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Another Day Another Dollar!

Another day, another dollar.  What seems like an endless ‘groundhog day’ is only separated by brief moments.  Lunchtimes, home time, we make sure we make the most of every last minute.  Our town has so many little back alleys and little snickets you can wander around forever and never come across the same place twice.  I discovered all of these little places just on my lunch hour.

By The River By The River By The River By The River By The River By The River By The River By The River

Its is amazing what you do not see unless you really look.  I can’t believe this little plaque and statue was just sitting there all this time and I never noticed!  I love this so much!

Also around where I work, there has been a massive redevelopment and the graffiti artists are taking full advantage of all of the new palettes they have been offered.


It may not look like much to some people but it all makes up what we call home.  We see the beauty in all areas of our town.

Soldiers of the light
Soldiers of the light

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