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We Found The Money Tree!

I bet everyone in the world has at some point spent time looking for the money tree. I know I have! Well, you hear stories about money growing on trees from your parents. I can tell you they were wrong! Money does not grow on trees, it grows inside trees!!!!! I know I can’t believe it either but we found one!

The Money Tree

The Money Tree

The Money Tree

We were just wandering through the local woods and there it was. The only problem was someone had got there before us and cut it down and taken it away. All that remained was the trunk. That did not matter as you could still see some of the money popping out of the bottom of the tree stump.

Wandering in the wilderness

Have a look and comment below. Have you ever found another one of these types of trees? Can anyone tell me what they call this type of tree?

Looking forward to all of your thoughts.

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