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Very Disappointed With TUI!!!

I don’t usually voice my opinions and objections on social media but I guess I have not felt this strong about something before.  I know everyone is talking about the Thomas Cook collapse and I know a lot of people were affected by this one way or another.

However, this is not so much to do with Thomas Cook but TUI!  We had our holiday and our daughter’s wedding cancelled! and our friends in the same party were having a belated honeymoon.

We did not all sit on our backsides we got out there and dealt with it.  So, as a result, the wedding is back on, although she has no honeymoon after,  the wedding is now in the UK, our friends have booked another honeymoon and we managed to book another holiday using our savings (and yes we realise we are all lucky as  some people could not have done this)

The reason for this post is the behaviour of TUI!! and with the following screenprints, you will see exactly what I mean.  As we were looking for a replacement holiday we found this amazing deal.


Amazing right!  That’s what we thought.  We had nearly enough money in the savings we just needed to transfer a tiny bit more money from our other account to make up the balance.  It must have taken about a minute.  When we returned to the screen it asked us to refresh the page and would not let us continue booking until we did.

You would not have imagined what happened next.  This is the same holiday two minutes later!


We could no longer afford it!  I had gone up over a thousand pounds in no more than two minutes!!!  You cannot imagine how mad we were.  We clicked the button just to see if it was wrong and it was something we had done and it went up another £40.00.  SHAME ON YOU TUI!!!  £1600.00 from £1000.00 each! How can you justify this!!



We can say we have been using TUI for most of the holidays we have taken over the last ten years at least and we will not be using them again.  You need to learn a lesson TUI!  You ‘DO NOT CASH IN ON PEOPLES HEARTACHE!!!’  I hope people will share this story and help us teach TUI a lesson!  We work all year round for a week or two away from our real lives,  why would you not help us not punish us further!!!

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4 thoughts on “Very Disappointed With TUI!!!

  1. That’s so sad. I’m sorry you were done like that. I pray God finds you a place that shows He was waiting there just for you! Praying for your friends too. God loves you!

  2. The same happened to us with Jet 2. Apparently last minute deals are no longer cheaper. The more people click on and look at them the more the price goes up. They start low to hook people in and then escalate the fares!

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