves pizza so we had to stop here so he could have a look around. We did not have pizza that day as we had just had Chinese.  The thing is there is so much to see you have two choices. You either skim around all of the countries or you spend some time in a few of them and then see if you have time to return later and visit more countries.

The architecture in Italy (well the fake Epcot one) is beautiful I hope if and when i get to go to Italy for real it is as beautiful, see what you think.

Nice, Yes it was ….

We stopped for mid afternoon drinks and a well deserved rest, my feet were killing as they did most days, we walked a lot…… As it happened it was the food and wine festival on at Epcot the weeks we were in Disneyworld, they were good days, drink, eat, sun, what more can you ask for, life is good, life is soooooooo good.  We are so blessed to live the life we live although we work hard too.

Prosecco for me please and an Italian beer for the husband.

Just after we had these drinks we realised time had really got away from us and had to race off as we forgot we had booked to go to watch Orlando City that afternoon and if we did not leave then we would miss the coach pick up.  We were on our toes again.

We made it back for the coach just in time, off we went again.  We certainly made the most of all of the attractions on this holiday we don’t like to miss anything and Chris is a massive football fan. So we booked this as a treat for him as it was his birthday while we were away.  He was obviously very happy, as you can tell from the picture below.  I know it’s not a full smiling face but its a I have got beer at the soccer face.  (I would say football but i have been told many, many times in the USA it is called soccer as football means American Football which is something totally different, as you can tell i am not that mad on sports) IMG_0710

Another thing about watching soccer in USA they let you drink beer while you are watching the game, this never happens in the UK.  It is a shame but I am sure they have their reasons.IMG_0707

I had my usual, cocktail.  A margarita please!

Chris loved the soccer so I am glad we went its a totally different atmosphere watching sport in the sun.

This was another great day in the good ole USA (I am really starting to see why Americans say that) We really love America and yes i know we haven’t seen much of it but we plan on seeing a lot more of the USA and the world

Again it is getting late and I must tell you more about this trip another day, sorry to cut this short again but i have to limit my writing to 3 hours a day as i am at work 9 hours and then i have other things i need to do.  I wish i could write longer but for now i can’t so for now…..

Come back for another day at Disneyworld, next blog we will be in Animal Kingdom…

I hope you can pop back to read it…

As Always loving being me

Love thegotogirl xxxxxx


Disney & Coronado Springs

We couldn’t decide where we wanted to go on holiday so off we went to the travel agent to talk to them and see what travel inspiration we could get from them. We left non the wiser for a new destination so after a few weeks of thinking about it and a lot of searching Holiday Inspiration we went and booked to go back to…. yes you guessed, probably gave it away in the title, Disney World in Florida. IMG_0943We have been as you will know if you read my blog regularly, but we spent a lot of time on the bus travelling between International Drive and Disney every day the last time we went and we did not want to do the same this time as it shaved off about two hours…… yes you heard/read it right two hours a day on the two buses from International Drive to Disney an hour approx each way. It was not so bad as it was a welcome break from all the walking around not to mention the rushing ooh the rushing. You see it sounds like we never had a good time on out last trip to Disney but we did we really did, however we were not prepared. We did not know anyone who had been to Disney World to tell us about the pitfalls, we had to find them all out ourselves. The travelling, the distance, the crowds, the waiting, the queues, OMG the queues. This time we were prepared for all of it and it just made the all the difference for us, we felt like professional holiday makers as we had been there and done that.

Anyway back to this years trip (2017), we booked it packed and we were off, so off we went to the airport. IMG_0065This year we would stay at the Holiday Inn for a change. It was practically next to Manchester airport and we read on Tripadvisor it was a good place to stay the day before to cut down on travelling on the day you are flying so we gave it a try. It was in fact a good choice so thanks Tripadvisor and the reviews from this hotel.IMG_0046 The day of our flight came and we were off to the airport. Before we knew it we were boarding the aeroplane and setting off on our 8.5 hour flight approx. It was during the day so we did nothing get to sleep on the flight but taking our gadgets with us always makes a flight go quicker. We finally arrived at Sanford airport in Florida and went to see the travel agent reps for directions to our coach transfer. Pretty smooth ride from Manchester to our final destination Coronado Springs Resort. It was amazing

Good sign! No scared at all???

