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The Go To Girls Blog goes on the Jack The Ripper Tour, London

We often go to London, as this was the first place my husband and I went together when we first met so it holds fond memories for us both.  We thought we would go and we heard about this tour to see the site of the Jack the Ripper murders.  As well as being huge fans of London we also love crime and the study of it.
I studied Criminology at University and have been fascinated by it ever since.  So we decided we would book this walk, we did think it would involve being down a lot of dark alleys and we were right.  We met our guide at Aldgate East Tube Station, he turned out to be the author of some Jack The Ripper books, Phillip Hutchinson.
We went around all the sites of the Ripper murders with the darkness crawling in the further we got round, I am not quite sure we went round the murder sites in the order they were committed but in the order of the route  we walked for continuity as other wise we would have walked back and forth and the tour would have been much longer.
We went on about an hour and half walk which covered the following
Mitre Square was the site of the murder of Catherine Eddows apparently you can see late on a night a ghostly figure laid on the road where the body of Catherine was found.

Old Castle Street The site of the murder of Alice Mackenzie, believed to be Jacks last victim by some scholars even though this was 6 months after the last ‘official victim’
Gunthorpe Street The murder site of Martha Turner The First victim this was ‘never confirmed’
Whites Row The murder site of Mary Jane Kelly, this for me was by far the most gruesome of the murders as the Ripper had stopped all night with Mary to disembowel her completely
29 Hanbury St The Murder site of Annie Chapman.  She was found on he street ‘with parts of her body beside her’.
Durward Street The murder site of Mary Anne Nichols.  She had her throat cut and had been ‘gutted like a fish.
Berner St The murder site of Elizabeth Stride She was killed moments before she was discovered.
These pictures below are how some of those murder sites look today

and how they looked back when the murders took place

and some other Jack the Ripper memorabilia

I loved walking around the streets of London on a night, it is not the usual places you would expect to visit on a trip to London.  There are lots of different tours going on around London.  We will be doing all of them as soon as we can.  Our views of the Jack the Ripper Tour was
This tour was very creepy –
very informative –
Worth the time and money –
If you are a fan of crime, serial killers and London this is a must do……. Loved it
See you soon
As always love being me

20 thoughts on “The Go To Girls Blog goes on the Jack The Ripper Tour, London

  1. I did this a few years ago. I’d been given a uni assignment on the reporting if the Ripper crimes. London in the dark was very atmospheric. It left me reflecting on how those women met their ends and the poverty that pushed them onto the streets. I’ve managed to collect several Ripper books as I too am fascinated by these crimes.

  2. Loved this post.i m a big fun of crime stories fiction but also real….if someone look inside my kindle my think I am a training to become a serial killer,instead I just finding fascinating how criminal and human minds in general work and twist.

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