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The Go To Girls Blog ……. Happily married for ten years….. The secret…..

Last July, Chris and I celebrated ten years of marriage and I can actually say we are happy. Neither of us really know how it happened. One day we met, then we got married and before we knew it ten years have passed. We seem to be still in a honeymoon period. We tell each other we love each other every day, in fact, most days we say it several times and still make time for each other.


We talk as much as we can and laugh a lot. So what’s the secret to a happy marriage? I think about this a lot, as every day I wake up and see Chris laid there next to me I smile. Is it because we are just perfectly compatible? Maybe. Could it be we have similar backgrounds? It could be. We were brought up around the same area as each other but never met until we in our late thirties.

We knew a lot of the same people, we hung out in the same places. Still, we never met. One night we both were in our old stomping grounds, even though we had moved away from the area years before. Chris and I both believe we were meant for each other and fate finally intervened as it was sick of us missing each other.

One Of The Best Day’s Ever

Have you ever wondered if you watched your life on playback just so you could see how close you had come to meeting before?!?! We lived so close to each other at one point in our lives it would be practically impossible for us not to at least know each other to some degree. So now twelve years since we met and heading for our eleventh wedding anniversary, I can share our thoughts with you all on how we make it work.

One day I will share the story of the night we met, it will if nothing else make you laugh. Anyway back to the story. We don’t really have any “rules” to speak of. However, we do have three things “we don’t do”. We don’t cheat! We don’t steal! and we don’t lie. This works for us. There are some things that we do that help us stay happy and in love. We share everything, including housework and money.

We act childish every day, well we are old enough to act childish. We make each other laugh all the time. We let each other be the people we want to be. Who wants to be with someone for who they are and then spend years trying to change them. Remember what you loved about them when you met and if you don’t feel the same, cut your losses.

Everyone thinks Chris and I are quite outgoing and we can be but when we are alone together we can be shy and quiet. No one believes this but it’s true. We love being able to be ourselves with each other. What else can I tell you, we always do little things for each other. Make each other a cup of tea in bed. Take care of each other when we get sick. I know this sounds like a given but how many people out there have been sick and the other half is nowhere to be seen?

One of the secrets of a happy marriage we learned from someone else was from a man celebrating his sixtieth wedding anniversary was…….two televisions. Yes, that’s correct. He watched the sports and she watches Coronation Street. Is this guy genius or what? Well if it worked for him we should at least give it a try LOL!! Apart from that we never carry on a disagreement. If we can’t agree we agree to disagree. Sometimes it is the only way to move on. Believe me, please.

It is just a waste of your life arguing. We do argue now and then but it goes something like this. I don’t like you, well I don’t like you either blah blah blah blah blah and then usually the one of us who did not start the argument says sorry then we kiss and makeup. Most important don’t go to bed on an argument, it just ends up lasting longer and making everyone around you sad and upset. (especially children)  One last thing that makes our marriage happy is our family, take care of them you have no idea how precious they are.

Well that’s our way of living a happy life and keeping our marriage happy and fun.

Hope some of our life experience can help you too.

Thanks for reading, come back soon for more tales of love, life, family and travel from The Go To Girls Blog.

Love from The Go To Girls Blog xxx

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  1. Congratulations and wishing you many more happy years together. My hubby and I have been married for 41 years and our secret is a bathroom each!

    1. Wow that’s awesome you must be made for each other 😊. Yes I like the bathroom idea but for now we only have one. I love hearing about other people and their marriages. It gives me hope. Xx

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