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Amsterdam On A Canal Boat Ride….


I thought I would write this and although it is only going to be a short blog as it was just an hours canal cruise i thought you all might like to see the photos we took while we were people watching.

We had a busy day at the Heineken Museum as you know from my previous blog (if you read my blogs) and we got the canal trip was included in the price. A good deal wasn’t it! Our legs were aching and we needed a rest from all the walking. Luckily we did not have far to go to find the boarding point for the canal boat, it was across the street from the Heineken Museum.

We boarded the boat and waited for the rest of the people to arrive. While we were sat we had a chance to just people watch. We love watching people just in their own lives wandering around, doing their thing. It is very interesting how people behave when they think they are not being watched.

Anyway, the boat pulled off and the canal adventure began. Chris and I don’t get much time to just sit and enjoy the view as we are always busy doing something. You know how life is. You go to work, come home, cook and clean. Not today though we were just sitting enjoying each others company and after all we were celebrating ten happy, happy years of marriage, so why not relax and have a break from normal life to fantasy life.

The boat set off and we sailed off down the canals, we never really noticed how beautiful Amsterdam actually is as we had been flying around and as I said not had a chance to just sit back and look.  Some of the architecture in this city is breath-taking and history has to make you think.  We have all heard of the atrocities which swept over the world in the last century and Amsterdam did not get through this without any scars.

The boat took us around several of the streets showing us the true scale of the bike ‘epidemic’ We do think it is a good idea for the world and the carbon foot print of a city but it is quite a fast paced city and we had been close to being run over a few times.  We were very careful but we don’t have eyes in the back of our heads.  It would have been good if we did as one guy on a bike called Chris ‘a fokker’!  That was not a good choice!

Being on a canal boat gave us a rest from this as on a boat you cannot get run over by a bike, a tram, a bus or a car.  We just sat back and relaxed for the first time since we had arrived in Amsterdam and it was amazing so thank you Blue Boats for allowing us to relax on your cruise.  Anyway, that was that we hope you enjoy the pictures.

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As always loving being me.

Love The Go to Girls Blog xxx

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  1. Beautiful photos from the canal. I can imagine the relaxation from those photos.
    The buildings are lovely and being on the canal will give you a chance to look from a different perspective.

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