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The Go To Girls Blog On Visiting Disney & Coronado Springs

We couldn’t decide where we wanted to go on holiday so off we went to the travel agent to talk to them and see what travel inspiration we could get from them. We left non the wiser for a new destination so after a few weeks of thinking about it and a lot of searching Holiday Inspiration we went and booked to go back to…. yes you guessed, probably gave it away in the title, Disney World in Florida. IMG_0943We have been as you will know if you read my blog regularly, but we spent a lot of time on the bus travelling between International Drive and Disney every day the last time we went and we did not want to do the same this time as it shaved off about two hours…… yes you heard/read it right two hours a day on the two buses from International Drive to Disney an hour approx each way. It was not so bad as it was a welcome break from all the walking around not to mention the rushing ooh the rushing. You see it sounds like we never had a good time on out last trip to Disney but we did we really did, however we were not prepared. We did not know anyone who had been to Disney World to tell us about the pitfalls, we had to find them all out ourselves. The travelling, the distance, the crowds, the waiting, the queues, OMG the queues. This time we were prepared for all of it and it just made the all the difference for us, we felt like professional holiday makers as we had been there and done that.
Anyway back to this years trip (2017), we booked it packed and we were off, so off we went to the airport. IMG_0065This year we would stay at the Holiday Inn for a change. It was practically next to Manchester airport and we read on Tripadvisor it was a good place to stay the day before to cut down on travelling on the day you are flying so we gave it a try. It was in fact a good choice so thanks Tripadvisor and the reviews from this hotel.IMG_0046 The day of our flight came and we were off to the airport. Before we knew it we were boarding the aeroplane and setting off on our 8.5 hour flight approx. It was during the day so we did nothing get to sleep on the flight but taking our gadgets with us always makes a flight go quicker. We finally arrived at Sanford airport in Florida and went to see the travel agent reps for directions to our coach transfer. Pretty smooth ride from Manchester to our final destination Coronado Springs Resort. It was amazing

Good sign! No scared at all???

The resort was all arranged around a huge lake with several blocks of rooms all very nice, there was some building work going on around the site but luckily for us it was across the lake from our room so it was ok, at least at first but that’s another story, tell you another time. Also for another blog I am going to give you a list of pitfalls and tips how not to fall into them if you have not been to Disney World it will save you time and money so keep your eye out for that one.
We got to our room and immediately asked to be moved as the room was not acceptable (again more on this another day). IMG_0848We finally got settled in another room near to one of the smaller pools. IMG_0831Got showered, changed and headed out for the night, we decided after eating at the hotel we would stay around the hotel that night and explore. DCIM100GOPROWe had an early night and then we could head out refreshed for the next day.
IMG_0974Hollywood Studios here we come and the first ride on my list (as I am crazy these days and not scared of heights at all) Woah! stop hang on a minute! Oh yes I am crazy as I am going on the Tower of Terror and I am scared, I mean really scared of heights and this ride is really, really high. What was I thinking?

Can you spot us??? Where’s the screamer??? I was thinking you only live once and I should just take the plunge and do it, so I did. Very stupid it was terrifying, exhilarating and terrifying and I loved it so much I went on it at least another half-dozen times during the trip, told you I was crazy!?
Next stop was the Rock and rollercoaster, accompanied by Aerosmith, WOW, that was amazing, it takes off so fast it takes your breath away. IMG_0964
As we walked around the park we even made a few new friends…….

For now its getting late again, i dont know where the time goes when i write, so i will end this day for now but i will tell you more about the trip in my next  blog.
Join me next time for another day of life, love and riding rollercoasters, don’t miss it as there is loads more to tell you including a post dedicated to keeping you from the pitfalls of a holiday in Disney World.
Thanks for reading & see you soon
As always Loving being me
Love from thegotogirlsblog xxx

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  1. I had no idea the buses take so long! I’ve only ever been when I was younger and my parents rented a car which sounds much more convenient haha. Looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip though 🙂

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