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A New Me, Hopefully……..

SDC10968For the last about six months I have noticed my body is not as supple as it used to be.  My leg muscles feel tighter and i have not been able to touch my toes for so long i cant even remember.  It is my own fault as for the last few years i have turned into one of those people who needs a beach body when they are going on a beach and for the rest of the time i have been content with my ooh! no i am not wearing a bikini looking like this person.  Don’t get me wrong i have not turned into a whale or anything like that but i am just gone from being a ten to a twelve.
With this extra weight came boobies and a bottom, so all in all the weight has gone on the right places.  Lately i have started getting a little belly fat and as i said i am getting a bit stiff, around my legs and hips and back.  Any way my point is i have decided to get back into exercising.  I already eat sensibly (more or less) so a slight dietary change should help me with that. I heard this is a good fat burner so i might try it out
Fat Burning Miracle
I love biscuits, i cant deny it.  i could do without having them instead of breakfast though, so on Monday i decided enough was enough and i must stop making excuses for not exercising, like my favourite ‘its too early to get up and exercise’.  To be fair 7.00am is quite early for me to be bouncing around the living room to the Biggest Loser on my Wii.  So on Monday morning i took the plunge, i weighed myself i weigh 10 stone 10 lbs i think.  I will correct when i check.  (I have been looking at spreadsheets all day so my memory is not good from Monday.)
Back to my Wii and the first day i thought i should do a bit of stretching, how can i do this.  Yoga, perfect for stretching out all of my muscles, particularly the ones i don’t use in my day-to-day job.  I work in an office so the most used muscle in my body is my brain, (i know it’s probably not a muscle but you get the idea) so using any muscles would be a good choice.  I thought Yoga would be a good start and as it happens it was, i did the first ten minutes of the eighteen minutes work out but then my knees started hurting so i stopped, i thought not to over do it on my first day back at it.
The next day i got up and felt fine, my plan was to exercise one day and rest the next.  I hear this is a good way to exercise at least when you are just starting out.  Then Wednesday came so i thought i would try something different, so i went on my Wii and there was a core workout.  It was only a twelve-minute workout so i thought this would be great. There was a god range of exercises in this routine star jumps, lunges etc Off i went did the workout routine no problem, went off to work as usual, then Thursday came.  I got out of bed and Ouch! my legs were (and still are killing me).
I had done the workout and could feel my muscles stretching, i did the warm up and cool down so i did everything right.  This did not stop the pain in my legs all up the front of the tops of my legs, so maybe not going to do my yoga again tomorrow unless when i wake up they feel better. Hopefully they will have eased off enough to work out but if not i can just do the next workout on Saturday instead as now i have started i must keep going.
Also it is a change from either working or writing which all require me to be seated, i really need to do something where i actually move another part of my body other than my fingers.  Any way i am signing off for now but i will keep you updated on my new body journey and let you know how i do it and maybe even share the results with you
For now…
Loving being me……
Thanks for reading
Love thegotogirlsblog xx

25 thoughts on “A New Me, Hopefully……..

  1. Aging is a slippery slope! I am 62 though and because I bike in the desert where there are no cars, I feel stronger than ever. The secret is to stay active, happy and love what you are doing. Thanks for following my blog about my crazy cat and our adventures together- Joan

  2. Hey, I can’t help but relating to your post. This past winter I was feeling the same way, just needed to get some extra weight off, started exercising again, I used my xbox instead of the Wii, I like to switch it up. But Hubby and I walk every night now (he is a volunteer Firefighter and has been working out and eating VERY good for a year now) I noticed the weight just slipped off. Feel so good now( I am even considering dying my hair again!!!)
    Great blog you have, I have been away from mine do to spring coming. Keep it up!!!

  3. Thank you for choosing to follow my blog. As you turn to exercise for a better body I pray my posts will strengthen the spiritual body! Thanks again…and my main exercise is walking. I can tell when I do and when I don’t.

  4. I’m like you – eat sensibly, love bread – OMG bread, but I do eat whole-grain, the more rustic style the better. Could lose some weight and I walk for exercise, but come home hungry and my breakfast is in my toes. Gravity is not pretty either! Every month I say “I’m going to be good” … then I say, well … I’ll start Sunday, the beginning of a new week, or the 1st of the month. It’s always some excuse … I frustrate myself sometimes, but luckily at 5′ 9″, the 135 pounds does not make me look like a whale. I gained some over the Winter – it was a long Winter here in the States. Must. Do. Better.

      1. Yes, you put it out there for the world to see. 🙂 Same as me putting out there that I have to beat my last year’s walking miles (1,050 miles) … my goal in 2017 was just 755 (beating the prior year by one mile) but it was beautiful all Fall and I kept walking. We are having so much rain that I am falling behind in my goal … no walking, staying home and eating bread (and butter).

  5. I think it’s always best to start on an exercise routine slowly. One muscle pull and you’ll really get set back – been there, done that!

      1. I’ll be waiting for updates lol, see that’s what happens when you write about a challenge 😀 Pity we have to work, imagine how much writing and exercise we could get done 😜

        1. I know I am trying to solve that problem by getting my blog sponsored or raising enough money to write full time x keep you fingers crossed for me it’s my dream x

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