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Disney Days.

Day 2 we decided to go to Animal Kingdom (this turned out to be my absolute favourite park)  There is so much to see in this park Africa, Asia, Dinoland and Discovery Island are the main four areas.  The first place to visit has got to be the tree of life, I only have one word for this WOW! WOW! WOW!.  There are no words to describe how amazing this tree is.  You may think ‘it’s just a tree’ yes it is but the most amazing tree with animals carved all over the trunk.


You can see this all lit up in the night and the light show is amazing, animals crawling all over it.
Next on to my nemesis, Expedition Everest, this was scary it would be four years and several rides on this ride before I could finally pluck up the courage to open my eyes from start to finish on this one.  As I am so scared of probably all of these rides my trick is to keep my eyes shut unless the rides are in the dark then as I said it does not matter I can’t see anything anyway LOL!!

Check out my face in the middle picture, fear is what you see, I laugh now but I was not laughing then.
What was next Dinoland to ride Dinosaur….

My beautiful picture48343650000 (2)

Not scary as you can probably tell by our faces, don’t know what the others were looking at or maybe they were just been dramatic for the camera, embarrassing! yes! fun! yes!
Next, we thought we should have a rest so went over to Africa for a Kilimanjaro Safari.  We did not really know what to expect from this part of the park as we had not ever thought it would be something we would do.  Anyway off we went it was quite a walk from Everest to Kilimanjaro so we stopped off for a coke on the way.  We finally made it across the park, through the crowds and believe us the crowds are crazy.  To give you some perspective imagine its Christmas in your local shopping centre and they have just announced a 90% off sale imagine all the people then double it.  To be fair Animal Kingdom was not the most crowded one of the parks we went to, I think that was Magic Kingdom.
Anyway back to the Safari, it was amazing, you see the animals in the simulated habitat.  They have Hippo’s, Rhino’s, Elephants, Giraffes, there are too many animals to list.

We were driven round in a multi-terrain vehicle with open sides so you can almost touch the animals.  (don’t it can be dangerous) we were driving around and had to stop for a few minutes, I was a bit worried as we were waiting for a rhino to move while we were pulled up outside the open lion habitat.  This was a massive rock with a deep crevice all around it and on the top was the biggest lion and 2 lionesses looking right at the vehicle we were sat in.  I was praying they had been fed!!

My beautiful picture

As well I was hoping the rhino would not ram us.  Maybe a bit dramatic but you never know!
What shall we do next, obviously, go and get the child in us photos of the day and this is what we got.  Oh, the fun, the embarrassment but it was totally worth it!

Even if we never live the foolishness down who cares you only live once.  So again I will sign off and say see you next time….. and still, love my life and love being me…..

Love The Go To Girls Blog xxx

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