Travels of a Tiger…….

This will probably be the easiest blog posts I have ever written as it is about one of my favourite people in the whole world.  Can you guess who? Chris, my husband.img_20180801_165548-12441276834321273054.jpg
For some time now Chris has been venturing into the realm of social media, you would not think a few years ago he did not even know how to turn a computer on.  He started his own YouTube channel Travels of a Tiger.  The name was an easy choice as he is a massive Hull City Football Club and we have been doing a bit of travelling over the last ten years or so. Hence the name was almost wrote for him Travels of a Tiger.
He travels quite a bit as a driver around the UK (Mainly the Northern half of the UK)  and for his own safety bought a dashcam.  Driving for a living Chris comes across a wide variety of people causing risk to life and limb and has even been involved in quite a serious accident  with a girl racer on a tight country lane.

This girl would of died if it had not been for Chris’s quick reactions and experience.  This crash was one of the contributing factors of him getting a dashcam in the first place.

Keeping a record of these things led ultimately to him opening his YouTube channel Travels of a Tiger.  This allowed him to  show the world how dangerous some peoples actions on the road are no matter how seemingly small.  He began simply by recording day by day life on the road and then uploading them to Travels of a Tiger.  He sees all sorts of drivers on his travels including red light jumpers and near misses.  He began grouping the videos together by category to make the videos longer for YouTube.img-20180925-wa00031298881838315794740.jpg
He also began using his social media channels, Twitter @hullbornnbred & Instagram @hullbornnbred to spread the word about his YouTube channel.  For a while he just got likes and the odd retweet, slowly he has been building his own internet brand as we all do.  As we live in Hull we have a local paper called The Hull Daily Mail which has recently changed its online paper to @hulllive and Chris occasionally sends them pictures of traffic jams etc. as they are happening.  He had a few pictures used in @Hulllive news articles.  Credit for them allowed him to increase the flow of traffic to all of his media channel, which is always a good thing.
A couple of days ago Chris received a follow request on Twitter from @Sophiekitching who is  working @Hulllive asking for him to follow her so she can direct message him regarding one of his videos.  He did as she asked and what happened next was another little step in his journey onto building his own brand.  She liked the video he made of him stuck in a country lane with a tractor.  He had to use all his skills as a driver to navigate passed this tractor and recorded his self doing it on his dash cam.  Sophie said people are interested in this kind of video and would he do an interview for @Hulllive.img-20180925-wa00061526044539890113683.jpg
Wow, we can’t believe it from Twitter to YouTube to @Hulllive and it really helped bring traffic to his sites as the views at Travels of a Tiger.img-20180925-wa0004148607568996687562.jpg
You can click the link below to read the article published on @Hulllive.
Nail-biting moment HGV and tractor squeeze through gap in road
As you can imagine I am so proud of him, he is really working hard to make a name for himself.  I hope you will all support him in his efforts to get his channels out there and be as supportive as his family has been.  Subscribe to Travels of a Tiger – Like his videos, tell him, Its just a click on a button. Thank You.
Another reason I love being me
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