The Go To Girls Blog Loves Family. Have You Met Theo?

As I said previously Theo comes and stays once a week (we wish it was more but work blah blah ….) We always try and do something fun with him and teach him things that will help him grow into the man we know he will be.

He reminds me so much of his mummy and her brother, he looks like all of us when we were small (although he has his daddy’s eyes).


We went to bed early on Saturday as it had been a long day, work then housework and more or less as soon as Theo’s had hit the pillow he was asleep.  This meant the next day he was going to wake up early so we had an early night as well.

You have to be prepared for when Theo stays as he literally never stops (typical 4 year year old)

He woke up quite early on Sunday but we quickly realised we were stuck in the house as it was quite cold and he has been suffering from his ear so out came the paints and crayons.  This kept him busy for a while until he spotted we had picked up our phones and as usual, he came over and asked if he could play with my phone.

I told him he could and what did he want to do with it,  he wanted to take some photos.  Ok, that seemed a reasonable request.  What would you like to take photos of??

He did not take long to tell me he wanted to take pictures of:

His garage


The floor


His teeth


As you can see he is quite talented with a camera LOL…..

He finished playing with the camera and asked if he can go and play on Micro Machines with gramps…. and off he went.  I thought I could hear giggling coming from the cinema room went to investigate.

As I opened the door all I can see if Theo and gramps sat on the sofa, Theo is directing gramps while he was driving the cars through the kitchen floor but they were laughing so much they kept getting killed and having to restart the level.

They started the level so many times they managed to use every car on the level.

A short time later Theo thought it would be fun for him and gramps to play cars but they don’t play with actual cars, they are the cars!.  In Theos wild imagination, he is the car and gramps is the tow truck.

Theo runs up and down the hallway and the stairs and every few minutes he crashes and damages a part of his car, gramps being the tow truck has to come and tow him to the garage where he gets patched up and he is then good to go until the next crash.

Depending on the severity of the crash, he may have to stay in the garage for a while until all of the work on the car is done (it is usually when he has run his self out of breath)


Stupidly we bought him a new sticker book, you can only imagine what happened next.  (You will already know if you have read Introducing Theo)

We should know better but I cannot resist the fun we have when he gets stickers and remembers he is allowed to stick them anywhere (well anywhere on us) and so it began…

The sticker nightmare

Thankfully before he could cover us both up like mummies we were saved by mummy coming to pick him up.  We spent the next half hour removing stickers from every limb and the rest of the day finding them all over the living room.

Thanks for reading.

Loving being me.

Love The Go to Girls Blog xxx

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