The resort was all arranged around a huge lake with several blocks of rooms all very nice, there was some building work going on around the site but luckily for us it was across the lake from our room so it was ok, at least at first but that’s another story, tell you another time. Also for another blog I am going to give you a list of pitfalls and tips how not to fall into them if you have not been to Disney World it will save you time and money so keep your eye out for that one.

We got to our room and immediately asked to be moved as the room was not acceptable (again more on this another day). IMG_0848We finally got settled in another room near to one of the smaller pools. IMG_0831Got showered, changed and headed out for the night, we decided after eating at the hotel we would stay around the hotel that night and explore. DCIM100GOPROWe had an early night and then we could head out refreshed for the next day.

IMG_0974Hollywood Studios here we come and the first ride on my list (as I am crazy these days and not scared of heights at all) Woah! stop hang on a minute! Oh yes I am crazy as I am going on the Tower of Terror and I am scared, I mean really scared of heights and this ride is really, really high. What was I thinking?

Can you spot us??? Where’s the screamer??? I was thinking you only live once and I should just take the plunge and do it, so I did. Very stupid it was terrifying, exhilarating and terrifying and I loved it so much I went on it at least another half-dozen times during the trip, told you I was crazy!?

Next stop was the Rock and rollercoaster, accompanied by Aerosmith, WOW, that was amazing, it takes off so fast it takes your breath away. IMG_0964

As we walked around the park we even made a few new friends…….

For now its getting late again, i dont know where the time goes wen i write, so i will end this day for now but i will tell you more about the trip in my next  blog.

Join me next time for another day of life, love and riding rollercoasters, don’t miss it as there is loads more to tell you including a blog dedicated to keeping you from the pitfalls of a holiday in Disney World.

Thanks for reading & see you soon

As always Loving being me

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A New Me, Hopefully……..

SDC10968For the last about six months I have noticed my body is not as supple as it used to be.  My leg muscles feel tighter and i have not been able to touch my toes for so long i cant even remember.  It is my own fault as for the last few years i have turned into one of those people who needs a beach body when they are going on a beach and for the rest of the time i have been content with my ooh! no i am not wearing a bikini looking like this person.  Don’t get me wrong i have not turned into a whale or anything like that but i am just gone from being a ten to a twelve.

With this extra weight came boobies and a bottom, so all in all the weight has gone on the right places.  Lately i have started getting a little belly fat and as i said i am getting a bit stiff, around my legs and hips and back.  Any way my point is i have decided to get back into exercising.  I already eat sensibly (more or less) so a slight dietary change should help me with that. I heard this is a good fat burner so i might try it out
Fat Burning Miracle

I love biscuits, i cant deny it.  i could do without having them instead of breakfast though, so on Monday i decided enough was enough and i must stop making excuses for not exercising, like my favourite ‘its too early to get up and exercise’.  To be fair 7.00am is quite early for me to be bouncing around the living room to the Biggest Loser on my Wii.  So on Monday morning i took the plunge, i weighed myself i weigh 10 stone 10 lbs i think.  I will correct when i check.  (I have been looking at spreadsheets all day so my memory is not good from Monday.)

Back to my Wii and the first day i thought i should do a bit of stretching, how can i do this.  Yoga, perfect for stretching out all of my muscles, particularly the ones i don’t use in my day-to-day job.  I work in an office so the most used muscle in my body is my brain, (i know it’s probably not a muscle but you get the idea) so using any muscles would be a good choice.  I thought Yoga would be a good start and as it happens it was, i did the first ten minutes of the eighteen minutes work out but then my knees started hurting so i stopped, i thought not to over do it on my first day back at it.

