The Go to Girl

First blog post

Here it is my first blog , I am beyond excited as  am hoping to join the leagues of bloggers who have gone before me and hoping I can get some guest bloggers onto my page to maybe give me some guidance and share some of their experiences.
I love so many things these days unlike when I was a kid I hated everyday I was alive and never dare to dream about my future as it did not look good, I could not shake the nagging feeling I was not going to live very long but it seems I was wrong.
As I said on my home page I did not have a great childhood and refused to be a victim so I realised pretty young that if I was going to change anything in my life it would be down to me as no one was going to help me and I say this from experience and don’t want pity for feeling this as this is not a “poor me” story it is a “this is what you can achieve if you believe in yourself” story
It is not that anything in my life is that extraordinary, in fact it turns out it is pretty ordinary in a world that this seems hard to find, I did not dream when I was younger as I all I wanted was to be safe.
You may think all kids are safe when they are young but this is so far from the truth, you hear so much these days with the internet and the media but I think it is not any different to when I was young apart from there was not so much media coverage back then.
Anyway the reason for my blog was to share some experiences, some good and some bad maybe exercise some demons, help someone exercise theirs.
Like I said this is all new to me so we can see how it goes, I hope you will join me as this is going to be one rollercoaster ride I have seen coming for quite a while but never dared share  it, maybe move onto those hobbies and likes in between, we don’t want to many demons releasing at once
I have so many loves travel, family history, reading, crafting, gardening but before I begin any project a must is  research.  I found it helps to have a basic understanding of a subject and even get insider tips from researching the subject
So I begin MY BLOG…….