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The Go To Girls Blog Loves Bert’s…..

Since it’s been cold we have not been out much but on Friday after work, we had a busy week at work and saw the sign for the pizza place that recently opened up next door to my office.

Pizza and Gelato are the only things on the menu. Wow is all I can say!! I would not usually do a kind of mini blog and received nothing for the review but Chris and I had to tell you all about it. It is nestled near the Pier in Hull.

If you get the chance please try this place if you like pizza YOU WILL LOVE BERTS. Get Amanda to be your server. She is an amazing and attentive waitress. We love her.

We had the number 13 & 5. Bbq Chicken and pepperoni respectively.

Followed by huge pots of gelato. They serve lots of freshly made Gelato.

Well, that’s all really just remember don’t miss out.

Loving being me…..

Love The Go To Girls Blog xxx

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