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Introducing The Go To Girls Blog Hometown …. Hull


So much has happened in Hull since we became Hull City Of Culture, we have seen a real revival of our city, more visitors, more investment, more of everything.

I love the fact I was born here and have always seen Hull as a great place to live, sadly others have not.
There are so many places in Hull to visit, the museums, the galleries, docks I could go on.

We are located right on the River Humber spanned by the massive Humber Bridge and the seaside is half an hour away one way and the gorgeous countryside half an hour the other.  We really do get the best of all worlds here.

I am glad to see we are finally getting recognition for our heritage and even our architecture which is amazing.  I was surprised when I began looking around at all of the beautiful architecture we have here just in the town center.

The old Magistrates Court building,

Holy Trinity Church – now known as Hull Minster…. to name a few.

A couple of art installations have been an interesting new temporary addition to Trinity Square, I am not really sure how I felt about them as I love art but I do not know enough to really comment.

I myself particularly like the work going on the old pier and the marina, the old warehouses which have been renovated into apartments ad restaurants looking over the River Humber down the river towards the ferry terminal.

We are called the Gateway to Europe as you can board a ferry here and overnight be in Bruges or Rotterdam.
I read a story about Hull and Queen Victoria Square’s new fountains, it said we are the only town who take our children (with towels) to play in them, I find it hard to believe. When have children kept out of water especially when it is hot, I know I never did and neither did my children so to whoever wrote that shame on you, have you ever been to Hull?

So many great things are in Hull, it could take a while to get to them all as well as all the famous people who were born here (surprised!!) Well there are quite a few!
So I will continue to blog about the greatest city in the world (in my eyes), Hull.

Thanks for reading,

Loving being me.

Love The Go To Girls Blog. xxx

7 thoughts on “Introducing The Go To Girls Blog Hometown …. Hull

  1. Good to hear something positive about Hull, don’t forget Northern Ballet we just tickets for Cinderella haha. As I teach at Beverley College I hear a lot of negative stuff about Hull (as you can imagine 😏) But as you say there is a lot to cheer about 😀

  2. Being from Canada, I automatically thought that you were talking about Hull, Quebec, in Canada, until I read “We are called the Gateway to Europe as you can board a ferry here and overnight be in Bruges or Rotterdam” ha, ha! Then I took a closer look at the pictures. Your Hull looks like a beautiful place to visit.
    Thanks for following me at Mind Traveler.

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