The next day i got up and felt fine, my plan was to exercise one day and rest the next.  I hear this is a good way to exercise at least when you are just starting out.  Then Wednesday came so i thought i would try something different, so i went on my Wii and there was a core workout.  It was only a twelve-minute workout so i thought this would be great. There was a god range of exercises in this routine star jumps, lunges etc Off i went did the workout routine no problem, went off to work as usual, then Thursday came.  I got out of bed and Ouch! my legs were (and still are killing me).

I had done the workout and could feel my muscles stretching, i did the warm up and cool down so i did everything right.  This did not stop the pain in my legs all up the front of the tops of my legs, so maybe not going to do my yoga again tomorrow unless when i wake up they feel better. Hopefully they will have eased off enough to work out but if not i can just do the next workout on Saturday instead as now i have started i must keep going.

Also it is a change from either working or writing which all require me to be seated, i really need to do something where i actually move another part of my body other than my fingers.  Any way i am signing off for now but i will keep you updated on my new body journey and let you know how i do it and maybe even share the results with you

For now…

Loving being me……

Thanks for reading

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I have been in pain for 5 years….. What is it…..

About 5 years ago I went abroad to USA on the most amazing holiday, we stayed at a great hotel and went on all the rides at all of the Disney parks. It could not have been a better holiday until…… we went into the hot tub or so i thought.

After we came home from holiday i started having pain in my ear, not knowing what it was i went to the doctors. My doctor said i had an ear infection and what had i been doing? I said i had just returned from holiday he asked if i had been swimming. Well i had and i had been in the hot tub, i had after all been on holiday, who does not go swimming when they are the holiday.

He said i may have got water in my ear which could have caused the infection. He gave me some antibiotics and off i went. A couple of weeks later the pain was still there so i went back to the doctors, he checked my ear and said the infections had gone and he did not know why i still had pain in my ear. He gave me pain killers and again off i went. The time went on and the pain steadily got worse and lasted for longer periods.

After several more trips to the doctors i was finally referred to the specialist at my local hospital for an MRI scan. The results came back, eventually, apart from a problem in my neck i already had been diagnosed with they could not see any problems with my ear and said it must be a problem with my sinus. Ok, what do i do with this information.

I was given a steroid spray to use and also a saline spray to keep my sinus clean. Use this every day i was told. I did as i was told and hopefully this would be the answer i was looking for. No. This made absolutely no difference to the pain i was suffering. Again i went back over and over and hen it happened. I went to see a new doctor at my local surgery, he who shall remain nameless was a breath of fresh air. Right he said we are going to get to the bottom of this.

Great i said after about four and a half years of suffering. He booked me in to the local hospital again for a CT scan. This would show once and for all if it was my sinus causing all the pain. The day came and off i went for my scan and a hearing test weirdly enough. I went home full of hope of a cure for my pain at last. I waited for the results an waited and waited.

No results came so after about a month i called the hospital, i am behind with the results said the lady on the other end of the phone as if my pain meant nothing to her i was just another number. I was very annoyed by her tone so i thanked her before i said something i should not and put the phone down. I went back to see my doctor to tell him of the phone call. He said he had been researching my symptoms and thought he may have the answer.

Trigeminal neuralgia he said. what on earth is that i asked. Basically nerve damage in my face. He asked if i would be willing to let him try treating me for this and see if this made a difference. What did i have to lose? So i accepted his help and started on a different medication. Although it did help me sleep through the night without waking up in pain but it did not remove the pain during the day. In the mean time i received an appointment to go to the hospital, i did not now why so i called to ask.

