Just being me……

I thought I would just express a bit about me tonight. One of my greatest loves next to my family is photography and I have noticed recently, I love photographing the sky. I don’t know what it is about the sky, it has so many faces.

My nanna used to say sky blue pink with yellow dots and I never knew where she got that saying from. Does anyone know? I would love to hear from anyone who does know the origins of the phrase if there is one. It may be simply my nanna’s own words. Anyway one day years ago, I was looking up at the sky daydreaming as usual, when I noticed the colour of the sky.

It was blue and pink and the sun was shining on the clouds making the edges of some of the clouds yellow, like small dots of yellow in the sky. I thought of my nanna and her saying sky blue pink with yellow dots. I think this may have been the origins of my love of the sky.
Ever since I was young I would find myself looking up at the sky, in a chaotic world it seemed peaceful. It was always the same but always different at the same time. The colour, the clouds, the sun, the moon, there is always something to see in the sky. I subscribe to a website which gives me notifications of astrological events so every time a meteor shower is due I can watch.

I always seem to have a camera with me, either my phone or my Nikon, so very rarely miss a photo opportunity. Wherever I photographs of random things. It’s weird the things that catch my eye as a photo opportunity. So I thought I would share some of my favourite photos (all of the photos are my own work.) Mainly of the sky and the sun but all of them taken in awe of the beauty i see before my eyes.

Always loving being me….. Hope you see the beauty in these photos as i do.
Any thoughts let me know..
See you again soon with another episode of love, life and family.

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    1. Thank you I love your post you must first love your self. We have a need to stick together as women there are no differences. We are all women together in this world we have enough enemies without hurting each other. Xx

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