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Disney, Disney, Disney

I have been thinking about writing this blog for ages as this is in my top 3 travel tales up to now.  The only problem is….. where on earth do I start.  There is so much to tell you about this place and if you have never been YOU HAVE TO GO!!!! IT IS AMAZING!!!!! BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS!!!! (and I have some wild dreams)
So I will start with the different parks
The Magic Kingdom
The Animal Kingdom (My favourite)
Hollywood Studios (Chris’s favourite)
There are also two water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon
The Boardwalk and Disney Springs (previously Downtown Disney) are also here , why am I telling you this, because unlike those of us who have had the chance to go others may not and they may not know how many parks there are.  Also please take note of this small piece of advice, Disney is MASSIVE, each park is MASSIVE, Wear comfortable shoes!! You will regret it if you don’t.
Anyway back to the travel tale, Disney our first trip…….
It was in June 2013, (we had been to Florida in 2011 and went to Universal Studios, more on this in another blog…)  We left Manchester on a Thomson flight direct to Sandford Airport in Orlando.  We have not been to Disneyworld so had no idea what to expect.  We stayed at the Enclave Suites just off International Drive, this we found to be a great place to stop as you are right in the middle of everything and again like everything around us it was massive.
We got our transfer and arrived at the Enclave Suites around 4pm, we dumped the bags got showered and changed and went out for food and drinks to the local Chilli’s.  This place serves the cheapest Margaritas on the drive and its buy one get one free.  The food is great I had sliders (three little burgers), Chris had his favourite Honey glazed chicken (as usual lol) We had a few drinks then back to the room as we were tired from the 9 hour flight and all the waiting about at airports.
The next day we were up early as we were still on UK time (not good) So quick shower and off we went We could not wait to get to the first park but which one would it be?  We finally chose the Magic Kingdom
My beautiful picture

The next thing was, what shall we do first, go on a ride or go for a wander round, choices, choices.
We decided to get straight on a ride, first Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Railroad.  Just so you know I am terrified of heights and therefore rollercoasters, so to ride them was a ‘face my fears moment’ for me
My beautiful picture
We actually ended up queueing for this ride 4 times before we actually got to ride it as it kept breaking down, we really wanted to ride this or we would of given up after a couple of times.
Space mountain was next on the to do list I was quite nervous about this one as it had mountain in the title and as I said I am scared of heights.
We got on and I was really happy to find most of Space Mountain is in the dark, you might wonder why this is good, well if I cant see how can I be scared?
That was enough riding rollercoasters for now so next we went for a walk around to see what Magical Kingdom had to offer. We (well I) wanted to meet and have my photos took with all of the characters, Chris was reluctant to do this as he said it was for kids, I explained to him we are just big kids inside and reminded him how childish we act at home behind closed doors and off we went to find some.
Here are some of the ones we found that day…..

Oh and don’t forget these too (I just love embarrassing the kid in us both LOL!

As usual I cant possibly fit all of the trip into one blog as it would be huge so that was day 1 and our very first day at The Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld.  Catch up with more days from this trip in blogs to come.  Keep in touch, thanks for reading my blog and I am still loving being me…….

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  1. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I love Disneyland, California. When my kids were young, I would take them out of school and we would be at Disneyland when it opened and left when it closed. We lived about 1 1/2 hours away. Now you need a 3-pass to see it all. In 2014 we went to Disney World, Orlando, with my son and two young grandkids. It was delightful, but I still like Disneyland the best!

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