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The Go To Girls Blog visits Scape Park

DSC_0096As you may know Chris and I travel or rather go on holiday each year and we have started to venture further afield each time we go. If you read my blog you will have heard of some of the stories of our escapades. We always try to do something cultural or off the Beaten Track.  As we were in Dominican Republic, our trip of choice for this holiday was to visit Scape park.DSC_0284
Scape Park  is located in Cap Cana resort about an hour away from Punta Cana.  It is a natural theme park with lots of things to bring out the  adventurer in you.  It’s like an adrenaline junkie Park you can do various adrenaline fuelled activities such as swimming in a cenote (a fossilised sink hole), there are caves to explore, zip lining, rock climbing and so much more.  We heard about this trip when we were looking around for trips on trip advisor.  We booked to go and signed up for a swim in the cenote, now filled in with water the clearest blue water in this case. DSC_0111
We were picked up by coach for this trip and travel about an hour to reach Scape Park.  It’s about million square metres in total for all the different activities.  We went to get all bands and information from the reception when we arrived.  Then we waited for our guides and 10 minutes later the guide appeared and began showing us around.  He began by showing us the plant life around the path, the variety of Native vegetation is amazing. The path meanders deeper into the forest and you simply follow your party.
You followed each other’s footsteps as you get further and further into the park deep into the forest but luckily you have a guide showing you which way to go we walked for about half an hour and came to a bridge across a road running through the park.  The views from the top of the bridge (mainly tops of trees) was beautiful.  You could see so far  from up.  From there we started to walk up hill and we could see rocks and caves as we walked further on.   We were sort of on the top of a large rock hill or a cave, quite high but not a mountain high.  We had been walking quite a while by now and it was boiling hot so obviously the mosquitos were making a meal out of us. DSC_0288
You could literally see the bites on Chris’s body increasing the further we walked.  Not to say I did not get bitten, you can draw dot to dot on my back, it was not pretty.  As you can imagine we could not wait to get in the water.  Finally we started to hear the guide talking about the Cenote and the crisp blue water.  Just up here he said!  Up Where?  This sort of hill.  Then he hit us with this enormous ladder down to the Cenote. There was literally hundreds of steps down to the cenote but finally we could see it.  It was more beautiful than you could imagine.  It was about fifty metres wide, thirty metres across and twenty metres deep.DSC_0317
As soon as we arrived we were stripped down and straight into the pool. It was freezing,  as you would expect it to be but always hoped it would not be.  We had a couple of hours free time while we were there.  We just bobbed around in the water for most of this time as it warmed up the longer you were in there.  The water was so clear you could see all the way to the bottom and could swim with your eyes open all the way to the bottom, If you could hold your breath that long!  On these trips you have various photograph opportunities so we had our guide take photos. DSC_0287
This actually turned out to be a very good choice as we have had not had any luck finding the videos we took from our day there, really hoping I have not deleted them.  We spent one of the best days of our lives here and it was an experience swimming in a fossilised sink hole as for all we know it could have ‘sunk’ with us in it.  We were really glad it did not LOL!!   I did not realise at any part of my life i would do some of the things i have done over the last ten years but this is definitely one of the most memorable.
Loving being me (loving being adventurous me)
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