Trip to Coronation Street…..


If you live in the UK then you will probably have heard of Coronation Street, if not a little history of it.  Coronation Street is a tv programme which began in 1960 and has run ever since it is the story of the residents of a typical street in Manchester England. Tales of the daily lives of the residents as I recall included marriages, death and a lot of scandal. Back in the 60’s it began in black and white and was filmed in the Granada studios in central Manchester.  Later it would be moved to Salford Quays (2014).

When it was decided Coronation Street would be moved we decided we would have to go on the tour, I think you could go before but they were going to tear it down which meant history was being destroyed, (i hate it when this happens).  We had watched the program when we were little with our grandparents then as we got older it was one of those tv programs you grew up with so it was very nostalgic.  It always take you back to your childhood when you watch the earlier episodes. So we had to go and visit the set just for the sake of preserving in our memories the history of the tv programme and our history with it.

Off we went…..

We drove to Manchester, which is about 2 hours drive from our house, practically on the other side of the country but it was so worth it.

We arrived to the gate where the tour would begin, there we were given our information pack and a lanyard with our security passes on them.  We were then shown to the door where the tour began.  By this point I was so excited, we were nearly in Coronation Street.

We started the tour inside we were shown the corridors of Granada Studios where the stars of the show used to walk, WOW.  I know I am a massive Coronation Street Fan.

The corridors were strewn with pictures of the characters from various decades of the shows history and the dressing rooms still had some of the rails of characters outfits on them.  These were amazing to actually see the costumes that had actually appeared on one of the greatest television shows in the world.

Then it happened they took us outside……


I am beyond excited aaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh i am on Coronation Street.  I cannot stress how amazing the feeling was to walk down a street that has been on my tv for at the time about 54 years WOW!!!!!

So after i calmed down and stopped saying “i cant believe we are here” we finally managed to go and have a look round all of the various parts of Coronation Street.

Lets see, there is,


The builder’s yard where Tina fell and died

Dev and Sunita’s corner shop serving all the Coronation Street residents

Roys Rolls the local café on Coronation Street

The Ginnel (this if you don’t know is a small path at the back of the houses, over my way they are a bit wider and are called tenfoots as they are usually about ten foot wide!)

The houses were apparently built 3/4 scale of a normal house, I have no idea why, maybe you do.  If you do please let me know in the comments.  I love a bit of trivia.

Complete with nosey neighbours lol!!

The Kabin run by Rita is the local newsagent/sweet shop.

So as we reached the end of the tour there was one place we absolutely could not miss

The Rovers Return……. This is the local pub of Coronation Street and the local area.

We were not sure if we would be able to actually go into the pub itself or if it would be a studio, we looked through the windows of the pub but as we suspected it was just a shell. Very disappointed we would not be able to go in the Rovers Return we walked back up the famous cobbles of Coronation Street

As we were getting ready to leave the organisers sprang the best surprise on us ever!!

We were going into the Rovers Return…….


We are going into the most famous Public House in the country……

We are going behind the bar to pour a pint of lager

I am literally going to faint, yes I know i am dramatic and a bit of an idiot but i don’t care I am going into the Rovers Return………..

corryWhatsApp Image 2018-04-28 at 7.25.57 PM

I was so happy this was the perfect end to our day

Come back for more adventures from thegotogirlsblog and my family

As always loving being me……

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PPS I had to add this picture of me and my husband Chris from the day into this blog as it just captures the love I feel from him.


Thanks for reading come back soon for another adventure from the lives of the gotogirlsblog and family….

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18 Comments on “Trip to Coronation Street…..

  1. Wonderful trips of coronation street.most fantastic-thar place,dear!!but who was tina about whom u have described in few words.

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  2. Haven’t watched for many years but would be cool to do the tour, I’m glad it includes a stop in the Rovers 🙂

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