It was for the results of my CT scan. Oh ok then and again off i went. I arrived and waited to be called by the specialist, finally i went in not to the specialist but to his associate….. I don’t know what that means either…

Her diagnosis my sinus was slightly swollen but nothing more than a normal person would have and the diagnosis Trigeminal neuralgia. My doctor was right and I was already been treated for this. WOW 5 years and my doctor diagnosed me before the specialist…

So I have told you my story now i have a question

Does anyone know what Trigeminal neuralgia actually is, I have read the pages the doctor gave me but as my readers are all over the world please help me with my question. Also if anyone knows anyone who has also been diagnosed with Trigeminal neuralgia and they have been successfully treated, i heard about chronic pain cream! Has anyone tried it?


PLEASE tell me in the comments below as I cannot wait another 5 years to get rid of this pain as the treatment i am receiving although in a trial stage, is not guaranteed to work. Does anyone know what or how to treat this successfully.

Still loving being me just with bit of hidden pain……

Love thegotogirlsblog xxxx


Lazy Days and Wild Nights in Ibiza

We had this trip booked before our honeymoon as we were not going to have a honeymoon we were just going to go to Ibiza for a kind of belated honeymoon but no said my husband to be (back then).  If we are getting married then we having a honeymoon.  Who was I to argue i was after all going abroad twice in a month.

Woo Hoo I say! Crete for a honeymoon come home and then three weeks later Ibiza.  So we have all heard the stories about Ibiza but when we went we were not 18 so we thought we would just have ‘a quiet one’.  Who was i kidding do i not know myself and my husband at all, there was a good chance we were going to enjoy all that Ibiza had to offer.  After all we weren’t 18 anymore but we weren’t 90 either.

Why not have a blow out holiday, life has always been slightly stressful since we were both young we had not had the best lives but we always consider ourselves extremely lucky to be happy and healthy with a wonderful family.  Anyway, we flew from Doncaster, even got a day flight and arrived in San Antonio Bay around two-ish.  I remember as the rugby was on was on, Challenge Cup Final, Hull FC verses St Helen’s and Chris had to go to see it.  We literally got the plane then the transfer to The Fiesta Milord Hotel, checked in then found our way to the nearest bar with Sky Sports so Chris could watch the game.  He is sports mad like any other man in the world probably.  By the time we got to the bar I was so tired i curled up in a ball and had a nap while Chris watched the Rugby.  When the game finished Chris told me the barmaid came over and asked if i was ok, apparently they thought i was drunk and passed out.  No just having a nap. LOL! Later that day we went back to the hotel and cleaned up.  I felt fine after a nap, a shower and something to eat.  Our holiday was half board so we had breakfast and dinner in with the trip, turned out this was a good option as we were very rarely in the hotel during the day, we usually got the boat across the bay to San Antonio.

Although all-inclusive was an option we had not really been offered until around day 4 and for an extra 10 euros a day each would have been a really good addition.  Oh well, maybe next time we come.  The boat left the bay right outside out hotel every half hour or so right through the day and night. We got to the boat around 7 it was a beautiful night and he sun was just starting to go down, we wanted to go and have a look round the main strip were all the holiday programmes were shot as it looked wild down there and we had to see if the stories were real life or simply edited for TV.

The answer to that question no! they were wild!  The first thing we saw were the locals racing horses trotting down the front near the boats, what a sight.  These horses were beautiful, so proud and well-kept by the look of them.

We watched them for a while and took lots of photos and videos of the races it was like the trotting races I have seen at some of the horse fairs at home.  Beautiful i love that they still have a lot of culture even in the madness of the main clubbing areas.

we moved on to the main strip area and were immediately accosted by one of the bar reps (the first of many bar reps) I will give you free shots, free bottles, free fish bowls, Woah! steady we have literally just got off the boat at least let us get a feel of the place before you get us hammered. lol!  We declined the first half-dozen reps as we made our way down the strip, around halfway down we decided it was time to take the plunge and make our way to a bar.  We spotted one just ahead that looked busy so thought we would try that one.  Obviously we were stopped by the bar rep and let her ‘talk us into going into her bar with the promise of free shots.  I can’t remember what it was called as there were so many bars there it would be impossible to remember them all unless you went in the same one every night and who does that!