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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

As my blog grows up I found myself getting a few questions from readers.  I have been asked things like, how do I deal with plagiarism?, What hosting site do I use? or did I build my own website?

I obviously answer all of these comments as they come.  Well, I usually set aside an hour or two a week just to answer all of the questions I get asked.  With this in mind, I thought I would add a new page to my site just for FAQ. (frequently asked questions)

I already have quite a variety of questions in my list to add to my page but I thought I would ask my readers if there is anything they would like to ask.  Then I will put their questions on the FAQ page.

I know how hard it is to start a blog and all of the things that follow and I would love to think I can be a help to my fellow bloggers.  Starting a blog is difficult enough if you don’t have any technical knowledge but building your own website can sometimes just tip even the most placid person over the edge.

Over the edge

Do you have any questions you would like adding to my FAQ page or even is there something you need my help with!  All totally free help!  I know some companies charge the earth to help with technical help on websites.

Please feel free to message me with any issues you may have.  I don’t know everything but I do have enough techy skills to build my beautiful website, The Go To Girls Blog.  Comment below with any questions for the FAQ page or generally any help you may need.

Don’t be shy or embarrassed to ask no matter how small your query!

Love The Go To Girls Blog. xxx