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Amazing Things To Learn From A Four Year Old


There are amazing things you can learn from your four-year-old. Theo, Chris and I went to Aysgarth Falls on Monday as we all love the countryside.  Theo calls this ‘our adventures’.  He just loves it when we all go together and get dirty.  He learns so much while we are all out and he understands the need to do as we ask from a safety aspect, which we did wonder if he would follow instructions carefully as he is only four.

The falls at Aysgarth are beautiful and in three parts.  The upper, middle and lower falls.  While the middle and lower parts are easily accessible we enjoyed the upper falls as this was on the part of the falls where it is quieter.

We took Theo to teach him to ‘skim’ stones in the river or so we thought!  I have seen a lot of children throwing stones and either hitting themselves or others in the vicinity so I asked Theo if he could throw underarm.  Yes, Granny watch!

Have a look at the video I took.

I learned a whole new meaning to the words ‘to throw underarm’.  What do you think?  Why don’t you ask your toddlers about things you can learn from them.  They might just surprise you!

Another reason I love being me.

More reasons to love Theo, if it is possible to love him any more than we do already!

Love The Go To Girls Blog. xxx