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Ideas To Entertain A Toddler!!!

We always need ideas to keep Theo entertained and his favorite thing is rambling around in the woods, climbing trees and getting dirty.  Chris and I love this as it brings back childhood memories when we used to do the same thing.

We were never at home unless we were getting fed or sleeping.  We thought to visit all of the places there are to go which are less than two hours away from home would be an amazing way to show Theo the world outside and how much fun there is to have.  We can do things like this without spending loads of money. 

There are so many little walks and river banks to explore where we live and it keeps us fit which is a bonus.

We went to Catterick Garrison recently to stay and this is one of the walks we found just by accident.

Chris and Theo love playing games which Theo invents as he walks.  Anything can become a game.  Have a look at the video!

Loving being me…

Love The Go To Girls Blog. xxx

2 thoughts on “Ideas To Entertain A Toddler!!!

  1. Theo’s a cutie! In my limited experience, kids are easy to entertain. They just want your undivided attention.

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